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Save Activation PhotoShop CS5

Сохраняем активацию PhotoShop CS5

Everyone knows the problem, the cracked version of Photoshop cs 5 again asks for a key after connecting to the Internet.

This happens due to the fact that when accessing the Internet, the program communicates with its activation servers and checks your key. If it is not in the database of purchased, then removes the activation. And if the program does not allow checking on the server ?? That’s all Hood. You just need to convince the application that there is no network on the computer, and there is nowhere to check ..

To do this, simply write the list of PhotoShop servers to the C: Windows-system32 / drivers / etc / hosts file using notepad, thereby redirecting all requests to itself.

Do this only when the Internet is turned off. CRL.VERISIGN.NET practivate.adobe practivate.adobe practivate.adobe.newoa practivate.adobe.ntp practivate.adobe.ipp

All actions you perform at your own peril and risk. This list is provided for informational purposes only. I do not answer for the consequences, but as practice shows, the consequences have not yet arisen.