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What can be found at E-mail
If you search in the search engine via E-mail, you will find a lot of useful information about the owner of this email address, for example: statements in guestbooks, in forums, and also if people have filled out questionnaires, they will also find them, usually they write all in questionnaires sometimes the truth about yourself also happens :)

What can be learned by IP
By IP address you can find out from which city a person and which provider he uses. To do this, you can use the Intrnet Maniac program, there Resolve IP> Host. Suppose IP: 212.188.XXX.YYY he cut in the this means that the access is by modem, the provider and login XXX-YYY Most likely it is a dynamic ip. Next, we type in IE and find out in which city it is. You can also use the whois service, which shows the owner info on the ip-address, this function is internet Maniac, IP-Tools, if you do not have the opportunity to use these programs, then use special resources (see at the bottom of the page)

You can also see which ports are open on this computer. This can be done with any scanner. For example, the following ports appeared on the computer: 139 (NETBIOS), 11476 (icq). There is a possibility that the ports of known Trojans will be discovered on the computer (that is, you can take a client and connect to a remote computer), but lately many Trojans have been able to set a password for connecting to the server and an arbitrary port (which will not allow to determine when scan type "Trojan horse"). Be careful when scanning, because some programs define it, for example, Outpost Firewall .
Now a lot of home computers are connected to local networks and some on their computers open folders or drives for sharing. If you connect this person to the Internet, you can look into these folders if they are not password-protected. :) To do this, use any program to search for balls (Legion, ESS NetTools ..)

It would not be superfluous for your friends to find out this information, share the article with them!

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