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Fresh free proxy server lists No. 1

This page contains various proxy lists: HTTP, anonymous HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5, and Russian proxies. Our proxy server database contains:

  • HTTP proxies
  • Anonymous HTTP proxy servers
  • High anonymous (elite) HTTP proxies
  • HTTPS proxy servers
  • SOCKS 4 proxy servers
  • SOCKS 5 proxy servers
  • Free RUSSIAN proxy servers

Attention! The proxy lists below are updated once every 3 hours.

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Proxy server (from the English proxy - “representative, authorized”) - a service (a set of programs) in computer networks that allows clients to perform indirect requests to other network services. First, the client connects to the proxy server and requests a resource (for example, e-mail) located on another server. Then the proxy server either connects to the specified server and receives the resource from it, or returns the resource from its own cache (in cases where the proxy has its own cache). In some cases, a client request or server response may be modified by the proxy server for certain purposes. Also, the proxy server allows you to protect the client computer from some network attacks and helps to maintain the anonymity of the client.