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How to take a screenshot of the site for free?

Hello dear readers. There are many paid and free programs, extensions, etc. to take screenshots. However, how to get a screenshot of the site without all this weight and free? It is about these online services that will be discussed in this article.

WebMorda is a representative of KazNet. In my opinion, the only one who really provides screenshots for free. It is quite multifunctional. You can specify: the size, resolution and quality of the screenshot. The query string is as follows: {site url} & s = {screenshot size} & q = {screenshot quality} & r = {screenshot resolution}


WebSnapr is the best and only service devoid of special complexes in the issue of the free provision of its services. However, this does not mean that developers are squeamish about paid services and are in a hurry to abandon the API with access restrictions. Nevertheless, T = 92–70 and S = 202–152 can be considered free. It should also be noted the speed of generation and periodic updating of screenshots of sites. The query string is: {site url} & size = {screenshot size}

Example: is a promising project, everything is free and without ads ... in general, somehow I do not really believe it, but a fact. True, the screenshot generation time is quite long. It is possible to indicate the size, well, etc. The query string is: {screenshot size} & url = {site url} is a blogging service powered by WordPress. Here was an undocumented opportunity to generate screenshots of sites for free. The quality is good enough, there are no watermarks, a simple call format, etc. I don’t know just how much it will drive and whether they will block, but nonetheless. The query string is: {site url encode} ? w = {width of the screenshot} & r = {probably the resolution of the screenshot}


sc.lir.u - I think that talking about LiveInternet (lirushka) does not make much sense. Here, too, there is one undocumented opportunity to get a screenshot of the site for free. No watermarks, etc. everything is quite simple, convenient and understandable. I note that the screenshot is obtained quite good quality. The query string is: {site url encode} & s = {screenshot size}

Example: - I think this service does not need special presentations? Also provides shareware screenshots of 120? 90 pixels. In order to legalize, it is advised to put a direct link to the service where their services are used. There are paid tariffs. A special minus is a very rare update of screenshots, a restriction on the screen area (often cropped) and the need to wait a long time for a screenshot of a new site to appear. The query string is: {site url}


m-software - a representative of the Deutsche. It works quite fast, but there is a certain delay between the creation of new screenshots. At the same time, there are a number of quite interesting and flexible parameters. In exchange for services, they ask to put a link to their service. The query string is: {screenshot scale} & url = {site url} & delay = {delay} & commingsoonimg = {wait picture url} & width = {screenshot width} & height = {screenshot height}


SnapCasa is for registered users only. 500 thousand loans are given, but for some reason no more than 300 thousand requests are received, and then, provided that their watermarks (watermarked) remain on the screenshots, and without them only 100 thousand. Although, this is not so little . It is somewhat embarrassing that the screenshot is taken at a screen resolution of 800x600, but there is something. Other options are paid. {your identifier} & size = {screenshot scale} & width = {screenshot width} & height = {screenshot height} & comp = {compression} & page = {full page} & url = { site url}

Examples: - call it free, you can with a oh-o-very big stretch. To take a screenshot, you need to create your account strictly on a specific site with the clarification: “A free service is available for sites that require up to 2,000 images per day”. For each screenshot, you need to manually generate your URL. And the quality - wishes the best. Other options are paid. {your identifier} & r = {site url} & s = {site identifier}


thumbalizr - as such, is designed for a paid API-key, but as I noticed, it may well serve for free purposes. A feature of this service is the issuance of screenshots of any size from 0 to 1280 pixels in width. The query string is: {site url} & width = {screenshot width}


Alexa Site Thumbnail is a very powerful service and needs no introduction. But since everything is not easy there, I left it in the end. And so, all screenshots are generated upon request to and require your registration, understanding of programming, settings, subscription and the like. In order not to paint here the documentation in PDF format (74.8 Kb). Plus an example of a PHP script for generating screenshots. For a tick, I’ll throw up another page for a request to update the screenshot (thanks to say maximum ).

That's all. If you have any interesting information on this subject - write a comment, I will be grateful. Thanks for your attention.