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StarForce protection removal of any versions

I will tell you how to easily and quickly bypass StarForce protection, as a result of which you can virtualize and use disks with this type of protection. I will give all instructions step by step.

Required software
Alcohol 120% not lower than version 1.9.2 (requires registration).
Download it here:

Daemon-tools version 4.0 (freeware).
Download it here:

Hacking instructions
1. Install Alcohol and Daemon-tools. Wherever the computer is restarted, it is imperative to do this.
2. Run Alcohol and go to the menu File -> Settings.
3. In the Emulation and Extra-Emulation sections, we mark all points as "birdsies" (see Fig. 1.2).

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IPB Image

4. Click OK. We insert a disk that must be zavrntualit (with this very protection).
5. Go to the menu File -> Create Images.
6. Select the drive in which the disk is located and mark the items with "birds", as shown in Fig3.

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7. Press the Next option. After that, a window will appear asking you to select the speed for measuring data positioning; choose High ...
A lot depends on your (CDROM-RW, DVDROM-RW) drive, when creating an image, pay attention to “Reading Mode”, it should be RAW + SUB-96 (see Fig.4).

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8. After the disk image is created, turn off the computer and turn off all CDROM drives, DVDROM drives and the like. This is one of the most important points, because without shutting down the drives, nothing happens. Turn on the computer.
9. Down in the tray (near the watch in Windows) you should have the Daemon-tools icon, click on it with the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, select Emulation (see Figure 4) and tick the RMPS.

IPB Image

10. Next in the Virtual CD / DVD-ROM menu, select your drive (virtual) -> Mount image and select the image we created using Alcohol in the file selection menu.

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11. Run the game.
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Dear readers.
If this method did not help you, write at what stage any errors (or problems) occurred. Be sure to include:
1. manufacturer's brand
2. sidyuka type (CDRW, CD-DVD, etc.)
3. "Reading mode" (see Fig.4).
Maybe we can help you !!!
StarForce: Alcohol and Daemon-tools, discussions and problems

Star-Force has introduced a new version of its exclusive development - FrontlIne. The main change in this version is to improve protection against emulators.

To date, there are CD emulator programs that allow qualified users to run applications from a copy protected by any disk version of our protection prior to FrontLine 3.07. The new version of StarForce protection against emulators makes it impossible to launch a product from a copy using any known CD emulator software, including Daemon Tools 4.0.

Also bugs found in the previous version were fixed.