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How to steal money from plastic cards (8 ways)

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Each owner of a plastic card has heard a hundred times that the pin code must be kept intact, never give the number to anyone and never show, and keep the 'plastic' like the apple of an eye.

We will not repeat such banal advice. Better to talk about the most common methods of card fraud. As it turns out, even a simple cash withdrawal at an ATM can end in disrepair. Therefore, it is better to know in advance about the possible tricks of the scammers than one fine day because of their ignorance to part with their money.

Как воруют деньги с пластиковых карт (8 способов)

Method one

Often, scammers use devices that, when installed on an ATM, help them get information about the card. At one time in Moscow, a group of people was noted who installed special “nozzles” on the keyboard, which outwardly repeated the original buttons. The cardholder withdrew the money from the account without any problems, but at the same time, the fake keyboard remembered all the keys pressed - of course, including the pin code. Tip: carefully study the keyboard of an unfamiliar ATM before withdrawing money from your account.

Second way

Another device is what the English also call lebanese loops. These are plastic envelopes, the size of which is slightly larger than the size of the card - they are laid in the slot of the ATM. The owner of the credit card is trying to withdraw money, but the ATM cannot read the data from the magnetic strip. In addition, due to the design of the envelope, the card cannot be returned. At this time, the attacker comes up and says that the same thing happened to him just a day ago! To return the card, you just need to enter the pin code and double-click Cancel. The cardholder tries, and, of course, nothing happens. He decides that the card remains in the ATM and leaves in order to contact the bank. The fraudster calmly takes out a credit card along with an envelope using simple improvised means. He already knows the pin code - the owner (now former) of the "plastic" himself entered it in the presence of a swindler. The thief can only withdraw money from the account.

Как воруют деньги с пластиковых карт (8 способов)

Third way

It’s technically difficult, but you can intercept the data that the ATM sends to the bank in order to verify the availability of the requested amount of money in the account. To do this, fraudsters need to connect to the appropriate cable, without breaking it, and read the necessary data. Given that on the Internet the relevant instructions are easily found in the public domain, and technological progress does not stand still, it can be argued: this option will occur more often.

The fourth way

In order to find out the pin code, some scammers leave a miniature video camera nearby. At the same time, they themselves are in the nearest car with a laptop, on the screen of which the numbers entered by the cardholder are visible. When entering a PIN code, cover your keyboard with your free hand.

Как воруют деньги с пластиковых карт (8 способов)

Fifth way

Expensive, but one hundred percent faithful. There are times when fraudsters put their own “ATM” in a crowded place. True, for some reason it doesn’t work (who can you surprise with this?), Of course, does not give out any money - but it successfully reads all the necessary data from the card. And then it turns out that you already withdrew all the money from your account yesterday and for some reason do not want to remember this!

Sixth way

At one time, fraudsters from the UAE installed special devices in the holes for credit cards, which remembered all the data on the card inserted into the ATM. The cybercriminals could only peek at the pin code, either in the first and fourth ways as described above, or peeping over the shoulder in a banal way. Well, the southern man liked your ring, or your watch, or something else ...

Method Seven

You can’t fight him. You can only put up. Nothing here depends on your attentiveness, caution or prudence. It just happens that conspiracy with scammers is entered by those people who get to your credit cards are already very simple; bank employees, for example. This happens very rarely, but no one is safe from such cases.

Method Eighth

In Ukraine, the scale of activity of carders (people involved in scams with plastic cards) is still small.

The most common type of fraud: criminals get the details of the card in order to further use them for purchases in online stores. It is not necessary to make a copy of the card, and spending other people's money is even easier.

The cards themselves are rarely copied with us yet: in most Russian stores when paying with "plastic" they ask to show a passport, and faking a passport is not only an extra headache, but also another article of the Criminal Code. If someone with us is engaged in this type of activity, then most often the "left" cards are sold to the West or are intended for Russian citizens going on tourist trips.

And the last one. Do not hesitate: methods eighth, ninth, etc. also there. And they will appear more and more often: demand, as you know, always creates supply. And petty genius and villainy are very joint things.