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hacking mailboxes (Algorithm)

The idea of ​​writing this article arose in the light of recent active discussions in the forum portal of the problems associated with hacking mailboxes; their methods and approaches.

So, what do we mean by the term “social engineering” (hereinafter SI). In a general sense, SI is part of social psychology aimed at changing human behavior under the influence of artificially created factors. We will consider it in this article as a non-technical method of hacking, which is based on the identification of all kinds of information about the victim. I will make a reservation that by the term “hacking a mailbox” we will mean changing the password, and not its identification (selection). Our goal in this case is the impossibility of further use of the box by the victim.

Let's get started. “Why?” - you ask a question. From collecting information, of course. Indeed, in the end, all SI is based on the quantity, accuracy and reliability of information about the victim. Not unimportant methods of collecting this information. We need to find out the information we are interested in so that the person in the center of our attention does not notice anything suspicious and tells us about his secrets, such as the new disc.

What are the sources of information about a person?

The first source is his website / page on which in most cases we can see the victim’s autobiography, learn about his hobbies and passions. Also on most of these pages there are various kinds of coordinates for communication: telephone, address (rarely), e-mail (always), ICQ, etc.

The second source is a chat / forum where the victim is constantly / often. In the chat you can meet him, I use several nicknames. It is advisable to use nicknames of both female and male. See how the victim behaves when communicating with the opposite sex. It is no secret that a person communicating with the opposite sex can tell a lot more ...

The third source is ICQ. Firstly, we can learn a lot from the information left about ourselves. Secondly, ICQ is the same chat, only fewer witnesses, which means that you can completely “reveal” a person.

Having examined all these sources, we recognize the person from all sides, if I may say so. Now let's aim at the mailbox itself. To begin with, we will try to extract the probable password to the victim's box from the collected data. Remember: induction, deduction ...

Didn’t work out? Well, we’re not upset. The next option is the answer to the security question for password recovery. Here the scope of our study is narrowed. From all the information received about the victim, it is not so difficult to calculate, for example, “Your favorite dish” ...

The main thing is to think, think and think again. After all, with such simple things the path to hackers begins :) )).