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hijacking and protection icq win

If you want an 8-digit uin ... Although not. Perhaps a 7-digit ... Or 6 ;-) In general, if the number is not important, but only the number of characters in the number is important, then this is the most real way.

At the bottom there is an instruction for hacking a certain win, but I say right away that this is practically not realistic. For breaking a heap of winnings follows the principle of detecting suckers and the same passwords ;-) But a certain win ... In general, think, but it's better not to waste time.

If you want the instruction in one line, then here: Take V-ListMakeR, IPDBrute and MultiPasswordChanger and then count the number of cracked ASEs ;-) And if you need more details, read below.

I. V-ListMaker

We need this program in order to generate, reduce, format yuins / passes in large bundles. Very large :) .
1. To start, I advise you to start the program and on the first tab GeneratoR (default), in the Uinz box near the field 'mask' write '777 ****' (without quotes).
2. Lower where 'count' set the interval 7-7.
3. Click on the 'Generate' button. Enter the name of the file in which it will save us a list of usins, press enter and wait. Usually a little less than a minute.
Result: we get all the yuins from 7770000 to 7779999.
4. Create a file with passwords. Just a txt file in which we write, for example, such lines:
5. Go to the JoineR tab.
6. Click Load Uins File. We select ours, the file with yuin generated in point 3.
7. Click Load Pass File. We select ours, the file with passwords created in point 4.
8. Click on 'Save Result To ...' and enter a file name, such as ser1.txt (such as series 1).
9. Click Start and wait until the lazy slider crawls to the finish line. (The program works well, it is generated in a separate thread, so for now the mona is going to do its own business without any brakes).
10. Prog Mona close circle in the upper right corner :) .

Result: we have a file with a view
7770000; password
7770000; 12345
7770000; qwerty
7770001; password
and so on to the end ;-)

Now our file of the form Uin; pass is ready, and now we will stick it to ipdbrut.

II. IPDBrute

... created specifically for the theft of Asya.

1. Run the program, click 'Config'
2. Source ... - There you indicate the path in our wonderful ser1.txt file.
3. Dump INcorrect ... - bad passes will fall into this file. (I advise you to clean this thing before starting ipd, because it slows down its current at startup.)
4. Dump CORRECT ... - in this file, if you are lucky, five or ten GOOD ones will fall.
In paragraphs 3 and 4, I advise you not to change the file names (good and bad), to assign the full path to them.
5. Threads - threads. Depends on the number of proxies (more on that later), that is, if you have 100 proxies, then you should not set more than 200 threads. For example, for dial-up'a 80 threads are enough. You can do it ten times as much for the highlight, but you will need a lot more proxy servers.
6. Proxies - Proxies. Mona add proxy files everywhere, a special proxy speed is not required here, but, of course, the faster the better. A particularly lazy list of proxies can be found on this site in the 'List of proxies' section.
7. Bird 'Clean up every ... minutes'. When you start IPDBrute, it shows you 'Proxies: 0, good: 0, alive: 0', so alive is the number of working proxies. to which he managed to reach. In order for it to drain on non-working proxies and make the bird 'CleanUp'. Those. every n minutes it will clear the list of proxies, and leave only workers.
8. Click OK, and in the program 'Start'. That's all. And we leave this work to work. Every couple of hours you can go up and admire (upset) the results (lack thereof) :) )
Result: yes or no :) .
Then read those who have YES, who have NO repeat points I-II (do not forget to change the pass :) ) until results are achieved.

III. ICQ MultiPassword Changer.

... quickly change User Details
!!! WARNING !!!
With a mass change of parts, you lose everything that you typed. The wines just freeze. Therefore nefik generally change the details. We went in, changed the password and e-mail. And calm down. That's all. But special perverts can continue to read ...

1. Once and for all we enter the Old (Name, Surname, Nick, Soap (it doesn’t become a primaque right away (although glitches sometimes happen), but do it later) and password (I advise you to change each pack of yuns).
2. I advise you not to touch the 'Settings' button, there is nothing interesting there :) . (only if you have option 5)
3. Click Load Uins, select the file good.txt.
4. Hit the start and look carefully at the logs. If after each attempt a gray inscription 'Pass & Detalies changed' appears, then everything is ok.
5. If it’s different, then after the end we start with the first record that has not been changed (to start with some specific record (yuin), just click on it in the list once and press start). And so we do it until everything changes (usually I don’t have any changes for 5-6 passes. To avoid these complicated frauds, go to Settings and set the Timeout twice as much as now (not 10.000, but 20.000 or 30.000).
6. And do not forget to share with our site. After all, he helped you, so you help him. So we send a piece of hacked asya to the forum.

Additional information to improve results.

1. It is possible to crack using the simplest passwords. Because there were lamers, the lamers eat and will eat ;-) For the most talented, I explain that light passwords are: password, qwerty, 12312312, 123456, mypass, etc ...
2. Special perverts who have a freebie dressing can use dictionaries. Then of course the possibility of hacking increases several times, but if more than one password does not work, you will lose a lot of time.
3. IPDBrute eats a lot of traffic. Therefore, we use it carefully and not at work, so that later the chef gives magic penduli ;-)
4. If you see in the ipd 'passwords .... good: 1' or 2 or more is displayed, it doesn’t matter, do not chop it with 3 fingers. Why? Everything is simple. The program might not have written good passes to the file yet, and if it was stopped not with the 'Stop' button, but with 3 fingers, then it would not be written :) . And you will be left without passes. Therefore, if you still decide to chop, look at the file good.txt, size it and figure it out, it corresponds to the number of passwords. (one six-digit with a pass of 5-8 characters takes 12-15 bytes). If everything is ok, chop tight.