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Recent medical research: 3 “you can” and 6 “you can't” after eating

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

Each of us has a hundred habits and "our cockroaches in my head." But it is already genuinely known that many of them may become or have already become the cause of our poor health.

Not only food has a very big impact on the human body, but also what it does after eating. Our digestive system is very sensitive and needs to be taken seriously and without jokes.

In our article, the latest medical research on what is “possible” and what “cannot” after eating

What can not be done immediately after eating

1 NO: Walking

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

Many of us believe that after a heavy meal it’s good to go for a walk, but this is not entirely true. Walking after eating can cause acid reflux and indigestion. Walking is a great way to spend calories. But doctors recommend performing it no earlier than 15–20 minutes after eating.

2 NO: Fruit

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

It is believed that fruits should be eaten as a dessert immediately after a meal. But actually it is not. The fruits eaten after the main meal come in contact with it and begin to ferment and sour. This disrupts the normal digestive process. It is better to eat them one hour before a meal or at least 2 hours after.

3 NO: Tea

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

Doctors do not recommend drinking tea after meals, as it contains acids that bind iron, preventing it from being absorbed. When we drink food with this drink, we do not get the right amount of iron from the dishes. This is why the ideal time for tea is at least an hour after a meal.

4 NO: Sleep

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

Most of us love to go to bed immediately after eating, but this habit is bad. In the supine position, a small amount of digestive juice flows back from the stomach into the esophagus. This is why some people experience heartburn when they go to bed immediately after eating. To avoid this problem, go to bed at least two hours after eating.

5 NO: Bathroom Reception

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

Bathing in warm water enhances blood flow to the limbs and to the entire surface of the body. Accordingly, blood flow in the stomach decreases. Perform water procedures at least half an hour or an hour after a meal.

6 NO: Smoking

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

Smoking after eating causes symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It also negatively affects the muscles of the colon, which is responsible for the final stage of the digestion process.

What to do immediately after eating

1 YES: Warm water

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

For proper digestion of food in the first hour after eating, the body needs energy and heat. Therefore, it is advisable not to eat cold dishes immediately after the main meal, for example, ice cream. It is best to drink a couple of sips of warm water.

2 YES: Conversation with loved ones

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

For proper blood flow and digestion, avoid physical and mental strenuous activities. It is best to spend time after eating for a pleasant conversation with loved ones without any disputes and quarrels.

3 YES: Loose clothes and belt

3 «можно» и 6 «нельзя» после еды

To prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease, do not wear tight clothing and tight belts that put pressure on your stomach.