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Antidepressant products

30 полезных продуктов для тела и 10 лучших продуктов-антидепрессантов

1. Fish

Oily fish (herring, sardines, mackerel, salmon, cod, salmon) is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as a result of which the fish has become a remedy for bad mood. Only in fish with weak salted polyunsaturated fatty acids are formed the most. However, the amino acid tryptophan (actually, from which serotonin is formed - "the hormone of happiness") remains in the fish of any preparation. That is why fish dishes, of course, should be on your table.

In addition to the above, fatty fish has a large amount of vitamin B6, which improves mood and strengthens the immune system. It is desirable to eat fish at least three or four times a week for 100-150 g. And if daily, for 50-70 g.

2. Bright vegetables and fruits

Vegetables with a bright color: beets, eggplants, carrots, sweet peppers, persimmon, tangerines, oranges and other colorful vegetables also have the ability to elevate mood. It has long been known that bright saturated colors can drive away melancholy and charge with a positive attitude.

However, it's not just that. Fruits and vegetables of saturated colors are composed of substances bioflavonoids that improve blood circulation in the brain. As a result of their use, the brain receives more oxygen, you begin to feel noticeably better, and this naturally increases your mood.

3. Chicken broth

Chicken broth has a property that affects the serenity of the state. With a little nervous stress - this is an excellent remedy for depression. Chicken meat contains proteins consisting of the amino acid tryptophan. Once in the body, it is processed into serotonin - the "hormone of happiness", which affects our mood.

4. Sea kale

Sea kale is extremely enriched with B vitamins that regulate the work of the adrenal glands and, accordingly, the hormone adrenaline, the lack of which can cause chronic fatigue, as a result of which worsen mood.

Sea cabbage is recommended to buy not canned (in such cabbage there are often harmful flavoring additives), and freshly made salads that can be found on the market or in the cooking departments. And after that, self-season it with spices and other ingredients (carrots, mushrooms, sesame seeds, etc.).

5. Bananas

In addition to serotonin, bananas contain vitamin B6, which, as already mentioned, is necessary for elevating the mood. In addition, bananas are enriched in alkaloid harman, capable of evoking a feeling of euphoria, that is, they are biogenic amines in which serotonin is known and produced. Even these fruits are useful to eat with chronic fatigue and depression.

6. Nuts

All nuts, like fatty fish, are a source of omega-3 fatty acids, capable of ensuring the proper functioning of brain cells and helping to eliminate the symptoms of depression. In addition, the nuts contain the amino acid tryptophan already known to us and the mood-elevating vitamin B6. In addition, nuts contain a mineral called selenium, which is necessary for excellent mood.

It is worth knowing that the indicator of the level of selenium in the blood decreases with aging of the body by 7% after 60 years and by 25 - after 75. Therefore, doctors advise older people to eat more nuts. Up to 30 g of this product can be eaten per day.

7. Chocolate

Cocoa beans, from which chocolate is produced, contain a substance called phenylethylamine, which contributes to the development of happiness hormones in the body - endorphins, which are produced in increased amounts in lovers. And people in love are usually happy, like children. In addition, cocoa beans contain magnesium, which is able to relieve stress. However, it is worth knowing that only dark chocolate has all of the above qualities. Milk will bring much less benefit.

8. Cheese

Cheese contains amino acids that promote good mood: tyramine, trictamine and phenylethylamine. Cheer the strength of any kind of cheese.

9. Eggs

The eggs contain essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E, D, not to mention the tryptophan from which serotonin is formed, as well as carotenes and B vitamins, the lack of which can lead to depression. So even ordinary scrambled eggs can improve mood. Eggs eaten at breakfast control hunger throughout the day.

10. Oatmeal and buckwheat

Like chicken, oatmeal and buckwheat is composed of tryptophan amino acid. Recycled in the body, it forms the "hormone of happiness" serotonin. Even these products contain carbohydrates, which, being slowly absorbed, normalize the level of sugar in the blood, not allowing it to go beyond.

Elevated or lowered sugar levels entirely affects the mood, because it affects the level of insulin in the blood. And insulin performs the function of transporting tryptophan to the brain, where it is already processed into serotonite. Keep sugar under control.

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