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75 principles of successful people

75 принципов успешных людей

The author of the first article writes that these are the life principles of Pavel Durov (founder of the VKontakte network), collected in one place.

I do not know if it is true, but it was rather interesting to read.

  1. Refuse the garbage that you eat, drink and smoke every day. No secrets and cunning diets - natural food, fruits, vegetables, water. You don’t need to become a vegetarian and completely tie up with a drink - just limit the sugar, flour, coffee, alcohol and all plastic food as much as possible.
  2. Learn foreign languages. This will expand the depth of perception of the world and open unprecedented prospects for training, development and growth in a career. Russian-speaking Internet users 60 million. English speakers - a billion. The center of progress is now located on the other side of the border, including the linguistic one. Knowledge of English is no longer just a whim of intellectuals, but a vital necessity.
  3. Read books. The approximate circle is your professional field, history, natural sciences, personal growth, sociology, psychology, biographies, quality fiction. There is no time to read because you drive and listen to audio books. The golden rule is to read / listen to at least one book per week. These are 50 books a year that will turn your life upside down.
  4. Spend well every weekend. Go to the museum, go in for sports, go out of town, jump with a parachute, guide your relatives, go to a good movie. Expand your area of ​​contact with the world. The more new experiences you pass through yourself, the more interesting life will be, and the better you will understand things and phenomena.
  5. Start a blog or a regular diary. Anyway, about what. It does not matter that you do not have eloquence and you will have no more than 10 readers. The main thing is that on its pages you will be able to think and reason. And if you just regularly write about what you love, readers will definitely come.
  6. Set goals, fix them on paper, in Word'e or blog. The main thing is that they are clear, understandable and measurable. If you set a goal, you can either achieve it or not. If you don’t put it, then there are no options for achievement at all.
  7. Learn to type on your keyboard blindly. Time is one of the few treasures that you have, and you should be able to print almost as fast as you think. And you should not think about where the letter is located, but about what you write.
  8. Ride the time. Learn to manage your affairs so that they work almost without your participation. For starters, read David Allen - "How to Put Things in Order" or Gleb Arkhangelsky. Make decisions quickly, act immediately, do not delay. Do all things or delegate to someone.
  9. Refuse from computer games, aimless sitting on social networks and stupid surfing on the Internet. Minimize communication in social networks, leave one account. Destroy the television antenna in the apartment.
  10. Stop reading the news. All the same, everyone around will talk about key events, and additional noise information does not lead to an improvement in the quality of decision-making.
  11. Learn to get up early. The paradox is that in the early hours you always do more than in the evening. If you leave Moscow at 7 in the summer on weekends, then by 10 you will already be in Yaroslavl. If you leave at 10, you will be there, at best for dinner. A person needs only 7 hours of sleep, subject to high-quality physical activity and normal nutrition. I do not like programmers who can start working only at 12 noon.
  12. Try to surround yourself with decent, honest, open, smart and successful people. We are our environment from which we learn everything we know. Spend more time with people whom you respect and from whom you can learn something (it is especially important that your bosses fall into the category of such people).
  13. Use every moment of time and each person in order to learn something new. If life brings you to a professional in any field, try to understand what is the essence of his work, what are his motivations and goals. Learn to ask the right questions - even a taxi driver can be an invaluable source of information.
  14. Start traveling, change your environment more often. It does not matter that there is no money for Argentina and New Zealand - the quality of rest is not related to the money spent. When you see how diverse the world is, you will cease to get stuck in the space around you, and you will become more tolerant, calmer and wiser.
  15. Buy a camera and try to catch the beauty of the world. When you succeed, you will remember your travels not only by vague impressions, but also by beautiful photographs that you brought with you. Alternatively - try to draw, sing, dance, sculpt, design. That is, do what makes you look at the world with different eyes.
  16. Do some sports. It’s not necessary to go to a fitness club where there are hangouts, pick-up trucks, Balzac ladies and freaks. Yoga, rock climbing, bicycle, horizontal bar, parallel bars, football, running, plyometrics, swimming, functional training are the best friends of a person who wants to restore body tone and get a splash of endorphins. And forget what an elevator is.
  17. Do unusual things . Go down to a place you’ve never been to, go to work the other way, figure out a problem that you don’t know anything about. Get out of the “comfort zone”, expand your knowledge and horizons. Rearrange the furniture at home, change the appearance, hairstyle, image.
  18. Invest. Ideally, each month it is worth investing part of the income, because a rich person is not the one who earns a lot, but the one who invests a lot. Try to invest in assets, minimize liabilities and control costs.
  19. Get rid of the junk. Throw away all unnecessary and unnecessary things that have not been worn or used in the past year. Leave only what you like and need. Sorry to throw it out - hand it out.
  20. Give more than you take. Share knowledge, experiences and ideas. A person who not only takes, but also shares, is incredibly attractive. Surely you know how to do something that others really want to learn.
  21. Accept the world as it is. Refuse value judgments, accept all phenomena as neutral. And even better - as uniquely positive.
  22. Forget about the past. It has nothing to do with the future. Take with you only experience, knowledge, good relationships and positive experiences.
  23. Do not be afraid. There are no insurmountable obstacles, and all doubts live only in your head. It is not necessary to be a warrior, just see the target, avoid obstacles and know that you will achieve it without a single chance to fail.
  24. Last, it’s the first. Do what you like. Learn. Teach. Evolve. Change yourself from the inside out.