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What happens in the body when dousing with cold water?

Обливание холодной водой

Shower (french douche from ital.doccia - downpipe) is a complex of sanitary equipment intended for receiving human water procedures in the form of exposure to a body of jets of water or steam under various pressures and at different temperatures.

The soul itself is also called the process of acceptance by a person of this water procedure with a hygienic, curative or preventive purpose. The shower is usually taken in the shower room or in the shower. It consists of a hose with a shower head, as a rule, also includes a mixer and a shower or a bath. The mixer can be with a faucet and a switch on the shower or wall-mounted. There is a summer version of an iron barrel or a tray for heating the water with the sun, a hose with a shower head and a light booth.

When taking a shower with cold water, there is a sharp narrowing of the blood vessels. Their lumen narrows and blood begins to move at a faster rate and increases metabolism. In addition, a cold shower is a micro-stress that positively affects the metabolic processes in the body. Your body will quickly get rid of fatigue and drowsiness!

First, there is a sharp narrowing of the blood vessels . Their lumen narrows and the blood is forced to move at a faster rate. Unambiguously, blood circulation throughout the body improves. The walls of arteries and veins are strengthened, the functioning of the blood supply system is normalized in general, the efficiency of the entire cardiovascular system is increased.

Secondly, a cold shower forces our body to develop additional energy for its own heating.

Thirdly, cold water affects the cerebral cortex, improving the work of all its departments. Thinking is activated, you better start to think and quickly make important decisions!

Fourth, the muscle fibers decrease dramatically, which in turn leads to an acceleration of lymph circulation, which affects the metabolic processes that take place in our body.

Fifth, a cold shower is a mini-stress for the body , which means an active release of hormones into the blood, which substantially accelerates all metabolic processes in the body. And we get mini-stress resistance!

Sixth, we begin to breathe deeper , and our body is saturated with oxygen, which means that the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness disappears, our working capacity rises.

Seventh, when metabolic processes are accelerated , our immune system begins to work better. Increases the resistance of the body to viruses, foreign bacteria and other infections. So, we will rarely get sick and stop feeding the pharmacy.

How does this affect us?

Обливание холодной водой

Cheerfulness and a great mood every day is one of the side effects of a cold shower. No lethargy and no sleep.

Your skin will be tightened, become young, healthy and elastic, your hair will become shiny and silky, look and feel you will be just awesome!

A burning blissful state of bliss, a sense of magical stars that run all over the skin of your body are not conveyed in words. I want to live, sing, create ... I want to fly ...

When I fall (I - merzlyachka still that!) Has started to accept a cold shower, being healthy and vigorous, big effect (except for sensations) for itself did not wait. However, it appeared, and I can not help but share it. Like all normal people, I needed 8 hours of sleep to sleep. Sleep is holy! I never looked for ways to get enough sleep in 6 hours. Two weeks after the start of douche, I noticed that I get enough sleep in 7 hours! No violence against the person! Only a shower! Like this.

How does this affect us?

Обливание холодной водой

First. Before you start taking a cold shower, answer the question: why do you need it? I hope that all of the above will help you in this. Personally, I started by remembering my feelings from bathing in Lake Baikal. The water temperature is 9 degrees. But the body after bathing tingled and tingled - as if weak electric charges jumped inside and out! I wanted to return the feeling ...


The second. You can, of course, immediately climb into the tub, turn on the cold water and direct the stream toward yourself (willful approach, admire!) ... But, I'm afraid that after this, at best, you will forever lose the desire to take a cold shower. In the worst you will catch cold ...

Therefore, we approach the question sensibly, carefully and with Love ... For a while, it is necessary to set up the brain and the body for the forthcoming procedure. First mentally imagine yourself after the shower in the sensations ... Tell yourself about the benefits that the mystery of the cold soul conceals in itself.

The next step (if the idea that you need to get under the cold streams of water still inspires you with Horror) will say affirmations: "I will easily enjoy cold water", "Cold water makes my body young, healthy and slim!". The second affirmation can and will have to be repeated when you are already really standing in the shower! And let this process take about a week - do not delay!


Third. Before you go directly to the douche process, first (about a week), soak the towel with cold water and scrub ... Just do this after you have warmed your body with very warm water! One, two, three ... The most important thing is that you should not freeze! That is, before closing the tap with hot water and open with a cold, I water hot, warming up the body.


The fourth step. You can start a cool soul. Gradually make the water colder and colder. And when you are ready, go to the cold one.

Cold or contrast?

Обливание холодной водой

There is no single answer. Both the one and the other have a huge benefit for the body. Choose by feeling. Try both. Personally, I'm too lazy to stand and turn the taps back and forth, I manage only cold.

How long does it take to pour cold water on yourself?

Обливание холодной водой

Someone will say that you need to stand under the cold water for a minute. And there is a version that for maximum effect you need to do this twice a day for 10 minutes. The last one is too strong for me - I water myself for about three minutes in the morning. I pass a shower all over my body two times. Focus on your feelings - water can burn you, but in general, you should not be cold! Paradoxical as it sounds!

After a shower, two options are possible: either you immediately rub yourself with a towel; Or at first just stand and enjoy the sensations in the body, after which you also rub yourself with a towel. I like the second option.

What helps me in this process?

Обливание холодной водой

At the moment of turning the cranes in the right direction, I turn off the brain - it's only two seconds: once - I closed the hot one, two - I opened the cold one ... and then I start to breathe deeply and deeply .... And the breath will still happen automatically. By the way, if you want to scream at that moment - shout. And let the neighbors only guess what you do in the bathroom! That's how I "went" into the sacred waters of Lake Baikal - I walked away from the shore, ran up and with loud cries rushed into the cold water! I was so much easier ...

How do I turn off the brain? At first my tender and gentle head whispered to me: "Tanechka! Today it's very cold! Let's not get poured today. TOMORROW we will definitely do it! " Also, tenderly and tenderly, with Love in my voice I answered: " Silence " and turned the tap. Uraaaaaa!


Once you have reached the first time to pour, then the procedure must be repeated every day. At least 21 days. It is this much time that new neural connections should form in our bright head. And three more months, in order for these ties to become firmly entrenched. As a maximum, the rest of my life.

You can, of course, promise yourself some reward. For taking a cold shower for, for example, a week, you will buy yourself ... beautiful underwear! But ... beautiful underwear you can buy yourself and without a cold shower! And a real reward for you, let it be your feelings, your state and your state of health!

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