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Unofficial alcoholic drinks of the 80s

Now you can buy vodka in the nearest store, but earlier it was not enough that its value was high, it was also sold only from 11 o'clock.

And after the anti-alcohol campaign and coupons started - where to buy there!

So the folk craftsman himself made drinks from what was at hand.


Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

“Even from an ordinary stool, you can drive moonshine. Some like stools, ”said Ostap Bender, selling the secrets of his motherland to“ citizens of the transatlantic republic, exhausted by dry law. ”

Indeed, one of the options for the appearance of this drink is the work of Ilf and Petrov, where he served as the nominal name of a bad moonshine. In the Union, it was made mainly of fermented carpentry glue. The variant “vodka from sawdust” on hydrolytic alcohol was also possible, but such a process at home was not justified economically. The drink was a rare abomination in taste and smell.


Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

The drink was popular in the 90s in the author. On freezing cold, they poured brake fluid into a bucket. And then they poured into cups and drank. Right there in the cold :)

There were also cases when the gunners poured Steol-M liquid from the knuckles on a gun carriage. Tormozuha was poisonous, as it contained butyl alcohol and castor oil. But "Steol-M" was a ethyl alcohol, glycerin and yellow-green dye. Modern tormozuha, by the way, contains only one chemistry.


Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

The potion included in the annals of the perestroika period :) In one alcohol from a pharmaceutical factory, for example, they stole gasoline cans, which were previously washed with soap and water. When alcohol was poured into such a canister and soaked with gasoline, it turned out a benzinovka).

But someone decided to go ahead and washed a couple of cans with calendula tincture in order to get rid of the gasoline taste. The masterpiece obtained in this case was called govenovka, since it had the taste and smell of natural g * vna.

Sex Pistols

Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

"Sex Pistols" is the same "Malostaskaya joy" it is also "Plane" - an abominable blend of port wine "Three axes" and beer class "Zhigulevskoe" in a ratio of 1: 1.

Canaan balm

Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

Another name for the drink is Silver Fox. In denatured alcohol was poured in proportions of 1: 2: 1 “velvet” beer and purified polish. It was a black-brown drink. You can think of how it tasted :)

Blue or Denaturat

Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

He is a "denaturer", "blue", "green". For preparation, alcohol, acetone, kerosene and ink were taken to taste. :) Powerful ink exhaust on the morning after drinking such a drink poisoned the world to others.

Krasnenkaya or Boris Fedorovich

Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

They did Boris Fedorych, mainly in the shops. They took BF glue, poured it into a container, poured salt, inserted a stick that rotated from the machine, for example. All that screwed onto the stick was discarded. The rest was drinking. By the way, from such a drink is often blinded.

Spirit of Geneva

Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

Besides the fact that the Spirit of Geneva is a temporary “warming” in international relations during the Cold War, it is also the name of the next drink, which included White Lilac, a remedy for sweating feet, Zhiguli beer and alcohol varnish.


Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

Chikolon was also called “brandy with thread”, “thread brandy”, “brandy three bones”. He was popular among the hard workers because of the low price and noble fume of Cologne water. :)

Tear Komsomol

Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

From the ready-made cocktail from its smelliness, it was possible to lose feelings and consciousness for a minute.

Here is an excerpt from the book of Venedikt Yerofeyev, "Moscow-Petushki": "Drinking just vodka preserves both a sound mind and a solid memory or, on the contrary, loses both of them at once. And in the case of the tears of the Komsomol, it's ridiculous: drink one hundred a gram, this “tears” is a hard memory, and there was no sound mind. If you drink a hundred more grams, you yourself wonder: where did so much sound mind come from? And where did all solid memory go? .. "


Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

Another name - Three ax. At one time, this drink was made from the waste of wine production, such as rotten grapes and grape marc with the addition of alcohol and sugar.


Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

Hydrolyzed alcohol. This drink was a mixture with a taste of paint and varnish chemistry of coniferous woods. The fume is pronounced, acetone type.


Неофициальные алкогольные напитки 80-х

The classics of the genre is part of vodka and part of beer. Magic bubbles produce amazing effects.

Warning: this article is for informational purposes only, making and using these drinks will not lead to anything good.