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Steel nerves: top 5 anti-stress drinks

Антистрессовые напитки

Stress - a set of nonspecific adaptive (normal) reactions of the body to the effect of various unfavorable factors-stressors (physical or psychological), disturbing its homeostasis, as well as the corresponding state of the nervous system of the organism (or organism as a whole). In medicine, physiology, psychology, there are positive (eustress) and negative (distress) forms of stress. By the nature of the exposure, neuro-psychic, thermal or cold (temperature), light, hunger and other stresses (radiation, etc.) are isolated. Whatever the stress, "good" or "bad", emotional or physical (or both), its effect on the body has common nonspecific features.

Do you experience daily stress? Do you often have nerves at the limit and you stick yourself with pills? Dietitian Svetlana Fus says that the best anti-stress drugs are ... drinks! Which ones, find out right now!

Black tea

Антистрессовые напитки

Black tea contains catechins - very strong antioxidants. If you take black tea once a day for a whole week, it will protect you from the excessive stress effect on the vascular system, lower blood pressure and act as a preventive measure of atherosclerosis. But it is very important that black tea is not strong! In Japan, even geishas brewed their men tea leaves twice or even three times, so that tea had a calming effect.

Ginger tea

Антистрессовые напитки

In order to fight stress and be happy, you need to drink ginger tea at least 1-2 times a week. The composition of ginger includes the amino acid tryptophan, which is converted in the body into a "hormone of happiness" - serotonin. Increasing the level of serotonin helps to improve mood. Also, the root of ginger has a mild thinning effect on the blood, which improves the blood circulation of the brain and thereby eliminates the symptoms of fatigue, headache, relieves fatigue and tension, improves memory.

Decoction of orange peel

Антистрессовые напитки

Orange peel contains an essential oil that has an antidepressant, soothing effect. And all because vitamin C contains vitamin C (ascorbic acid, which is a strong antioxidant, it affects the strengthening of blood vessels, prevents blood clots.Vitamin C is a stimulant of the immune system and helps not only to get rid of stress, but also to prevent the occurrence of fatigue and depression.The decoction of orange peel tones up the nervous system, helps cope with fatigue and feel energetic and full of energy!


Антистрессовые напитки

If the body lacks water, dehydration occurs, and this causes a hormonal reaction, that is, stress hormones are intensively produced. So sometimes in order to relieve stress, you need to ... drink a glass of water! It, among other things, activates the production of endorphin (a hormone that causes a sense of pleasure) in the body. And people who drink little water (regular non-carbonated) often suffer from stress. If we talk about a drink, then water can be combined with lemon or lemon juice. According to researchers from the University of Ontario, water with lemon is the best natural remedy, soothing the nerves. In any unpleasant situations, a sip of water with a lemon will bring pleasure and help to keep calm. This is due to the substances that are contained in the lemon! Lemon is a natural source of vitamins such as C, R. Lemon is an antioxidant of natural origin, it excites the whole body, and thanks to essential oils protects it from stress.

Celery juice

Антистрессовые напитки

Celery contains natural chemicals - phthalides, which contribute to strengthening the nervous system and improving sleep. These substances are very quickly absorbed into the blood in the stomach and actively affect the human nervous system, soothing and strengthening it, lowering blood pressure. This in turn allows you to minimize the level of tension, stress, fatigue, and improve the blood supply to the brain.