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Click on these two points (as in the photo) and the back pain will instantly disappear

Нажмите на эти две точки (как на фото) и боль в спине мгновенно исчезнет

Back pain often occurs after a sudden movement or lifting weights. If the discomfort does not go away - this is a symptom of the disease. The cause of back pain is diagnosed and treated by a neurologist. Back pain takes the second place after a cold by the number of visits to the doctor. It often appears after a sudden movement or weight lifting. If your back hurts constantly - this is a symptom of the disease.

Back pain is also called dorsalgia (Latin Dorsum-back + Greek. Algos-pain - back pain) . She periodically worries every second person at an older age. Most often, the pain is localized in the lumbar region. This is due to the fact that the lumbar vertebrae can withstand the maximum load of body weight. Constant back pain is a reason to consult a specialist. Without timely treatment, it leads to serious consequences, including spinal surgery.

Нажмите на эти две точки (как на фото) и боль в спине мгновенно исчезнет

Unfortunately, millions of people experience back pain , which is often too painful and almost unbearable, and no one knows the effective way to relieve it.

Even though traditional medicine can provide a variety of treatments for a variety of common problems, it’s quite difficult for back pain to find something .

On the other hand, traditional medicine, especially ancient Chinese medicine, effectively treats chronic problems with acupuncture.

Energy meridians run throughout the body and affect its function. Diseases are the result of damaged energy flow through the meridians, so damaged organs can be healed by creating a proper flow of energy along the meridians . This can be achieved by putting pressure on certain points on the body.

Massaging certain points will ease the symptoms of pain in the joints, legs and thighs. Regular stimulation will completely relieve pain. Below are three points that you need to know to solve a problem with your back and joint pain:

  • Stimulation of the first point, GB 29 , located at the junction of the pelvis and thigh, will ease the pain in the hips and joints .
  • Pressure on the GB 30 point, which is located slightly below and behind the buttocks, on the back of the pelvic bone, will ease the pain in the joints, lower back, hips and shoulders .
  • The third point - B 54 , is located immediately behind the knee. Her stimulation will relax muscles and relieve pain in the hips and lower back .

Regular stimulation of these three points will help you ease back pain and joint pain forever! Try it!