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The best male exercises of all time

Лучшие мужские упражнения

Physical exercises - elementary movements, composed of them motor actions and their complexes, systematized for the purposes of physical development. Physical exercises were formed on the basis of movements and actions borrowed from labor, household, military activities of a person (running, walking, jumping, throwing, lifting weights, swimming, etc.) and organizationally and methodically took shape in the form of gymnastics, light and weightlifting, mobile and sports games, sports tourism, etc. Various combinations and systems of physical exercises make up the content of sports, are included in physical education programs in various educational institutions.

We have already shattered the whole language, telling you that the exercises for the same muscle groups need to be constantly changed so that the body is not used to the load. But when you familiarize yourself with 20 exercises for each muscle, you will spend more time choosing the right movement than doing in the gym.

In order not to get lost in this huge list, it would be good to keep in mind a dozen classical exercises, tested by hundreds of guys and working for sure. We want to please you: we have already compiled this list. Add these exercises to your top exercises or make a separate workout of them - they will always work.

You can make a separate workout out of them or add to your list of exercises - in any case, they work with a bang.

On biceps

Dumbbell with a slope

When you sit on an incline bench, leaning back a little, your hands have more amplitude of movement than with a normal standing position.

Technique: Sit on a sloping bench so that your torso is bent back about 30 cm. Take dumbbells with a reverse grip and lower them down, turning your palms forward. Lift both dumbbells to the level of the chin, with elbows bent and hands for a short pause in the middle of the movement, dropping them down.

On pectoral muscles

Dumbbell bench press parallel grip

Dumbbells do not align both your hands on the same line as the barbell bar does, so you independently pump each hand. In addition, part of the energy goes to stabilize each hand, so you use more muscles.

Technique: Lie on a horizontal bench for bench press and take dumbbells with a parallel grip so that the palms are facing each other. Initial position - dumbbells on the sides of the chest. At the same time, squeeze both dumbbells over your chest until you fully straighten your arms, then slowly lower them down so that they are in the starting position.

On the development of the bark muscles

Twisting with burdening

These exercises train the core muscles to more effectively perform their main function: keeping the body in good shape and helping with most body movements.

Technique: Stand sideways to the simulator for thrust of the upper block on the right knee, so that the left was on the side of the simulator. Take the block in both hands and bend the torso to the right and down, until you reach the block to the right thigh. Do about 10 repetitions for 1 approach.

On quadriceps

Squatted barbell with raised heels

When you put your heels on a platform about 5 cm high when you squat, you automatically level the torso, which reduces the risk of back injuries. In addition, it increases the load on the quadriceps.

Technique: Put the heels on the pancakes from the bar, and socks on the floor. Take the barbell to the chest at shoulder level with a straight grip so that the palms are facing up. Squat until your hips are parallel to the floor. Make at least 10 repetitions.

Shoulder muscles

Push weights up, standing on one knee

When you hold the weight upside down, you strengthen the muscles of your shoulders, and when you do this exercise with one hand, you have to compensate for the slope, so the core also works.

Technique: Take a weight in your left hand at shoulder level, so that its main weight is on top, and the handle is on the bottom, and get down on your left knee. Squeeze a weight over your head 10 times, then change the supporting knee and the acting arm.

On the back muscles

Thrust dumbbell back on an incline bench

This exercise is equal to the distribution of the load bench press, only works the other way around, not on the pectoral muscles, but on the back. Performing it with dumbbells, you correct the imbalance in the development of the back muscles and develop powerful muscles.

Technique: Lie down, face down on a sloping bench so that the angle of your body to the floor is almost maximum. Take dumbbells in each hand so that the palms are turned back. Pull back both dumbbells at the same time, bending your elbows, turning your palms inward, towards the ribs. Do 10 repetitions per set.

On triceps

Dumbbell bench press

Although this exercise is considered to be mostly ideal for the muscles of the chest, it also does a good job at the triceps at the moment when you lose weight to the chest.

Technique: Lie on your back on the floor and take both dumbbells in your hands with a straight grip as if it were a barbell. Bend your knees. Raise the dumbbells above you, then slowly lower them until the elbows touch the floor. Do 10 repetitions.

On the gluteal muscles

Buttock bridge with a rod

This exercise as no other involves the gluteus muscles, keeping them in tension from the beginning to the end of the approach.

Technique: Sit on the floor with your back to a horizontal bench and take a barbell of a suitable weight, keeping it at the level of your groin. Lean your shoulder blades on the bench and push the groin up, straining your gluteal muscles until your body is parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions.

To the rear thigh muscles

Straight leg deadlift

This exercise helps you to develop an accurate belt deflection technique, which is required primarily for deadlift, in which it will help you avoid injuries.

Technique: Take the bar with a straight grip in both hands and hold it down on your outstretched hands. Bending your knees slightly, slowly lower the torso down until it is parallel to the floor. Do 10 repetitions per set.

Calf muscles

Lifting socks with weights

This exercise can be done anywhere, if you find there the unevenness of the landscape in the form of steps. It will develop the mobility of your ankles, which will be needed in performing many exercises on the lower body.

Technique: Take the dumbbell in your right hand and stand on the step with the tip of your right hand. Bend your left knee and stand on the tip of your right leg. After 10 repetitions, change your leg.

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