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Daily human biorhythms

Cуточные биоритмы человека

Even in ancient times, people knew that at certain times we feel cheerful, and at another - relaxed. So affect the state of the organism daily biorhythms of man . These fluctuations must be taken into account, and then the day will pass at a height!

Doctrine of biortimah

Cуточные биоритмы человека

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists (Vernadsky, Pavlov) became interested in the alternation of the phases of human activity and rest, and they began to conduct serious research and experiments in this direction.

Thus arose the science - chronobiology - about the biorhythms of man and living beings. Scientists have found that by living in our own internal biological clock, we can optimize the day and even slow down the aging process! Conversely, if you do not adhere to the biological clock, then the person will be more susceptible to negative factors, as a result of which immunity will suffer.

Listening to our internal biological clock, we can increase the effectiveness of physical training and cosmetic procedures. You just need to know when the body is most located to those or other actions.

Biorhythms of ups and downs

Energy rises

  • from 5 to 6 am
  • from 11 to 12 hours
  • from 16 to 17 hours
  • from 20 to 21 hours
  • from 22 to 23 hours

Energy drops

  • from 2 to 3 hours
  • from 9 to 10 hours
  • from 14 to 15 hours
  • from 18 to 19 hours
  • from 24 to 1 am


Cуточные биоритмы человека

It used to be that people are divided into two main chronotypes: "owls" and "larks".

However, today many scientists are convinced that the chronotype is not only an innate, but also an acquired property, and it can be adjusted. Only this should be done carefully, shifting to bedtime or waking up gradually, by 5-10 minutes a day.

So you will be able to adapt your personal schedule to daily biorhythms and you will achieve the highest results both in your studies or work, and in sports, you will be able to maintain health for many years and prolong youth.

Human biorhythms 6.00-7.00

Cуточные биоритмы человека

The time of wakefulness comes - the body wakes up. This time period is considered ideal for the transition from sleep to wakefulness, since all the organs of our body begin to become active.

It is necessary to wake up slowly: very carefully bring the body into working condition, because the spine relaxes in a dream, the metabolic processes slow down, the volume of circulating blood decreases.

Before jumping out of bed, stretch yourself, take a few deep breaths and breathe out, sit for a minute, and then do a set of exercises for the joints.

This tactic will relieve puffiness, increase blood circulation, invigorate and clarify your head. After this gym you can take a cool shower.

Human biorhythms 7.00-9.00

Cуточные биоритмы человека

The best time for the first breakfast is the first meal that starts the metabolism process.

Foods that you eat during the day are better understood. For breakfast, you should eat food rich in proteins - it is slowly digested, which means it will save you from feeling hungry until dinner.

Morning time is also suitable for cosmetic procedures. It is possible to apply a compress from chamomile or sage on the eyelids, and on the face - a mask, and then make a gymnastics for the face, eyelids and neck.

Human biorhythms 9.00-10.00

Cуточные биоритмы человека

Morning peak of sexual activity. In men and women, more sex hormones are released into the blood.

Sometimes the “love hour” is worth the transfer to this time, when both partners are full of strength and sexual energy.

Human biorhythms 10.00-11.00

Morning - it's time to go to the doctor - the pain is dulled. If you wanted to do any painful procedures (for example, remove papilloma or clean your face), schedule a visit in the morning when negative feelings and the risk of unpleasant consequences are minimal.

Human biorhythms 11.00-12.00

The best time for intellectual activity. Until 12.00 it is worth solving all serious issues, conducting business and telephone negotiations. Sweets, eaten before 12.00, will not harm your figure!

Human biorhythms 13.00-14.00

Cуточные биоритмы человека

Break for lunch. At this time, the small intestine is actively working - food is absorbed quickly and easily.

For lunch, it is better to eat proteins (meat, poultry, fish or seafood), cereals (brown rice, whole-wheat pasta), potatoes, legumes, and fresh salad with vegetable oil. And do not forget about the soup!

Human biorhythms 14.00-15.00

In this period of time hair and nails grow quickly, which means you should go for a manicure. In addition, the body has little static electricity, so you should make a haircut: the hair will be obedient and easily take the desired shape.

Biorhythms of a person 16.00-18.00

Cуточные биоритмы человека

This is the peak of physical activity.

The ideal time for fitness, visiting the pool and sauna.

Biorhythms of the person 18.00-19.00

Cуточные биоритмы человека

18.00 - a great time for dinner. 3-4 hours have passed since the last meal and the body needs to replenish energy reserves again.

Dinner should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime. Dinner should be light, consist of fish or lean white meat and vegetable side dishes, for example, stewed vegetables.

You should not eat red meat or fatty foods for dinner - it takes a long time to digest, it gives an additional load to the gallbladder and liver, and after 20 hours digestive enzymes are hardly produced.

Biorhythms of the person 19.00-21.00

Cуточные биоритмы человека

Time for beauty - shows massage, sauna, mud and healing baths, applying masks, peeling. This time is also suitable for epilation and eyebrow correction.

In this time period it is good to carry out various anti-cellulite programs: massage, wraps, lymphatic drainage. After peeling, wraps or masks, apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream. It will enrich the skin with vitamins and soften it.

Human biorhythms 21.00-22.00

Cуточные биоритмы человека

The amount of energy decreases, and the joints are mobile. Therefore, this time is ideal for yoga, Pilates or stretching. In this way, the state of mind is harmonized, and the nerves will be in order. Breathing exercises will restore mental energy, saturate tissues with oxygen and nutrients. When sedentary work shows exercises for the spine.

At this time, the feeling of loneliness is most acutely felt, so it's time to make heart-to-heart conversations. There is a tangible energy decline. This period is worth devoting rest with your loved one, meeting with friends, family.

Biorhythms of a person 22.00-23.00

Favorable time for bedtime is to spend the evening rituals: take a bath, calm down, wash off makeup and get comfortable in a warm bed.