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How does our body tell us the signals about the disease?

Как наш организм подсказывает нам сигналы о болезни

Remember and learn to understand the signals of your body, and you will always be healthy.

Our body can be called a very smart system, because when a variety of diseases occur, it tries to help us understand the causes of diseases.

Even small and inconspicuous changes in the functioning of various systems can talk about very serious problems of internal organs.

Next comes the decoding of various signals of our body, which will help to maintain health.

Chapped lips

If along with the cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth muscle weakness is felt, there are problems with concentration of attention and the hair falls out violently - this is a serious signal about the lack of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in the body.

The disturbed balance will quickly restore dairy products, eggs, peanuts, peaches, soybeans, pears, tomatoes and cauliflower.

White coating on the tongue

It is a companion of those who are long hungry or have a cold. But if against the background of the enveloping white patch the reddening of the edges of the tongue is clearly manifested, then gastritis is very likely.

Pale gray coating on the tongue

The work of the gastrointestinal tract is disrupted. With the simultaneous swelling of the lips and dry skin, the body most likely lacks iron.

Urgent countermeasures: less black coffee and tea (they block the assimilation of a valuable element), more parsley, liver, fish and ceps, and much more apples and citrus fruits.

Dry mouth

Normal reaction to stress and experience. If the dryness lasts a long time and is accompanied by irritability, then you do not have enough vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid).

This vitamin is abundant in poultry meat, nuts, beef, germinated wheat germ.

To dryness in the mouth sometimes leads to inflammation of the salivary glands, as well as the initial manifestations of diabetes mellitus.

Smell from the mouth

If it is not connected with yesterday's stormy meal or unclean teeth, it is worth checking the blood sugar (diabetes), "enlighten" the liver, kidneys (ammonia smell), cure chronic bronchitis (putrefactive odor).

Scaly skin

Often scales - a signal about a lack of vitamins A and B2. A high-grade food will quickly lead a skin in norm. If the peeling is accompanied by severe itching, then without hesitation it is necessary to consult a doctor - a serious danger of a fungal disease.

Bluish spots

When they arise even from a mild depression of the skin, it means that there are problems with blood coagulability or liver function. Clarity can only make laboratory tests.

Swollen eyelids

Often the body signals about problems with the kidneys, especially if you feel a general weakness, cold and pale skin.

Painful sensitivity of the eyes to bright light

Paying for alcohol and tobacco abuse. It's time to stop! Sometimes this is a symptom of "hay fever" (pollinosis - allergies to plant bloom), even more often - a sign of a lack of vitamin A, and then you need to eat more cheese, carrots and tomatoes.

Enlargement of lymph nodes

In the body there is an inflammatory process: from a common cold to a more serious one, when medical intervention is necessary.

Dark urine

Most likely, you just do not drink enough liquid to the right amount. But if the output of dark urine is accompanied by high fever and weakness, it is likely more dangerous diseases of the genitourinary system, which can be understood only by the urologist.

Frequent bleeding from the nose

It's time to regularly measure blood pressure. If it is raised or increased - the reason is found and it is necessary to treat a hypertension. If the pressure is normal, then you do not have enough vitamin K. You'll have to pour on cabbage, spinach and nettle soup.

Increased sweating

Examine the thyroid gland. If you sweat profusely at night - this is a sign of nervous exhaustion.

Slow healing of wounds

You have a shortage of zinc, which is filled with seafood and legumes.

Transverse groove on the nail (one)

The nail growth zone was damaged. Multiple grooves arise from avitaminosis or severe chronic stress.

Longitudinal grooves on the nail

Almost always a sign of poor digestion. If the grooves persist for a long time, be sure to examine the pancreas.

Yellowness indicates a high bilirubin content in the liver and a violation of its enzymatic function.

Bruises and dark circles under the eyes are more likely from fatigue and lack of sleep, but still doctors recommend checking the heart. Very often, these signs are the first symptom of cardiac pathology.

If doctors have been excluded from the disease, bruises and bags can be fought. The best way to get rid of bags under the eyes ... .mazi from hemorrhoids, but this method of cosmetology is not recommended to use often, this ointment greatly narrows the blood vessels: although the bags disappear instantly, the delicate skin around the eyes gets full.

Another way is massage. Every morning for 5 minutes, make circular movements around the eyes with ring fingers, slightly pressing.

The main rule is to do this very slowly. Sacks and dark circles under the eyes appear due to the stagnation of lymph, it is something we "drive" a massage. And since the lymph flow is very leisurely, there will be no sense from fast circular motions.

Acne and acne on the face

Our skin is for the internal organs, like a notebook. And if they do not cope with their duties, they "write" to us about this rash. What is surprising, in this "book" each organ has its own page, or more precisely, its own part of the body.

If the lungs have accumulated excess mucus and fluid, small reddish pimples will certainly bloom on your cheeks.

What to do - prepare a cocktail: 0.5 cups of chopped aloe leaf, 0.5 cup crushed fresh lemon peel, 2 cups of honey. > Insist week. Take 3 tablespoons before each meal for at least 40 days. Then take a break for 10 days and repeat the course.

Reduce the consumption of dairy products, saturated fats and sugar at the time of treatment.

If there are not red pimples on the cheeks, but "pustules" with white heads, you know, this "strikes" the intestines, you can safely insist and take a healing cocktail.

The constant rash of red eels of the temples is a distress signal from the liver and gall bladder.

What to do: clean the liver and gallbladder (this procedure does not hurt anyone, even people with clean skin). Pour in one glass of olive or any other vegetable oil, into another glass we squeeze out the juice from the lemon. We make 2-3 sips of oil, wash down with the same amount of juice, repeat after 15 minutes, and so on. When the glasses are empty, tie the hot water bottle to the liver area and lie on the right side, pressing the knees to the stomach. Want to go to the toilet? No need to use the hot-water bottle. Visiting the WC, you will see everything with your own eyes.

Any rashes on the frontal and scalp are a signal from the stomach. What to do: arrange a fasting day. Choose one of these products: kefir, juice, buckwheat, rice, cucumber or any fruit. And eat only his whole day in unlimited quantities. It would be nice to give such a "weekend" stomach at least once a week.

Red eels on the chin and lower jaw indicate a violation in the production of sex hormones or inflammation and infections of the genitourinary system. This problem can be corrected only by a doctor, but before a visit to it it is better to give up a hot bath and a bath. Thermal procedures can aggravate the situation.

Acne and acne on the back

Large red rashes on the shoulder blades and back, if they go along the spine, signals problems with the spine, and if the same pimples are located along the ribs - this is the first sign of a muscular neuralgia.

What to do: straighten up! From the incorrect posture, the distance between the spinal discs decreases, the vertebrae press on the nerve endings - the blood supply deteriorates, the result is on the skin.

Twisting, massage, exercises for stretching the spine and swimming will not only bring the skin back in order, but will add 2-3 centimeters in growth.


In the morning, the ring does not fit on the finger and the various shoes are tight? The reason could be a dinner - salty foods, alcohol, carbohydrates, canned and smoked foods detain water in the body, or more serious problems.

Renal edema appears on the face in the morning, and in the evening they subside. As a rule, they are pale, friable and permanently retain a trace from pressing.

Cardiac edema appears later in the evening in the abdomen, lower back and genitals. They are often accompanied by shortness of breath, cyanotic lips, fingers of the feet and brushes, swelling of the cervical veins.

Hepatic swelling "comes" into the abdomen with vascular asterisks, itching and icteric skin in the area of ​​edema.

What to do: prepare a diuretic broth.

Equal parts of leaves bearberry, birch buds, cowberry leaves, chopped juniper fruit pour boiling water and hold for 15 minutes over low heat. Decoction cool, strain and use 2 tablespoons 5-6 times a day.

If the swelling is red and itchy - it's an allergic swelling, the broth will not help. What to do: doctors advise not to risk - do not wait until everything goes by itself, and take an antiallergic drug.