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Who sees the grandmother and who is the Virgin Mary

I once became a volunteer myself. After I learned about brain stimulation experiments, during which you can meet with ... God. They were first placed in the West. And we reproduced in one of the laboratories of the Federal Scientific Clinical and Experimental Center traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment, which was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences Olga Koekina.

My head was then entangled with electroencephalograph wires. A generator of longitudinal waves was created, creating a cunning magnetic field. Have asked to press the device to a head directly behind the right ear.

I closed my eyes ... After a few seconds the darkness lit up with a blue light. The next instant, the light gathered in a thin beam, which began to describe the circles, as if scanning the space. It soon shrank into a sparkling tunnel. And at the end of it suddenly arose a white cloud, which took the form of an octopus. "Octopus" began to pull my "tentacle" to me ... And then the experience ceased.

So God, if it was he, appeared in front of me in an unusual way.

The other was more fortunate. For example, those who participated in the experiments of the famous professor of neurology Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Sudbury (Ontario, Canada). The professor directed magnetic impulses to the temporal lobes of the brain of volunteers. Scientifically, this effect is called transcranial (intracranial - Ed.) Magnetic stimulation, or TMS. Of the 900 people who passed it, more than 700 "met with the guests." True, everyone saw what he believed. Some are divine images: Jesus, Virgin Mary, Mohammed or the Spirit of Heaven. Others were deceased relatives. Still others communicated with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Persinger is not yet ready to draw a final conclusion about the existence of a "different world". But his experiments allow us to doubt that visions are just a product of the excited state of the right hemisphere of the brain responsible for emotions.

"Perhaps, God exists, but as an energy field," the scientist supposes.

Professor Boris Rodionov, an academician of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation, told me that he once used for TMS a magnetic field many times stronger than his predecessors. He was blessed to have seen the baby Jesus in the arms of the Virgin Mary.

Magnet turns righty to left-handed

Before a person presses the elevator button or takes a cup, his brain decides which hand to use. Solves subconsciously, makes a choice completely imperceptibly for the "master." A group of scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, led by the head of the research Flavio Oliveira decided to see: can not intervene in this choice? And impose your own?

They interfered again with a magnet.

Thirty right-handers, at the request of scientists, reached for the label, which was displayed on a special screen-table, then right-handed, then left-handed.

Further, the hand was chosen by the subjects themselves. But at the same time, their parietal lobes of the cerebral cortex, responsible for spatial orientation and planning of movements, were subjected to a powerful magnetic effect - the so-called "pseudo-cranial" magnetic stimulation.

As a result, it turned out that the right-handers, when exposed to this area of ​​the brain on the left side, unexpectedly began to prefer the left arm. After turning off the magnet, everything returned to its own place - hence, its effect is short.

Scientists suggest that the magnet temporarily disrupted the work of neurons controlling the right hand, giving the opportunity to act on the left.

And what is surprising: with the left-handers the magnetic focus for some reason did not work out. They did not become right-handed people even for a short time.

As the director of the Institute of Brain Svyatoslav Medvedev once remarked to me, even on another occasion: "How the brain works - remains incomprehensible."

Memory can be overwritten

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins University Richard Huganir and Roger Clem recently announced that they have learned to erase bad memories at the molecular level! Fortunately, this process is not as painful as the analogous procedure in the science fiction film "Remember All" with Schwarzenegger in the title role.

Frightening the mice with loud and sharp sounds, the researchers found the area of ​​the brain that reacts most strongly. And in it - special proteins.

"As it turned out, these protein compounds have a unique instability, which makes them easy to destroy and remove from nerve cells," explains Dr. Huguenir. - Under the influence of special chemicals these proteins break up. And as a result, the mice completely cease to remember the noise that horrified them.

True, it is necessary to have time to erase memories in the next 24 hours after the transferred stress, fright, injury. Then these proteins with "fear" recorded on them completely disappear, and memories move to the area of ​​permanent memory, where other mechanisms that have not yet been studied by scientists work.

Unpleasant memories can be edited. This procedure is offered by other specialists from Harvard Medical School. The head of the experiment, psychiatry teacher Roger Pitman believes: "It is unethical to erase memories completely, this makes one think about the fate of other memories associated with undesirable ones."

"The ideal scenario is to reduce or eliminate the fear that accompanies a memory," Pitman explains. - And the main trick is to conduct the treatment at the moment when the memory is extracted from the archive, and then "to save" the modified version in the memory, as in the computer.

Already the first experiments have shown that this works. So, during the healing of the girl from the fear of the dogs she was shown photos of different dogs - in appearance and evil, and completely harmless. Thus, the researchers "extracted from the archive" a memory, prompting the girl to again experience the emotions that she felt at the moment when she was frightened.

After that, she was trained to react to the memory differently. For example, they asked to imagine that the dog saved her when she drowned. Or she protected herself from hooligans. That is, inspired the image of a dog-friend, a dog-helper.

At the final stage of the treatment-research, specialists edited the memory was fixed in her brain with the help of hypnosis.

Similar experiments were conducted by the scientists with participants of military operations, victims of road accidents, rapes. And as a result, shocking memories ceased to cause strong negative emotions.

All these studies are based on a radically new concept of storing memories in the brain. Previously, scientists believed that memories - like photographs: all the details are firmly fixed at the time of the event. But the experiments convinced: memories are stored in the brain, just like the folders on the shelf. You can take a folder, open it ... And change something in it.

In the fantastic film "Remember All" Schwarzenegger tried to erase memories. The procedure was painful.
In the fantastic film "Remember All" Schwarzenegger tried to erase memories. The procedure was painful.

An electric shock - and you are Perelman

The mathematical and other intellectual abilities of a person can be increased by an electric discharge. To such an amazing discovery came the neurophysiologist Roy Cohen Kadosh from Oxford. He found in the right parietal lobe of the cerebral cortex (above the right ear) the area responsible for a person's ability to count, to think logically. This is the area scientists have stimulated electricity. They suggested that this would create additional stress in the neuronal chain of the brain.

Electrodes on the head, as the young people who participated in the experiment told, the effect was tremendous: the ability to solve the most difficult problems grew many times.

In the trials were attended by 15 students, who were divided into three equal groups. Participants of the first and second week "beat" an electric current for 20 minutes a day. With only one difference: some were stimulated with a "positive charge" (current flowed from the right to the left part of the parietal lobe), while others were "negative." And volunteers from the third group "tortured" for only 30 seconds.

After the "execution", all were seated for mathematical tests, in which it was necessary to be able to link abstract symbols with numbers. The accuracy and speed of the tasks were taken into account.

It turned out that volunteers, whose brains were exposed to a "positive" current for 20 minutes a day, showed the best results. As if the Perelmans suddenly became. And the effect was preserved even after six months.

Those who experienced the influence of the "negative" current, and those who were subjected to a 30-second stimulation, did not show any intellectual heights.

"The results of the study are striking," Dr. Kadosh notes. "But I would not advise people to use an electric shocker to improve their abilities." Precision is very important here. Although, perhaps over time, the current therapy can be used to treat people who have experienced a stroke or brain disease.

The brain under the current becomes more receptive to any other knowledge, for example, it better memorizes words.

However, skeptics doubt that such a very simple and slightly hard method would not have side effects. Now the authors of the discovery are trying to find out. And to choose the optimal parameters.


Check the wealth of your knowledge

In "bbw" for December 3 with. We have given part of the test "Do not you genius?" on your brain's ability to classify and generalize. Today you can find out if you have a well developed logical thinking and how rich your knowledge base is from different areas. And also to assess their ability to analyze and the ability to quickly solve problems.

You need to choose from the list of words the one that is, in your opinion, the most suitable for completing the proposal, so that it acquires the right meaning. The time for the test is 6 minutes.

Sample. Rabbit is most like ... a) a cat; b) protein; c) a hare; d) fox; e) hedgehog. The correct answer is: c.

1. A tree always has ...

a) leaves; b) fruits; c) the kidneys; d) roots; e) a shadow.

2. The comment is ...

a) the law; b) the lecture; c) explanation; d) consequence; e) a hint.

3. The opposite of betrayal is ...

and love; b) parasitism; c) cunning; d) cowardice; e) devotion.

4. Women ... are higher than men.

a) always; b) usually; c) often; d) never; e) sometimes.

5. Lunch can not take place without ...

a) the table; b) the service; c) food; d) water; e) hunger.

6. The opposite of leisure is ...

a) work; b) care; c) fatigue; d) walk; e) training.

7. For trade, you must have ...

a) store; b) money; c) Counter; d) the goods; e) scales.

8. When a dispute ends in a mutual concession, this is called ...

a) Convention; b) compromise; c) denouement; d) collusion; e) reconciliation.

9. A person who is not good at innovations is called ...

а) an anarchist; b) a liberal; c) Democrat; d) radical; e) conservative.

10. Sons ... excel fathers according to life experience ...

a) never; b) often; c) rarely; d) usually; e) always.

11. With the same weight, most of the protein contains ...

a) meat; b) eggs; c) fat; fish; e) bread.

12. The ratio of wins and losses in the lottery makes it possible to determine ...

a) the number of participants; b) profit; c) the price of one ticket; d) the number of tickets; e) probability of winning.

13. Aunt ... is older than her niece ...

a) always; b) rarely; c) almost always; d) never; e) Required.

14. The statement that all people are honest ...

a) it is false; b) artfully; c) it is absurd; d) is true; e) is not proved.

15. The growth of a six-year-old child is approximately ... see.

(a) 160; b) 60; c) 140; d) 110; e) 50.

16. The length of the match ... see.

a) 4; b) 3; c) 2.5; d) 6; e) 5.

17. A not completely proved statement is called ...

a) ambiguous; b) paradoxical; c) hypothetical; d) confusing; e) obvious.

18. North of all named cities is located ...

a) Novosibirsk; b) Murmansk; c) Krasnoyarsk; d) Irkutsk; e) Khabarovsk.

19. The offer does not exist without ...

a) the verb; b) the subject; c) circulation; d) points; e) words;

20. The distance between Moscow and Novosibirsk is about ... km.

a) 3000; b) 1000; c) 7000; d) 4800; (e) 2100.


If you correctly added 15 - 20 sentences, your intellect is very high, on a five-point scale - a solid five.

If you gave correct answers for 10 - 15 tasks - too good result, but on a point below - 4.

If you managed to accurately answer only 5 - 10 sentences, you may not have enough speed in assessing situations, the ability to snatch important immediately. Hence, and take responsible decisions you should not hurry - it is better to measure seven times.

If you answered 1 to 5 sentences correctly, well, you need to read a little more. Or maybe today you are just tired?


1d, 2b, 3d, 4d, 5c, 6a, 7d, 8b, 9d, 10c, 11b, 12d, 13c, 14a, 15g, 16a, 17c, 18b, 19d, 20g.