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Exercises for the brain to help grow smarter

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Neuroscience - psychological exercises resembling cross fitness for your brain. 5 sensory organs are involved in these exercises: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch . Their systematic implementation stimulates the development of new nerve compounds in various parts of the brain, which makes nerve cells stronger, contributes to the development of nutrients for them, in turn, which improve memory.

We are happy to share these simple exercises with you. Doing them in the morning or during the day and after a while you will feel a positive return.

Brush your teeth with a non-working hand

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Studies have shown that using the opposite hemisphere of your brain (as in this exercise) gives the results of a rapid and substantial expansion of the zones of the cerebral cortex.

How to do: brush your teeth with a non-working hand, and do not forget to open and use a tube of toothpaste with the same hand.

Take a shower with your eyes closed

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Tactile sensations activate other areas of the brain. Your hands notice that it is impossible to see, and send signals to your brain about it.

How to do it: try using only the sense of touch from the senses (do everything extremely carefully to avoid injuries). Open the taps and adjust the water, trusting your senses. Then wash with your eyes closed.

Change your usual morning routine

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

How to do:

Turn the usual objects upside down. Literally

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Brain studies show that new challenges are increasing areas of the cerebral cortex, recording an increase in brain activity.

How to do: get dressed after breakfast, walk with a dog in a new area, change your favorite channel to a TV or radio station.

Swap places at the table

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

In most families, everyone has their own place at the table, but your brain constantly needs new experiences.

How to do it: swap places to change the position you occupy and look differently at the room, and people, and even at how you get to pepper and salt.

Breathe in new fragrances

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

You probably don’t even remember how you “learned” that the smell of coffee is associated with the start of a new day. You can use new nerve paths by connecting unusual aromas, for example, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, with any kind of activity.

How to do: keep your favorite fragrance extract near the bed all week. Open and inhale it as soon as you wake up, then when you wash and dress.

Open the car window

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for the memories. They will be brighter if smells, sounds and images participate in them.

How to do it: try to recognize new sounds and smells on your way. An open window will help you with this.

Shop at the supermarket

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Stores are designed so that the most profitable products are located at eye level, so when you shop, you don’t see much.

How to do: stop near any row in the store and look at the shelves from top to bottom. If you saw something that you did not notice before, take it, read the composition and think about it. You do not have to buy this; you have already violated your routine and gained new experience.

Increase communication throughout the day

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Scientific studies have repeatedly proven that lack of communication has a serious negative effect on general cognitive abilities.

How to do: otitis drink? It is better to buy a drink from a seller in a store than from a soda machine. Out of gas? Better pay a check at the cashier than with a card in a terminal on the street.

Read differently

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

We use different parts of the brain when we read ourselves or listen when we read aloud or to ourselves.

How to do it: read aloud to your interlocutor, alternating the roles of listener and reader. Perhaps you will read the book much longer, but spend more time together.

Pay a penny amount

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Our brain constantly relies on visual signals to distinguish between objects. Using sensory to identify different things increases activation in the cortical regions, which process tactile information and leads to the growth of synapses (in the same way, adults who have lost their eyesight learn to distinguish Braille letters. Because their brain provides more ways to handle precise movements fingers).

How to do: Put the full set of coins in the cup holder of your car. While at a traffic light, try to determine the ratings by touch, alone. You can also put coins in your pocket and identify them when you stop to wait for the minibus.

Play 10 things

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Forcing thinking about alternatives every day will keep your brain in good shape.

How to do it: Someone gives you a regular object and you have to name 10 different “things” where the object can be applied. The meaning of the game can be any, but it is important to name as many options as possible. For example: a fly swatter can be a tennis racket, a golf club, a fan, a baton, a shin, a violin, a shovel, a microphone, a baseball bat or an oar.

Do art in a group

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Art activates the non-verbal and emotional parts of the cerebral cortex. When you create something, you imagine it, think about interesting shapes, colors and textures. The presentation process is very different from logical or linear thinking, which takes up most of your normal day.

How to do it: Ask each person to draw something related to a specific topic, such as a period, emotion, or current event.

Eat unfamiliar foods

Упражнения для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть

Your olfactory system can distinguish millions of odors by activating unique combinations of receptors in your nose. From there, there is a direct connection to the emotional center of your brain, in connection with which, new smells cause unexpected feelings and associations.

How to do it: Choose an unfamiliar kitchen for you and looking through various new vegetables, seasonings, and packaged goods, ask the seller questions how to cook your favorite unfamiliar items.

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