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Harmful carbohydrates

In the United States conducted a study and found that within 15 minutes after a person eats 100 grams of refined carbohydrates (bread, chips, sugar, white rice, cookies, etc.), the function of the human immune system weakens by more than 90 %

A study published in the International Journal of Cancer (Journal of Cancer) found a link between white bread consumption and an increased risk of cancer.

The study found that people who eat mostly white bread (up to 5 slices per day) have two times higher risk of kidney cancer than those who eat little white bread (no more than 1.5 slices per day) .

At one of the congresses on vegetarian food in Tallinn in 1990, a report was given, which told about bread. The speaker argued that bread is a deadly product for human health. Swelling of intestinal juices, it acidifies the internal environment of the body, turning into clods of clay, sticking to the intestinal walls and creating its obstruction.

If bread would be useful, then why would many educated workers at zoos strictly forbid feeding them animals, arguing that they (such "USEFUL") from illiterate animals (apparently, they did not study medicine and simply did not know about benefit ”of the use of this flour product) is torsion of the intestines!

Facts: After the famine in Ukraine in 1933, a lot of deaths, especially among children, were not from hunger, but from overeating after the bread of the new crop appeared.

After an exhausting starvation, people simply could not resist, so as not to eat enough, which led to mass deaths from "blotting intestines."

How is bread made?

Baking bread in the oven occurs at a temperature of about 300 ° C or in a skillet, where the heating reaches 250 ° C.

But carbohydrates and all other components of food processed at temperatures above 100 ° C are substances that are no different from the contents of a dead cell!

Eating bread, a person eats a dead mixture of dead cells.

This explains why it is very easy to choke from bakery, it is hard to eat them dry, without resorting to mixing with harmful fats and liquids, which is extremely harmful for digestion.

Moreover, bread does not contain enzymes, the energy of life, but on the contrary - it absorbs it for attempts to digest dead cells, which are deposited in the body in the form of toxins and poisons.

Therefore, lovers of bread feel fatigue, laziness, drowsiness, and in the morning have mucous discharge.

Yogis claim that industrial bread, among other things, often contains too much salt.

Most of the rolls, rolls, cones contain a lot of sugar, milk, eggs often come into the recipe.

This bread is much more than the usual acidifies the body, can cause fermentation in the stomach and intestines, contributes to constipation.

And the yeast fungi that make up the yeast dough are the strongest allergens.

Bread. What was he like ?

Previously, natural home-made malt, hop yeast was used to bake bread at home.

They are active only at a temperature of 20-25 C, dying at 37 C.

Bread, which was previously produced, could be called useful.

But this word can not be said about the current bread.

But why?

Present bread

Yeast, destroying the intestinal microflora “Salt-white poison, sugar-sweet poison, bread - it is generally poison! (From the movie "Love and Doves").

In the manufacture of the current store bread to accelerate the process used thermotolerant yeast.

Bakeries use of harmful yeast is economically very profitable.

Yeast greatly accelerates the process of making bread.

Many do not want to hear about their harm, so as not to incur monetary losses in production.

White flour

Empty carbohydrates Bread, which is now on sale in stores, is undoubtedly harmful, as even Orthodox doctors admit.

It is baked from a "dead" product - flour. And this is nothing like an empty carbohydrate.

Almost all the vitamins and trace elements are removed with the shell (bran) and the germ.

Then the flour is bleached, flavors, antioxidants, artificial vitamins are added to it.

The question is - why first remove live vitamins, then add artificial ones? Yes, for the sake of taste!

In addition, such flour is stored longer than flour "live".

Refined flour becomes a mucus-forming product, which lumps on the bottom of the stomach and slags our body.

Refining - the process is expensive, costly, while killing the living force of grain.

And it is needed only to keep the flour from spoiling as long as possible.

Whole flour can not be stored for a long time, but this is not required.

Let the grain be stored, and from it, as necessary, you can prepare flour.

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