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Ways to make coffee better than in a restaurant

35 способов приготовить идеальный кофе

Coffee is a drink made from roasted seeds (grains) of several plant species belonging to the genus Coffee ( Coffea ) of the Madder family ( Rubiaceae ). Due to its caffeine content, it has a stimulating effect.

To make perfectly perfect coffee, you need to know some tricks that we will gladly share with you at . Hurry to the kitchen and in the hands of the Turk!

There are more than 90 species of plants belonging to the genus of coffee (Coffea). There are two main commercially used types of coffee trees and, accordingly, grains obtained from the fruits of these trees: Coffea arabica L. - Arabica and Coffea canephora Pierre ex Froehn. , or robusta, sometimes called Congolese coffee. According to different estimates, these two types account for up to 98% of the coffee produced. This volume is divided in the ratio of 70% - Arabica, 30% - Robusta. The remaining types of coffee account for only 2% of world production.

The most common type of coffee, Arabica , grows at an altitude of 900 to 2000 meters above sea level. Grains, as a rule, have an oblong shape, a smooth surface, a slightly curved “S” -shaped line, in which usually unburned particles of a coffee berry remain after light roasting.

Robusta is a fast-growing and more resistant to pests than arabica, and grows from about 0 to 600 m above sea level, primarily in tropical regions of Africa, India and Indonesia. Grains have a rounded shape, color - from light brown to grayish-green. Robusta is usually considered less refined coffee in terms of aroma. At the same time, it contains more caffeine, and is also often used in espresso blends, which allows for better coffee crema and reduces the cost of the blend.

Mix half a teaspoon of cane sugar with coffee, heat a little over low heat and only after that pour in water. Caramelized sugar will give the drink a unique taste and aroma.

In order to pour out coffee without sediment , add a teaspoon of cold water to the Turk with coffee and wait half a minute. Coffee grounds will settle to the bottom and the drink can be poured without straining.

Iced coffee on a hot day - what could be better? But instead of ice cubes, which spoil the taste of the drink, it is better to use special coffee cubes . Brew a couple of cups of coffee and sweeten to taste. Cool the coffee to room temperature, pour in ice tins and freeze. Add a few coffee cubes to the milk and enjoy a delicious invigorating cocktail.

In combination with spices, coffee becomes simply amazing!

Cпособы приготовить идеальный кофе

Put a little cardamom, ginger, nutmeg or cinnamon stick in the Turk with ground coffee and heat over low heat. The drink is perfectly soaked with the smell of spices.

2-3 small crystals of salt added to coffee enhance the aroma of the drink and slightly soften its taste.

If you want to get the most intense and tart taste, remove the Turk from the fire as soon as the coffee starts to boil and rise. Remove the foam, stir the coffee and put it on fire again. It is advisable to repeat these steps three times.

You can not only drink coffee, but also eat it!

Cпособы приготовить идеальный кофе

For example, in the form of coffee ice cream , which will pleasantly refresh you on a hot summer day, and it is very easy to make it.

In order for coffee to get a softer and velvety taste, add half a teaspoon of butter to it during cooking.

If you prefer decaffeinated coffee, add 2–3 grains of cardamom to the Turk.

This spice destroys caffeine , without altering the beneficial qualities of the coffee itself, and gives the drink a spicy aroma.

In order for the ground grain to better reveal its taste and aroma, calcinate coffee in the Turk for half a minute without pouring water.

Как пить Правильный кофе