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How guys and girls see colors

Как мужчины и женщины видят цвета

Any woman who was desperate for her husband's inability to choose clothes for herself is well aware that men and women perceive colors in different ways . As the new study showed, the brain of men and women treats information about the color a little differently.

This means that if a man and a woman show an orange, it will seem to a man "more red" than a woman. Similarly, representatives of the strong half of humanity see the grass a bit more yellow, and women - more green. And the differences do not end here.

As shown by experiments of scientists from the University of New York, it is difficult for men to distinguish the slightest shades of yellow, green and blue. This is not a very serious drawback, however, this means that the choice of the shade of paint for the walls is best entrusted to the woman.

Scientists from the University of New York received very intriguing results during the experiment, during which men and women were shown flashes of light and asked to name the colors they saw. All participants in the experiment had normal eyesight, none of them suffered color blindness - this feature is much more common in men than in women.

According to one of the researchers, Professor Israel Abramov ( Israel Abramov ), the differences in the perception of color by different sex can not be explained by differences in the structure of the eye. Thus, the answer must be how the brain under the influence of the hormone testosterone processes and perceives signals coming from the organs of vision.

The professor, who called the differences in perception of color "insignificant but actually existing," added: "We assume that testosterone plays the main role here, the effect of which leads to the formation of several other neural connections in the case of men . "

However, the professor can not say with certainty how serious and important the differences between male and female vision are in the real world, outside the laboratory.

Meanwhile, the differences between women and men are not limited to sight alone. As the journal Biology of Sex Differences writes, earlier studies have been conducted that proved that women have better hearing, and also better distinguish smells and tastes.

However, there is also an area in which men are leading.

As experiments show, men are better able to detect small details of moving objects - in the distant past, this property probably helped our ancestors become good hunters. In the modern world, this property can be especially useful when watching television broadcasts of football matches.