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Factory marking of canned fish

Заводская маркировка рыбных консерв

Factory labeling can tell a lot about canned fish.

It is only necessary to know how the symbols are interpreted in the form of numbers and letters stamped on the lid of the can.

On domestic canned food, they are applied in three rows. The first three characters in the second row indicate which product was put in the jar.

Each name of canned fish is assigned its own assortment mark and is entered in the industrial register.

Below we publish the list of assortment marks of the most popular canned food!

Name of canned food and labeling

Заводская маркировка рыбных консерв
  • Pink salmon 85D
  • Pink salmon with spices 203
  • Pink salmon blanched in tomato sauce B80
  • Pink salmon in tomato sauce L 78
  • Pink salmon roasted in tomato sauce 88D
  • Cod liver natural 010
  • Saira natural 308
  • Natural saury with oil 931
  • Blighted saury blanched in oil 186
  • Saury smoked in oil 177
  • Saury blanched in tomato sauce 97K
  • Saury in tomato sauce A20
  • Saury fried in tomato sauce 13D
  • Sardine Atlantic natural with the addition of G84 oil
  • Sardine Atlantic blanched in tomato sauce 347
  • Sardine Atlantic in tomato sauce P13
  • Sardine, Atlantic, fried in tomato sauce 574
  • Sardine, Atlantic roasted in tomato sauce Kubansko 705
  • Sardine in tomato sauce "Ogonek" B01
  • Sardine fillet fried in hot tomato sauce T64
  • Sardine fillet fried in tomato sauce T63
  • Sardinella natural with the addition of oil 987
  • Atlantic herring natural 014
  • Atlantic herring natural with the addition of oil 484
  • Blanched herring in oil 87D
  • Atlantic herring blanched in tomato sauce 521
  • Atlantic herring in tomato sauce 353
  • Atlantic herring fried in hot tomato sauce 661
  • Atlantic herring fried in tomato sauce 048
  • Atlantic herring fillet blanched in tomato sauce 671
  • Atlantic natural stavrida with the addition of 514 oil
  • Stavrida smoked with the addition of 76K oil
  • Stavrida oceanic smoked in oil 223
  • Stavrida oceanic blanched in oil 162
  • Stavrida oceanic blanched in tomato sauce 912
  • Ocean sturrida in tomato sauce 941
  • Stavrida ocean fried in hot tomato sauce 800
  • Stavrida ocean fried in tomato sauce 886
  • Black sea stavrida roasted in tomato sauce 720
  • Atlantic mackerel natural 579
  • Atlantic mackerel with oil 513
  • Atlantic mackerel with fried in oil 130
  • Atlantic blanched mackerel in oil 307
  • Atlantic mackerel smoked in oil 222
  • Mackerel Far Eastern natural with the addition of oil 896
  • Mackerel Far Eastern blanched in oil 183
  • Blackberry blanched in the oil 166
  • Baltic herrings blanched in oil 610
  • Baltic herring smoked in oil 155
  • Sprat Caspian undressed fried in tomato sauce 100
  • Baltic sprat inlaid in tomato sauce 352
  • Sprat Baltic undeveloped fried in hot tomato sauce C69
  • Sprat Baltic undeveloped fried in tomato sauce С28
  • Baltic sprat pellets fried in tomato sauce C7I
  • Caspian sprat unsealed in tomato sauce 78K
  • Sprat Caspian undressed blanched in tomato sauce 53D
  • Caspian sprat nesedelannaya fried in hot tomato sauce С68
  • Sprat Caspian sauce cut fried in tomato sauce C70
  • Sprat Black Sea undivided blanched in tomato sauce 48D
  • Sprat Black Sea undivided fried in hot tomato sauce 334
  • Sprat Black Sea undivided fried in tomato sauce 532
  • Black Sea sprat perch fried in tomato sauce 509
  • Pate of sprats 316
  • Sprats in oil 137
  • Sea trout in tomato sauce 725
  • Trout fried in tomato sauce Е39
  • Tender squid tails 15K
  • Meat scallop natural 530