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A scientific way to help cook eggs correctly

Как правильно варить яйца

The egg, or oocyte, is a fertilized egg or the embryonic form of animals in a hard or soft shell. The size of the eggs as such can vary greatly: the egg cell of the mouse has a diameter of approximately 0.06 mm, while the diameter of the ostrich egg can reach 15-18 cm. Eggs are usually spherical or oval in shape, but they are also elongated, for example insects, myxin or mulatto fish. Oology - the department of zoology, dedicated to the study of animal eggs, predominantly avian.

Egg is a common human food product. Due to the availability at the present time, the most common are chicken eggs, although any bird eggs can be eaten by humans. In addition, the eggs of some reptiles (turtles, for example) are also edible.

It seems that it can be easier than to boil an egg? You pour water, salt it, so that eggs do not crack, and wait for a certain time.

But in the end it can turn out that the protein will become too elastic, and the yolk is dry or the protein will stick to the shell and the egg will not be able to be cleaned.

All this happens because the egg is actually two different substances. To achieve the desired consistency, yolk and protein require different temperatures. The ideal temperature for protein is 82 ° C. With it, the protein already becomes dense, but does not lose tenderness and does not become "rubbery".

And for the yolk, the ideal temperature is 5 degrees below - 77 ° C. If you exceed this threshold, it will become dry and crumbly and will acquire an unpleasant greenish-gray hue.

American chef Jay Kenji Lopez-Alta decided to find the best way to cook eggs using science.

He dropped eggs into boiling water for 30 seconds, and then threw a few ice cubes to them and brought them back to a boil. And to get the perfect consistency, the chef took out one egg every 30 seconds and checked their condition.

Как правильно варить яйца

And that's the result he got you see in the image.

Take this information to your note in the kitchen.