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How to determine the diagnosis by appearance

Как по внешности определить диагноз

The whole body can “signal” those manifestations of health that we so often ignore.

Lovely, indeed, you can learn by walking, as claimed by the popular song. Moreover, it will tell you how well-being of this cute one at the moment. The staggering tread will indicate not only alcoholic drinks, but also a violation of cardiovascular activity, and a desire to “run to the corner” - to diarrhea. However, in addition to the step of the protruding step, the whole body can “signal” those manifestations of health that we so often ignore.

We suggest you to study the map of the body and find out what they say about certain changes in appearance.

We read in the face: plaque on the tongue will indicate gastritis

Swollen eyelids

They have nothing to do with working on a computer. But they can indicate one of 70 diseases, none of which can not be ignored. These include glaucoma, elephantiasis or the so-called elephant disease, and in the first place - problems with the kidneys.

What to do? To be examined.

To prevent the appearance of puffiness:

  • prevent inflammatory diseases;
  • reduce salt intake;
  • fully relax;
  • to refuse from bad habits.


Frequent manifestation may be caused by hypertension, so pressure should be measured immediately. If it is normal, then nosebleeds indicate the need to replenish vitamin K deficiency in the body.

What to do? Visit the therapist.

For warning you need:

  • If the diagnosis is not confirmed, then add more spinach and cabbage into your menu.

Raid on the tongue

Doctors for good reason always ask patients to show their tongues. His condition is the best diagnosis since ancient times.

White bloom on the tongue is most often a symptom of a cold. However, it may also appear in adherents of strict diets. If white plaque is accompanied by redness of the edges of the tongue, then the probability of gastritis is high.

Pale gray plaque on the tongue can be the symptoms of many serious diseases, but most often it indicates the problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

What to do:

  • Reduce the consumption of fatty, sweet and dairy products.
  • Drink diuretic decoctions. For example, such. Mix in equal proportions zest of fresh lemon and crushed leaf of aloe (0.5 cups each), add 2 cups of honey and let stand for a week. Take 3 tbsp. before eating. The course is 40 days. Take a break of 10 days and repeat again.

Body readings: abdominal swelling as evidence of heartache

Swollen lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes indicates inflammation. Seriousness will help determine a thorough examination.

Excessive sweating

Increased sweating. If you wake up in the middle of the night, wet with sweat, this indicates nervous exhaustion. Excessive hyperhidrosis during the day suggests the need for examination of the thyroid gland.

Horizontal nail grooves

Horizontal grooves on the nails indicate digestive problems. If they also do not go for a long time, then this is a serious reason for examining the pancreas.

Rash on the back

Rash on the back. If they go along the spine, it will signal the problems with it. Along the ribs indicate muscular neuralgia.

What to do:

  • Follow the posture. The stooped state leads to a deterioration of the blood supply to the spine, which immediately appears on the skin.


Edema. If the cause of swollen legs are not smoked products or a couple of glasses of wine drunk the night before, the place of dislocation will help determine their appearance.

Swelling of the abdomen

Edema of the abdomen, genitalia indicate heart problems. Often they are accompanied by a blueness of the lips, severe shortness of breath, swelling of the veins of the neck.

Abdominal swelling, accompanied by itching or yellowing of the skin, talking about problems with the liver.

What to do:

  • Drink diuretics.