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Find out if you have any damage at home! And do not go to a fortuneteller ...

Диагностика порчи

Corruption (from Russian. To spoil) - superstition based on the belief of some people in the harmful (illness, death, mental disorder, ugliness, disorder of affairs and good relations, termination of contracts) magical influence from ill-wishers, through an evil eye (evil eye), or with the help of a magic ritual (ritual, hex) through food, things, water, wind, wood.

There are many unhappy people in the world whose life has not developed very well. They do not work on themselves and their happiness, but only envy more successful people and often curse them. Sometimes they even resort to various conspiracies, send corruption and evil eye. This story is about one long-standing method by which you can determine whether there is damage to you or not. So did our grandmothers and grandmothers.

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Диагностика порчи
Sorceress sending disease on her leg with a hazel arrow (German engraving, 1489)

Superstitions and myths about the existence of spoilage, as well as the possibility of destroying such an influence (removing spoilage) are, to varying degrees, common among all peoples.

The phenomena attributed to corruption can be explained by the completely natural course of events and are not controversial.

Quite often, they try to explain the corruption by events that at first glance do not have any reasonable explanation or clearly visible reasons.

In Christianity, belief in evil eye and corruption is a sin of superstition, and turning to grandmothers, any magicians, psychics, etc. is a sin of turning to witchcraft, to the devil.


Диагностика порчи
The doll used to induce spoilage

The most common myths in modern society are:

  • the myth of spoilage by means of a cover (nauz) - a specially made magical object for spoiling (most often, nauz is described in the form of a ring of bird feathers sewn into a pillow or feather bed, or a bundle of hair specially wound with a thread bonded to the bones of animals or birds );
  • the myth of spoilage with the help of the so-called dead water - the water used to wash the recently deceased;
  • the myth of the possibility of witchcraft use for impairment of parts of the body of an object (hair, nails, blood), its personal items (clothes, etc.), images (for example, photographs), tracks (“taking out a trace”);
  • in the practice of religion, voodoo spoilage is induced with the help of a doll depicting the object of spoilage (most often by sticking needles into a doll); the use of ritual dolls for such purposes also existed among other peoples.

Spoilage removal

It is believed that damage can be removed if a person can solve the mystery of the ritual, as well as through prayers, faith in God, appeal to the priest.

Also, those who believe in corruption often turn to healers, psychics, to the same witches and the like.

On the night of Ivan Kupala, in order to avoid damage to the cows, they put a braid in the stables or put a Thursday candle (burning on Passion). There were many other amulets; for example, a remez nest was attached to the horns of cows.

You will need

Диагностика порчи

To diagnose whether you have spoilage you will need:

  • glass
  • water
  • 2 matches

Damage check

Диагностика порчи

Before starting the test, relax, bring yourself to a calm state and ask the question: “Are there traces of a foreign energy influence on me?”

Диагностика порчи

Holding the match by its sulfur-free end, place it vertically 4–5 centimeters from the surface of the water right in the middle of the glass.


Close your eyes and ask the same question. Let go of the match and let it fall calmly into the water.


After the thrown match stops its movement, do the same with the second.

Of course, the matches will occupy a certain mutual position by which one can judge whether there is damage. There are three basic options for the arrangement of matches: lack of contact between them, contact and intersection . Each of these combinations carries specific information.


Диагностика порчи

The best is considered the absence of any contact between matches . This situation indicates that your energy is free from extraneous influences, and worries and illnesses are purely physical in nature. In this situation, in order to improve health, it is necessary to take medicine, drink infusions from herbs and exercise.

Диагностика порчи

The contact of the matches indicates that you are under unprofessional energy influence or have undergone the evil eye. You could earn this misfortune in public transport, during a quarrel with family and friends, in a skirmish in line and in other similar situations.

Диагностика порчи

Intersecting matches indicate purposefully induced damage. The place of contact and the intersection of matches will point you to the energy center, which has undergone the most intense attack from the ill-wisher. To determine such a center, it is necessary to visually divide one match into 6 parts and see which one the other match is touching at its end.

External force in this case is reflected by the upper match, and it is necessary to judge the level of damage by the match located below.

Exposure levels

First level

Диагностика порчи

Indicates the defeat of the energy center of the vital force . Someone is trying to take away your very desire to live. Of the physical organs, the reproductive organs and kidneys can be affected.

Second level

Диагностика порчи

Talks about the defeat of the center of sexual intercourse. The most likely place of defeat in love spells and lapels . In the body, the defeat of this center is reflected in the poor functioning of the colon, genitals, bladder, vessels of the lower extremities.

Third level

Диагностика порчи

Influence on your position in society . The person who sent the negativity tries to destroy your authority, select the ability to contact with other people, and tries to leave you alone. With the defeat of this center, diseases of the stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, pancreas often arise.

Fourth level

Диагностика порчи

It talks about the defeat of the heart center or the effect on the feeling of love . Such influence is aimed at depriving you of balance and understanding of the world. When hitting this center, a person does not enjoy life, cannot choose partners and friends correctly, and loses support from others. Diseases of the heart and vascular system appear, a sharp decrease in immune reactions occurs.

Fifth level

Диагностика порчи

The person who did this robs you of information, makes you immune to external stimuli, indifferent . The body suffers from the pulmonary system, bronchi, pharynx and larynx, thyroid gland.

Sixth level

Диагностика порчи

A stranger tried to put his own way of thinking into your consciousness, alien to you the program of life and achieving goals. All your strength goes to empty, unnecessary actions , which as a result do not bring you success. The brain and spinal cord, the nervous system as a whole, the functions of regulating hormonal metabolism and metabolism may suffer.

Using this method, you can find out if there is any damage to you caused by ill-wishers. Indeed, very often difficult times come in our lives, which sometimes are not dependent on our actions or inaction.

We wish you never to be negatively affected by other people!