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Handbook of homeopathic medicines HEEL and treatment of diseases

Справочник гомеопатических препаратов HEEL и лечение заболеваний

Homeopathy (from the Greek. "Similar" and "disease") is a type of alternative medicine that involves the use of highly diluted drugs, which presumably cause symptoms in healthy people, similar to the symptoms of the patient's illness. The concept of treatment according to the pseudo-scientific principle “similar to similar” ( Latin similia similibus curantur ) is opposed by homeopaths to the principles of rational pharmacotherapy. The founder and author of the term is German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann.

The leader among the manufacturers of complex homeopathic preparations is the company Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH (Germany). The homotoxicological direction in homeopathy created by the founder of the company by the German scientist H.K. Reckeveveg served as the fundamental basis for the formation of the concept of treatment with Heel's complex homeopathic preparations - antihomotoxic therapy.

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Abropernol Tablets number 50
Frostbite, diaper rash, eczema, multiple erythema nodosum with exudative lesions, hyperkeratosis, hyperhidrosis.
Aconitum-homaccord Drops 30 ml.Ampoules 2,2ml.
Influenza and catarrhal infections (especially in the initial stage).
Aesculus compositum Drops 30 ml.
Stimulation of defense mechanisms in case of: peripheral circulatory disorders, for example, smoker's legs, intermittent claudication, obliterating endarteritis, arteriosclerosis; elephantiasis; bedsores; cholesterolemia; dysmenorrhea; deafness; postembolic circulatory disorders; lymphatism; post-stroke and post-infarction conditions.
Aesculus-heel Drops 30 ml.
Venous congestion, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, varicose eczema.
Albumoheel S Tablets number 50
Albuminuria, including in acute and chronic glomerulonephritis and renal diseases.
Aletris-heel Tablets number 50
States of exhaustion and general weakness.
Anacardium-homaccord Drops 30 ml.Ampoules 2,2ml.
Duodenal syndrome, duodenal ulcer, dumping syndrome, vomiting (morning).
Angin-heel s Tablets number 50
Angina; tonsillar plugs.
Angio-injeel Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Coronary blood flow disorders, coronary heart disease.
Apis homacord Drops 30 ml.Ampoules 2,2ml.
Edema; pustular and bullous eczema; increased cerebral excitability.
Arnica-heel Drops 30 ml.
Acute or chronic localized or generalized inflammatory processes.
Arnica-Salbe-Heel S Ointment 50 g
Wounds, inflammations, bruises, contusions, sprains, fractures, hematomas, boils, rheumatism, myalgias due to muscular fatigue. Diseases of the arteries and veins.
Arsuraneel Tablets number 50
Discord; marasmus.
Arteria-heel Drops 30 ml.
Peripheral circulatory disorders.
Atropinum compositum Ampoules 2,2ml.
Atropinum compositum S Suppositories №12
Bilious colic; renal colic; umbilical colic in children, spastic cough; whooping cough; dysmenorrhea.
Aurumheel n tropfen Drops 30 ml.
Vegetative-functional disorders of the cardiovascular system; hypotension; heart rhythm disorders.
Barijodeel Tablets number 50
Atherosclerosis, especially sclerosis of cerebral vessels. Lymphatism.
Belladonna-homaccord Drops 30 ml.Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Localized inflammations, for example, sore throats, tonsillitis, boils, carbuncles.
Berberis-homaccord Drops 30 ml.Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Inflammation or irritation (with or without concrements) of the genitourinary system and bile ducts.
Bronchalis-heel Tablets number 50
Bronchitis, including catarrhal bronchitis smoker.
Bryaconeel Tablets number 50
Neuralgia, including rheumatic origin; influenza infections.
Cactus compositum s Drops 30 ml.
Cactus compositum
Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Failure of the coronary circulation; coronary heart disease.
Calcoheel Tablets number 50
Disorders of calcium metabolism, for example, exudative diathesis, scrofula, lymphatism.
Calendula-Salbe-Heel S Tablets number 50
Difficult healing wounds, pyoderma, scaly eczema, skin lesions caused by chemical and physical effects, including burns with alkalis and acids, sunburn. Ulcer of the leg.
Cantharis compositum S Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of non-specific immunity in cystitis, pyelitis and nephritis.
Carbo compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Antitoxic regulatory action in hemorrhages in the brain and myocardial infarction.
Cardiacum-heel Tablets number 50
Coronary spasms are mainly of functional origin, including vertebral.
Causticum compositum
Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
As an additional tool for burns of various etiologies, after radiation therapy, to detoxify the body after exposure to radium, cobalt, radioactive isotopes. States of exhaustion.
Ceanothus-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Epigastric syndrome; pancreatopathy.
Cerebrum compositum Ampoules 2,2ml.
Stimulation of the processes of regeneration and nonspecific immunity with a lag in mental and physical development in children; dyslexia, vegetative dystonia, depression, atherosclerosis; conditions after concussion, encephalitis; neuralgia, neurotic states; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease; memory disorders, neurasthenia and other geriatric changes.
Chelidonium-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Cholangitis; cholecystitis; biliary colic; acute and chronic hepatitis; obstructive jaundice; other liver diseases (mainly parenchyma). As an additional remedy for cardiac arrhythmias.
China-Homaccord S Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Exhaustion, powerlessness, weakness. The main therapeutic agent for osteochondrosis.
Cimicifuga-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Osteochondrosis, especially of the cervical spine; vertebral neuralgia and other neurological disorders.
Cinnamomum-Homaccord N Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Weak capillary bleeding; tendency to bleeding.
Circulo-Injeel Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Peripheral circulation disorders; acroparesthesia.
Cocculus-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Kinetics; states of exhaustion after overvoltage.
Coenzyme compositum Ampullen Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation or normalization of the activity of blocked enzyme systems in degenerative diseases (cellular phase).
Colchicum compositum mite s
Colchicum compositum medium S
Colchicum compositum forte s Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Pre and (or) postoperative neoplasm therapy.
Colnadul Drops 30 ml.
Arthritis and rheumatism of soft tissues (with exacerbations in wet weather).
Сolocynthis-homaccord Ampoules of 2.2 ml.Drops 30 ml.
Neuralgia, especially the sciatic nerve. Osteochondrosis, especially the lumbar spine.
Cor compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Coronary blood circulation disorders after myocardial infarction, heart muscle weakness, heart failure, endarteritis obliterans, arterial hypertension, gastrocardiac syndrome, cardiac arrhythmia, angina pectoris, emphysema, athletic heart, tendency to pulmonary edema.
Cralonin tropfen
Drops 30 ml.
Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Drops: use in accordance with the complex of symptoms, in the relief of which the individual components of the formulation are used: senile heart, consequences of damage to the heart muscle, neurogenic heart disorders, heart pain (ischemic).

Solution for injection: impaired coronary circulation, coronary heart disease, pain in the heart of various origins, infectious toxic myocarditis, the state after myocardial infarction.
Crataegus-heel s Drops 30 ml.
Myocardial weakness in old age or due to an infectious-toxic lesion; impaired coronary blood flow.
Cruroheel s Tablets number 50
Purulent fistula, leg ulcers.
Cutis compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of dermatitis elephantiasis.
Diarrheel s Tablets number 50
Feverish, septic, toxic syndromes with bacterial and viral infections.
Discus compositum ampulen Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Osteochondrosis. Diseases of the joints (chronic arthritis and arthrosis), especially neuralgic and rheumatic processes in the region of the spinal column.
Droperteel Tablets number 50
Bronchitis of various origins, including stagnant. Whooping cough.
Drosera-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Whooping cough, bronchiolitis, asthmatic bronchitis.
Dulcamara-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Any deterioration in well-being in wet weather. Hypertrophy of the tonsils.
Duodenoheel Tablets number 50
Duodenitis, duodenal ulcer, increased acidity of gastric juice.
Echinacea compositum S
Echinacea compositum forte S
Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of the organism: fever, inflammatory diseases ear, skin diseases, mastitis, carbuncles, infectious mononucleosis.
Engystol n Ampoules of 2.2 ml.Tablets number 50
To activate non-specific defense mechanisms, especially for influenza and unidentified viral diseases with fever.
Erigotheel Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Gastric and duodenal ulcer.
Euphorbium compositum S Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Euphorbium compositum - Nasentrophen S Spray 20 ml.
Drops for injection: acute and chronic sinusitis, eustachitis, dropsy of the middle ear.
Nose drops: rhinitis of various origins (viral, bacterial, allergic), dry, hyperplastic and atrophic rhinitis, for auxiliary treatment of ozena. Chronic sinusitis. For relief of nasal breathing with hay fever.
Ferrum-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Shoulder-arm syndrome. Epicondylitis.
Galium-heel Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Activation of non-specific protective mechanisms, especially in chronic diseases.
Gastricumeel Tablets number 50
Acute and chronic gastritis; heartburn; flatulence.
Gelsemium-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Cervical syndromes; cervical migraine (osteochondrosis of the cervical spine); neuralgia of different localization.
Ginseng compositum Drops 30 ml.
Intoxication. Neoplasia.
Glonoin-Homaccord N Trophen Drops 30 ml.
Glonoin-homaccord Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Tachycardia, especially with hyperthyroidism. Angina pectoris
Glyoxal compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of the body's defenses in case of intoxication, disorders of enzyme systems, gland functions, and degenerative disorders (cellular phases of homotoxicosis according to H. Rekkeveg).
Graphites-homaccord Drops 30 ml.Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Eczema, especially dry, chronic. Long-term treatment of scars, keloid formations. Addiction to obesity.
Gripp-heel Tablets number 50Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Tablets: flu and flu infections. Reduced immunity in infectious diseases with fever.
Solution for injection: influenza and flu infections.
Gynacoheel Drops 30 ml.
Inflammatory diseases of the female genitalia, for example, adnexitis (oofaritis, salpingitis), parametritis, myometritis, endometritis, colpitis.
Hamamelis-homaccord Drops 30 ml.Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Venous congestion, varicose eczema, thrombophlebitis.
Hamamelis-salbe-heel Ointment 50 g
Venous congestion (hemorrhoids, varicose veins). Teleangiectasia. With increased sensitivity of the skin, with a tendency to irritation and inflammation of the skin, as well as cracks in the hands.
Hepar compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of liver detoxification functions in acute and chronic liver diseases: cholangitis and cholecystitis; in functional disorders of the liver due to toxic lesions, as an adjunct in dermatoses and dermatitis of various origin, toxic exanthema, neurodermatitis, hypercholesterolemia.
Hepeel Tablets number 50Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Primary and secondary disorders of the liver, various liver damage.
Homaccords are drugs produced for oral administration in dropper bottles and in packs of 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 ampoules for parenteral administration.
Hormeel s Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Functional disorders of the menstrual cycle. Auxiliary agent in the treatment of infertility. Regulation of endocrine system functions.
Husteel Drops 30 ml.
Cough, for example, for colds, spastic bronchitis, pleurisy.
Ignatia-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Depression, especially of exogenous origin; paradoxical symptoms, hysterical aphonia.
Injeel-chol Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Cholangitis, cholecystitis, gallstone formation, liver dysfunction, chronic hepatitis.
Kalmia Compositum Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Diseases of the joints and connective tissue, for example, arthritis, arthrosis, periarthritis, diseases of tendons and ligaments, diseases of the periosteum and vascular connective tissue; (syphilitic) heart disease, chronic dermatosis.
Kamillen-Salbe-Heel S Ointment 50 g
For rough, sensitive skin prone to inflammation; bruises, burns, including sunburns and those that occurred during radiotherapy and UV radiation; bedsores, nipple wounds of the breast, diaper rash; used to care for babies and young children.
Klimakt-heel Tablets number 50
Climacteric disorders.
Lamioflur Drops 30 ml.
Diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, incl. Fluor albus, acute and chronic rhinitis, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.
Leptandra compositum Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Epigastric syndrome, especially chronic diseases of the liver and pancreas during an acute attack (after a violation of the diet), bloating. To activate the immune system.
Lithimeel Tablets number 50
Rheumatoid arthritis, diathesis with gout and rheumatism.
Luffa compositum-HEEL Spray 20 ml.
According to the homeopathic list of drugs for hay rhinitis
Lymphomyosot Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.Tablets number 50
Lymphatism (a tendency to excessive development of lymphatic organs, to the formation of edema, to infections), swollen glands, tonsil hypertrophy and chronic tonsillitis.
Melilotus-Homaccord N Trophen
Melilotus-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Hyperemia, preapoplepticheskie condition, hypertension.
Mercurius-heel s Tablets number 50
Furunculosis, carbuncles and other suppurations, including, for example, those that exist in the tissues of the tonsils.
Metro-Adnex-Injeel Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Adnexitis, parametritis, myometritis, endometritis, vaginitis, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual pain, menopausal neuroses.
Mezereum-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Bubble eczema, shingles, pruritus.
Molybdan compositum Tablets number 50
Regulation of mineral metabolism, the lack of any element after taking the medication (including degenerative changes and neoplasms).
Momordica compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Regulatory antihomotoxic effects on pancreatitis and pancreatic dysfunction; diseases of the pancreas and epigastric region.
Mucosa compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of protective forces in diseases of the mucous membranes and catarrhs ​​of various types and localization, including gastrointestinal tract with and without ulcers, in the upper and lower respiratory tract, urethra and conjunctiva.
Naso-heel s Drops 30 ml.
Acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis.
Natrium-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Chronic catarrh of mucous membranes, scrofula.
Nervoheel Tablets number 50
Psychosomatic disorders, climacteric neuroses.
Neuralgo-Rheum-Injeel Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Neuralgia, soft tissue rheumatism, arthritis and intervertebral disc disorders.
Neuro-Injeel Ampullen Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Psychosomatic painful conditions and depression.
Nux vomica-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Functional disorders in the gastrointestinal tract and liver, flatulence, disorders after taking alcohol, coffee or nicotine.
Oculoheel Tablets number 50
Conjunctivitis, blepharitis, dacryocystitis (especially chronic forms).
Osteoheel s Tablets number 50
Periostitis, exostoses, incl. heel spur, ringing in the ears as a result of otosclerosis.
Ovarium compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of protective functions, functions of the glands and connective tissue in dysmenorrhea, parametritis, myometritis, endometritis, enuresis (in girls), menopause, indomitable vomiting, insufficiency of the anterior pituitary in women, kraurosis of the vulva, mastodynia, osteomalacia, menorrhagia, as well as in various metabolic disorders, including senile.
Hectus heel Tablets number 50
Complaints of sore throat.
Phosphor-Homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Hoarseness, laryngitis, pharyngitis, petechial bleeding.
Placenta compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of peripheral blood circulation in atherosclerosis, diseases gangrenous lower limbs due to smoking, diabetes mellitus, gangrenous ulcers, elephantiasis, bedsores, dysmenorrhea, autonomic dystonia, endarteritis, endometritis, residual effects after encephalitis, stroke, deafness in diseases of the inner ear.
Plantago-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Nocturnal enuresis, urinary incontinence, cystalgia.
Podophyllum compositum Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Hemorrhoidal disorders, catarrhal colitis, colitis with expressions of the mucous membrane, pre-operative and postoperative conditions in neoplasms.
Populus compositum SR Drops 30 ml.
Renal dysfunction and excretion, albuminuria, anxiety in the urogenital system, cystopielitis, cystitis, hydronephrosis, kidney disease (as an auxiliary drug - and with bacteriuria), stage 1 prostate adenoma.
Procainum compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Recovery at the cellular level, incl. with precancerosis; support of protective systems, especially the sympathetic nerve, systems of the anterior pituitary and adrenal cortex.
Proctheel Drops 30 ml.
Intestinal atony, intestinal catarrh.
Psorinoheel Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Use with alternative therapy for all chronic diseases, especially for skin diseases, liver damage.
Pulsatilla compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Activation of mesenchymal protection; stimulation of the immune systems, especially connective tissue, to increase the impact of naturopathic drugs and for the treatment of cellular phases; reactivation of affected immune systems, especially after operations.
Ranunculus-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Intercostal neuralgia, pleural pain, shingles.
Rawwolfia compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
High blood pressure, essential hypertension.
Reneel Tablets number 50
Inflammatory diseases in the urethra, with and without stone formation.
Rheuma-heel Tablets number 50
Soft tissue rheumatism, (peri) arthritis disorders.
Rhododendroneel s Drops 30 ml.
Neuralgia, rheumatism of soft tissues and arthritic disorders, especially in cases of exacerbation in wet weather.
Sabal-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
First degree prostate adenoma (external examination of an enlarged prostate), cystalgia.
Schwef-heel Drops 30 ml.
Dermatosis, prone to irritation of eczema, pyoderma; stimulation of defense mechanisms.
Selenium-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Decreased mental abilities, especially as a result of atherosclerosis.
Solidago compositum S Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Activation of immune mechanisms in acute and chronic diseases of the kidneys and the urinary tract, such as cystitis, tsistopielitah, kidney stones, hydronephrosis, nocturnal enuresis, incontinence, one stage of prostatic adenoma, narrowing the urethra, nephrosis, nephrosclerosis, hypertension, acute glomerulonephritis; for the stimulation of extretrial functions of the kidneys, incl. in the case of hyperhidrosis, sweating feet, eczema.
Spascupreel Tablets number 50Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Spascupreel s Suppositories №12
Spasms of smooth muscles of hollow organs (stomach, intestines, gallbladder, uterus, urethra), spasms of striated muscles (miogeloza, tired muscles).
Spigelon Tablets number 50Drops 30 ml.Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Strophantus compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Antihomotoxic regulatory effects in disorders of the blood supply to the heart, for the prevention and treatment of myocardial infarction.
Strumeel Tablets number 50
Strumeel forte n Drops 30 ml.
Goiter parenchymatous (diffuse, juvenile-youthful), prevention of goiter, atherosclerosis and other conditions where the use of iodine is indicated.
Sulfur-heel Tablets number 50
Dermatosis, eczema, itching of the skin and mucous membranes, prurit.
Syzygium compositum Drops 30 ml.
Activation of protective systems and functions of the glands in senile diabetes and related health disorders.
Tanacet-heel Drops 30 ml.
The state of nerve irritation of the genuin type, especially during infections with worms; loss of appetite (in combination with bulimia).
Tartephedreel Drops 30 ml.
Bronchitis, especially asthmatic; bronchial asthma, prolonged cough; cough in scrofulous children; catarrh of the bronchi, larynx, various forms of whooping cough; The drug is indicated for catarrhal diseases of the respiratory tract.
Testis compositum ampullen Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of the functions of organs, incl. with impotence of reproductive age, accelerated ejaculation, exhaustion, osteomalacia, bedwetting, progressive muscular dystrophy, exhaustion, diabetes and other metabolic disorders; liver damage; promotes regressive vicariation.
Thalamus compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of central regulatory functions in degenerative diseases and neoplasms.
Thyreoidea compositum Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Thyroid dysfunction, stimulation of the function of the glands, as well as the protective systems and functions of the connective tissue, especially in precancerosis, carcinomas and sarcomas, hypernephromas, progressive muscular dystrophy, myxedems, Induratio penis plastica, obesity, bronchial asthma, nevus, scleroderma, elefantias anestheses, elephants, bronchial asthma, nevus, scleroderma, elefantias anestheses, elephantsis, obesity, bronchial asthma, nevus, scleroderma, elefantias anestheses, elephants, bronchial asthma, nevus, scleroderma, elephanthiases, scleroderma, elefantias, anesthesia arthrosis.
Tonico-injeel Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
The state of physical and mental exhaustion; mental disorders in children.
Tonsilla compositum Ampullen Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of the lymphatic system, improvement of the body's defenses in exudative diathesis, impaired lymphatic development in children, degeneration, complications after encephalitis, erythema, toxic exanthema, elephantiasis, empyema; with the consequences of improper therapy, for example, with granulopenia, agranulocytosis and leukemia, Induratio penis plastica, scleroderma, chronic gout, primary chronic polyarthritis, in the early stages of tumors.
Traumeel s Drops 30 ml.Tablets number 50Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Ointment 50 g
Drops, pills, injection solution: injuries, dislocations, sprains, hemorrhages and effusions into the joint, bone fractures, edema after operations and after injuries, soft tissue swelling, inflammatory and degenerative processes in various organs and tissues, especially the musculoskeletal system ( tendovaginitis, styloiditis, epicondylitis, bursitis, periarthritis), arthrosis of the joints, acute concussion of the brain.

Ointment: bruises, injuries of various kinds (sports, accidents), sprains, fractures, contusions, hemorrhages and hemorrhages in joints, fractures, etc., inflammatory processes and degenerative processes combined with inflammation of various organs and tissues (periodontitis, periodontal diseases, gum suppurations), especially in the musculoskeletal system (tendovaginitis, bursitis, shoulder epicondylitis), arthrosis of the joints.
Ubichinon compositum Ampullen Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Stimulation of protective mechanisms for the restoration of blocked enzyme systems in violation of enzyme functions and degenerative diseases (cellular phases).
Valerianaheel Drops 30 ml.
As a sedative in states of anxiety, anxiety, neurasthenia.
Veratrum-homaccord Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.
Gastroenteritis, a state of collapse.
Vertigoheel Ampoules 2,2ml.Drops 30 ml.Tablets number 50
Vertigo of various nature (especially as a result of atherosclerosis). Application corresponds to the homeopathic description of the medicine.
Viburcol Suppositories №12
Candles for babies and children when excited and with fever, symptomatic treatment of various simple infections.
Viscum compositum mite Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Viscum compositum medium
Viscum compositum forte
Biotherapy in cell phases; for both preoperative and postoperative therapy for neoplasms.
Vomitusheel Drops 30 ml.
Vomitusheel s Suppositories №12
Vomiting and nausea of ​​various origins.
Ypsiloheel Tablets number 50
Vegetative dystonia, hysterical lump, spasm in the throat at the beginning of a hysterical seizure.
Zeel P Ampoules of 2.2 ml.
Zeel Tablets number 50
Zeel t Ointment 50 g
Arthrosis (in particular, gonarthrosis, polyarthrosis, spondyarthrosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis).
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“Heel” (lat. “Herba est ex luce” - a plant from the world) is the name of a pharmaceutical company, which in 1936 was created by a German scientist and practicing doctor of medicine Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. The founder of homotoxicology was born on May 9, 1905 in the family of a teacher. His father was interested in homeopathy and other types of biological medicine, compiled a number of homeopathic formulations and was able to inculcate interest in this area of ​​medicine to his sons.

In 1929, Rekkeveg received a medical degree, after which he worked as an assistant doctor for 3 years. In May 1932, he opened a private homeopathic practice in Berlin. While working, Rekkeveg carefully records all the symptoms of the disease in his patients, as well as the nature of the development of the disease. In addition, he is experiencing the effects of homeopathic remedies. At this time, he begins to independently develop new products, the result of which was the creation of the company Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH in 1935, the trademark of which was the Heel logo. Antihomotoxic therapy is gaining increasing confidence among representatives of classical medicine. Candidate and doctoral dissertations are defended annually, which reflect the results of research on the effects of antihomotoxic drugs.

The first drugs of the company (1935) were: Angin-Khel, Traumel, Gripp-Khel, etc. Later, another 34 drugs appeared. Currently, the Heel plant is located in Baden-Baden and produces about 1,500 product items, the products are sold in 50 countries. They are available in all modern dosage forms (injection solutions (ampoules), tablets, drops, suppositories, ointments, gels and sprays), with different composition and number of components (special, composite, hoamcords, injections).

The theoretical substantiation of the homeopathic principle does not correspond to the scientific understanding of the functioning of a healthy and diseased organism, and the carried out clinical trials of homeopathic preparations did not reveal differences between the homeopathic medicine and placebo. This means that any positive feelings after being treated with homeopathy are explained by the placebo effect and the natural recovery from the illness. Trivial calculations show that in preparations with dilutions of 12C and higher, the probability of the presence of at least one molecule of the active substance is close to zero. For these reasons, the scientific community regards homeopathy as pseudoscience, quackery or fraud.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns against the homeopathic treatment of infectious and any other serious diseases. According to experts of the organization, “the use of homeopathy has no evidence base, and in cases where it is used as an alternative to the main treatment, it carries a real threat to the health and life of people”.

The Committee on Science and Technology of the British Parliament in February 2010 issued a 275-page document on the verification of the evidence base of homeopathy. According to the findings of the Committee, state health insurance should not cover homeopathic treatment, because “a systematic evaluation and meta-analysis finally demonstrate that homeopathic products work no better than placebo”. The Committee also indicated to the Agency for Drug Control and Health Care that it is not worth licensing homeopathic medicines, since this creates the illusion of the public that it is being offered really topical medicines. Among the findings of the document are also evaluations of the basic principles of homeopathy. According to these findings, the principle of “treating such like” does not have a theoretical basis and is not capable of providing a reasonable mode of therapeutic use of homeopathic products, and the idea that superstrong dilution keeps traces of solutes is scientifically untenable.