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Aesculus compositum (Homeopathic medicines Heel)

Aesculus compositum
Aesculus compositum


Composition: 100 ml contain: Aesculus D1 10 ml; Secale cornutum (ergot) D3, Viscum album D2, Tabacum D10, Solanum nigrum D6, Arnica D3, Echinacea angustifolia D2, Baptisia D4, Rhus toxicodendron D4, Cuprum D13, Ruta D4, Dulcamara D4, Colchumum Ham Damel4 Darytum D4 , Apis mellifica D4, Acidum benzoicum D4, Eupatorium cannabinum D3, Arteria D10, Natrium pyruvicum D8 1 ml. Contains alcohol 35% vol.

Indications: Stimulation of protective mechanisms in: peripheral circulatory disorders, for example, smoker's legs, intermittent claudication, obliterating endarteritis, arteriosclerosis; elephantiasis; pressure sores; cholesterinemia; dysmenorrhea; deafness; postembolic circulatory disorders; lymphatic disease; post-stroke and post-infarction conditions.

Contraindications: Pregnancy or increased instinct for drugs from the plant Rhus toxicodendron. It is impossible to take with ailments of the thyroid gland without consulting a doctor.

Side effects: None known.

Combined use with other drugs: Without features

Dosage: Usually 10 drops 3 times a day, in acute cases, initially 10 drops every 15 minutes.

Release form and packaging: The dropper bottle contains 30 or 100 ml.

Brief description of the indications for use of the individual components of the formulation: Aesculus Venous stasis and related diseases. Hemorrhoids. Secale cornutum Uterine convulsive conditions (dysmenorrhea), circulatory disorders in diseases of the arteries, bleeding tendency Viscum album High or low blood pressure, dizziness. The narrowing of the coronary vessels of the heart and heart rhythm disturbances. Joint wear disease (and phlebarthrosis). Tabacum Low blood pressure. Angina pectoris. In addition: Burger-Winnivarter disease, angiospasm (Reynolds disease), intermittent claudication. Solanum nigrum Symptoms of irritation of the brain and meninges. In addition: encephalomalacia, disorientation, stupor. Arnica Diseases of arteries and veins. Echinacea angustifolia Supportive therapy for severe high-temperature infections (stimulation of defense mechanisms). Baptisia Severe infectious disease with fever. Confusion. In addition: weakness. Rhus toxicodendron Infectious ailments with fever and numbness. Rheumatic pains in bones, periosteum, joints, tendons and muscles. The consequences of injuries and overstrain. In addition: increased irritability and irritability, intensifying in wet cold weather. Cuprum Epilepsy. Convulsions of skeletal and smooth muscles, spasms of blood vessels, including blood vessels of the heart. Ruta Physical stress. Phlebeurysm. Dulcamara Infection with fever. Inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, joints, skins caused by hypothermia in wet weather (Wet Weather Agent L). Colchicum Gout in acute or chronic stage. Acute articular rheumatism. Tenovaginitis. Barium jodatum Increased blood pressure and calcification of blood vessels (cerebrosclerosis). Hamamelis Varicose veins. Hemorrhoids. Bleeding of the mucous membranes. Apis mellifica Inflammatory processes, however, it seems like diseases accompanied by accumulation of fluid in tissues or cavities (and general swelling). Allergy. Acidum benzoicum e resina Rheumatic, gouty (uric acid diathesis) diseases and degenerative diseases of the joints. Eupatorium cannabinum Flu-like conditions with fever. Arteria suis Arterial circulation disorders, including diabetes mellitus, periarteritis nodosa, Burger-Vinivarter disease, intermittent claudication, calf muscle cramps, tendency to gangrene. Natriumpyruvat Disorders of peripheral circulation (with diabetes) with a tendency to chills (frostbite), trophic ulcers and gangrene.

The action of Aesculus compositum can be enhanced by parenteral therapy with Circulo-Injeel and Placenta compositum; to activate detoxification processes, Hepar compositum (detoxification functions of the liver) and Populus compositum (for activating kidney functions) are additionally shown; Lymphomyosot and Apis-Homaccord are additionally prescribed to affect connective tissue and kidney function, however, it seems like universal biological drugs - Psorinoheel, Galium-Heel, Schwef-Heel, Sulfur-Heel, Nux vomica-Homaccord, Calcoheel, etc.

With hypertension, Rauwolfia compositum is additionally prescribed, however, it seems Coenzyme compositum, Ubichinon compositum, Glyoxal compositum, which activate blocked enzyme functions. Based on the principles of a complex effect on the ailing organism, in the treatment of circulatory disorders, Cor compositum, Cralonin, Aurumheel (drops), Melilotus-Homaccord (drops), Glonoin-Homaccord N (drops), Cardiacum-Heel are additionally used; with apoplexy - Carbo compositum; with myocardial infarction - Strophanthus compositum.

Taking into account hormonal regulation of blood circulation, it is recommended that Thyreoidea compositum (acts on connective tissue, prevents the appearance of neoplasms) and Discus compositum (nerve irritation combined with paresthesia with osteochondrosis, etc.) are recommended.

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