Arteria-Heel (Homeopathic remedies Heel)


Composition : 100 ml contains: Secale cornutum D4, Viscum album D4, Barium jodatum D6, Arnica D12, 10 ml; Solanum nigrum D4, Tabacum D8, Phosphorus D8, 20 ml each. Contains alcohol 35 volume%.

Indications: Violations of peripheral circulation.

Contraindications: Do not use for thyroid disorders without consulting a doctor.

Side effects: None known.

Combined use with other drugs: No special features.

Dosage: Usually 10 drops 3 times a day. In acute diseases - every 15 minutes for 10 drops for 1-2 hours.

Form of release and packing: The bottle-dropper contains 30 or 100 ml.

Brief description of indications for the use of individual components of the formulation: Secale cornutum Cramps, paralysis . Violations of peripheral arterial blood circulation. Propensity to bleeding. Viscum album Low or high blood pressure. Dizziness. Constriction of the coronary vessels, heart rhythm disturbances. Disease of joint wear. Barium jodatum Increased arterial pressure, calcification of cerebral vessels (cerebrosclerosis). Arnica Bleeding of any genesis. Myalgia. Diseases of the arteries and veins. Solanum nigrum Symptoms of irritation of the brain and meninges (including the consequences of strokes with encephalomalacia and disorientation). Tabacum Low blood pressure. Ischemic heart disease. In addition: angiospastic states. Phosphorus Weakness of the myocardium , pain in the soul, circulatory disorders. Bleeding, blood and vascular disease. Neuralgia and cephalalgia. Pathological changes in the location of the spirit.

Based on the homeopathic components that make up this preparation, Arteria-Heel is prescribed for peripheral blood supply disorders, paresthesias of the hands and feet, encephalomalacia, hypertension, in cold extremities (in addition - parenteral therapy Circulo-Injeel), intermittent claudication, cerebral blood supply disorders Arteriosclerosis, especially in diabetics; With predapopleksicheskih states, arteriopathy; To improve blood circulation with ulcers of the legs; With violations of the first menstruation. Especially shown are combinations with Arnica-Heel and Aesculus compositum (3 times a day for 10-15 drops).

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