Pectus-Heel (Homeopathic remedies Heel)


Composition : 1 tablet contains: Natrium nitrosum D5, Spigelia D4, 30 mg; Phosphorus D12, Aconitum D8, Arnica D8, Argentum nitricum D10, 60 mg.

Indications: Complaints of pain in the throat.

Dosage: For long-term therapy 3-4 times a day, 1 tablet per conversation, in combination or alternately with Cardiacum-Heel, Glonoin-Homaccord, Aurumheel, Cactus compositum, etc. At attacks - every 5-15 minutes for 1 tablet for 1-2 hours in combination with other drugs (Duodenoheel and Gastricumeel - with a complex of gastrocardial symptoms, Spascupreel - with spasms, especially in the left part of the epigastric district; Bryaconeel - with liver diseases and Pancreas, Chelidonium, Nux vomica-Homaccord, etc.) Parenteral therapy with Angio-Injeel, Cralonin, Glonoin-Homaccord, Melilotus-Homaccord, Veratrum-Homaccord and the like is additionally prescribed.

Form of release and packing: The package contains 50 or 250 tablets.

Brief description of indications for the use of individual components of the formulation: Natrium nitrosum Diarrhea; Expansion of coronary vessels, spasms of blood vessels, dyspnea. Spigelia Acute heart inflammation, sore throat. Phosphorus Depletion states, cardiac impotence, pain in the shower; Disorders of the circulatory system, vascular disease, pain in the spine (vertebrogenic Angina pectoris), a sharp change in mood, depression. Aconitum Sharp heart sensations combined with a sense of fear. Arnica Diseases of the arterial and venous systems. Argentum nitricum Psychosomatic diseases of the digestive tract, migraine, angina, severe palpitations, especially at night; Neurasthenia, psychasthenia, dizziness.

Based on the homeopathic components of this drug, Pectus-Heel is prescribed for angina pectoris, angina pectoris, coronary blood supply disorders, for maintenance therapy for cardiac infarction (along with Cralonin, Cardiacum-Heel, Aurumheel, Glonoin-Homaccord and Angio-Injeel - Intravenously), but it seems similar to toxic (retoxic) weakening of the heart muscle (for example, after tonsillar angina).

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