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Appetizing and varied dumplings from around the world

Пельмени со всего мира

Dumplings - a dish in the form of boiled products from unleavened dough stuffed with chopped meat or fish.

Ah, pelmenki - a dish, various variations of which can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Some of them are sharp, some are sweet, but they are all capable of satisfying hunger and pampering taste buds.

From Chinese jiaozi to Argentine empanada and Nepalese Momo - in whatever country you are, you will find different options to your taste.

Chinese Jiaozi

Chinese Jiaozi - Dumplings from around the world

A popular kind of dumplings - Chinese jiaozi - is fried in a frying pan on one side, and then boiled in water or broth. The traditional filling for jiaozi is pork, shrimp or cabbage.

Polish "pies"

Polish "pies" - Pelmeni from all over the world

Like other Polish dishes, "pies" is a very satisfying dish. These dumplings can fill anything - from mashed potatoes, cheese and fried onions to mushrooms, meat, spinach and sauerkraut.

Spanish Empanada

Spanish Empanada - Pelmeni from all over the world

Empanada is translated from Spanish as "wrapped in bread"; A suitable name for these fried Argentinian dumplings. Bite down the crust, and inside you will find stuffing in the form of ground beef, eggs, olives, onions, paprika and cumin.

Italian Gnocchi

Italian Gnocchi - Dumplings from around the world

Among the huge variety of Italian cuisine are the gentle gnocchi. Although it is more dumplings than dumplings, they are made from potatoes, flour, eggs, cheese, ricotta, and then served in sauce with meat or vegetables.

Japanese Gyosa

Japanese Gyoza - Pelmeni from all over the world

These fried dumplings in the frying pan, known as gödz, represent the Japanese version of Jiaozi. They are filled with pork, cabbage, onions and carrots, and the dough is made thin and roasted to a dark color.

South African Sausages

South African Sausages - Dumplings from around the world

The juices are from South Africa - a sweet dish of flour, sugar, eggs, butter and baking powder, which is then dipped in a delicious mixture of sugar and cinnamon. It is better to eat hot.

European Dumplings

European Dumplings - Dumplings from around the world

The traditional European dish - dumplings - has no filler, but they are often served with meat dishes, for example, with schnitzel or shank.

Indian Samos

Indian Samiosa - Dumplings from around the world

Samos - Indian dumplings with a crispy, flaky "shell", which fill with spicy potatoes, peas, lentils, minced meat or onions.

American Sweet Dumplings

American Sweet Dumplings - Dumplings from around the world

Traditional Amish desserts throughout America are dumplings with orange slices, which are baked in a dough with cinnamon and sugar. And necessarily top serve vanilla ice cream.

Swedish Pitapalts

Swedish Pitapalts - Pelmeni from around the world

In the Swedish town of Piteå, pithepals originated, which are eaten with cranberry jam or butter. These dumplings are made from potatoes and barley or wheat flour, and the filling is always meat.

Georgian Hinkali

Georgian Khinkali - Pelmeni from all over the world

Khinkali is a Georgian dish, which is stuffed with spicy pork and beef with black pepper. Meat mixture is wrapped in dough so that when cooking it emits a fragrant juice.

Jewish Creplah

Jewish Healers - Dumplings from around the world

Bracelets are called "Jewish ravioli" and served in Israel with soup. Filling is beef or potatoes.

Russian Dumplings

Russian Dumplings - Pelmeni from all over the world

And this - dumplings, as we know them, a popular Russian dish. The name "pelmen" originated from the Finno-Ugric "pel'yan" ("grain ear": pel "ear" + nanny "bread"). Our popular fillings are pork, beef, chicken, mushrooms or cheese.

Korean Kimchi

Korean Kimchi - Pelmeni from all over the world

Kimchi - garnish, which is made from sauerkraut with spices. This is a favorite Korean dish. So beloved that Mandu - Korean dumplings - is filled with kimchi. Mandu - one of the few Asian dumplings, which have a round shape.

Czech "fruit dumplings"

Czech "fruit dumplings" - Pelmeni from around the world

Czech dumplings with a sweet and fruity taste are called "fruit dumplings". Dough for them is made from butter, flour and eggs, and then stuffed with fruits (usually plums). When dumplings are ready, they are sprinkled with sugar and poured with melted butter.

Taiwanese Bavan

Taiwanese Bavan - Pelmeni from around the world

Bavan is sold in markets throughout Taiwan. Their dough is made from cornstarch, sweet potato and rice flour, and then stuffed with pork, bamboo shoots and mushrooms. After this, cook and strongly fry.

Slovak Brynzovy

Slovak Brynzovy Dumplings - Dumplings from around the world

Brynza dumplings - this is a hearty creamy Slovak dish, which is prepared from potatoes and served with cheese, pork or bacon.

Vietnamese Ban Bot Lok

Vietnamese Ban Bot Lok - Pelmeni from around the world

Ban Bot Lok - Vietnamese dumplings, which are made from tapioca flour, and when cooked they get a viscous texture. Stuffed with pork and shrimp.

Turkish Manti

Turkish Manti - Dumplings from around the world

Mantas are cooked in Turkish with beef or lamb and served in yoghurt, butter and ground paprika.

Nepalese Momo

Nepalese Momo - Pelmeni from around the world

These dumplings for a couple are called Momo, they can be found in Nepal and in Tibet. They are stuffed with ground beef or vegetables such as cabbage, spinach or shallots.

Indian Modac

Indian Modac - Pelmeni from all over the world

Modak - sweet dumplings, which are served in the Indian state of Maharashtra during the Ganesha festival. The dough is made from rice flour, and stuffed with coconut and cane sugar.