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Variations of exercises for each muscular group

Упражнения на каждую мышечную группу

Physical exercises are elementary movements composed of motor actions and their complexes, systematized for the purposes of physical development. Physical exercises were formed on the basis of movements and actions borrowed from the labor, everyday, military activities of a person (running, walking, jumping, throwing, lifting weights, swimming, etc.) and organizationally methodically shaped as gymnastics, light and weightlifting, and sports games, sports tourism, etc. Various combinations and systems of physical exercises make up the content of sports, are part of the physical education programs in various educational institutions.

To your attention, we prepared the variations of performing exercises for each muscle group. Very useful for beginners!

For each exercise, the muscles are defined as active or static. Active (or major) are the muscles that contract and drive a certain body structure. Static are those that either help to reduce, or, by starting to move, make the primary or secondary structure stable, which facilitates movement.

There is a large number of options for performing certain physical exercises - for any of them there are always many different ways to change the stimulating muscle (by changing the grip, stop position, changing the speed of movement, etc.).

The choice of special exercises, their intensity (the weight used, when they are used), the volume (number of approaches and repetitions), duration and periodicity (number of classes per week) are determined on the basis of individual capabilities and human goals. The best and most effective way to determine this is to seek advice from a fitness specialist (general improvement, strength exercises) and get an individual program and recommendations that will take into account individual needs and opportunities.


Exercises for each muscle group


Exercises for each muscle group


Exercises for each muscle group


Exercises for each muscle group


Exercises for each muscle group


Exercises for each muscle group