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Where illness clues come from psychosomatics, something that many of us do not know

Откуда берутся болезни подсказки из психосоматики

Psychosomatic diseases (from other Greek: soul and body) are a group of painful conditions resulting from the interaction of mental and physiological factors. They are mental disorders manifesting at the physiological level, physiological disorders manifesting at the mental level, or physiological pathologies that develop under the influence of psychogenic factors.

Negative thoughts form negative feelings. Feelings are expressed through emotions. A prolonged stay in a state of joyless emotions creates an overstrain in the body and, as a result, a disease . This article provides information for consideration - what negative emotions and feelings can lead to.

A person with a sad face has obviously gloomy thoughts. In this regard, the faces of the elderly are interesting. They are a direct reflection of their way of thinking throughout their lives. And what will you look like when you get old? In this book, I give a complete list of the metaphysical diagnosis and mental causes of many diseases. This is approximately 90-95% true.
Таблица Эмоции и заболевания

The head represents us. This is what we show the world. They recognize us by their heads. When something is wrong with the head, it means that something is wrong with us.

Hair represents strength. When we are very scared, we create a “steel belt”, which usually begins in the shoulder muscles, and then goes to the head, and sometimes to the eyes. Hair grows through the hair sac. When we create a lot of tension in the cranium, these bags automatically close and the hair begins to die and fall out. If the tension continues and the skull is not relaxed, the hair stops growing. The result is a bald spot. Women began to go bald since they entered the “business” male world. Of course, we do not always notice this, since many wigs look completely natural.

Ears are a symbol of the ability to listen and hear. When a person has problems with his ears, this means that something happens in his life that he flatly refuses to hear. Tinnitus is an example of the highest annoyance for what you hear. Children often have earaches. They poor people have to listen at home to everything that they don’t want to hear. The child is forbidden to express his anger, and since he is practically unable to change anything, this impossibility leads to pain in the ears.

Deafness is a long - perhaps lasting a lifetime - unwillingness to listen to anyone. Please note: when we see one partner with a hearing aid, the other speaks non-stop.

Eyes speak of the ability to see. When we have eye problems, this usually means that we refuse to see anything - either in ourselves or in our lives. When I see small children wearing glasses, I know that something is not right at home, they literally refuse to look at something. If they are not able to change their home situation, then they literally scatter their vision so that their eyes lose the ability to see clearly.

Headaches occur when we feel inferior. The next time you have a headache, stop for a moment and ask yourself where you feel humiliated and why. Forgive yourself, let this feeling go away and your headache will disappear by itself.

Migraines are created by people who want to be perfect, as well as those who have accumulated a lot of irritation in this life.

Neck and throat are very interesting. The neck is the ability for flexibility of thinking, the ability to see the other side of the issue and understand the point of view of another person. When we have problems with the neck, it means that we are stubborn and refuse to be more flexible. The throat represents our ability to fend for ourselves, to ask for what we want. Problems with the throat arise from the feeling that we "have no right", and from a sense of our own inferiority. A sore throat is always an annoyance. If it is accompanied by a cold, then, in addition to this, there is also confusion. Laryngitis usually means that we are so angry that we literally cannot speak. The throat, in addition, is a part of the body where all our creative energy is concentrated.

Diseases associated with the tonsils and the thyroid gland, therefore, indicate that in a creative sense you were not able to do what you would like. It is in the throat area, above all, our changes occur. When we resist change, we most often have throat problems. Pay attention to how we sometimes begin to cough for no reason. Or someone else begins to cough. What exactly is being said at this moment? What are we responding to? Maybe this is stubbornness, resistance, or evidence that we are in the process of change?

The back is a support system. Back problems indicate that you feel inadequate support. Too often we think that we are supported by family and friends. In reality, this is the support of the Universe and Life itself.

Problems with the upper back are a signal of insufficient emotional support: "My husband (lover, friend) does not understand and does not support me." The middle part of the back is directly related to guilt. Are you afraid of what’s behind you, or are you hiding something there? Do you have the feeling that someone hit you in the back?

Do you worry all the time about your money? What is your financial situation? It can be a source of problems with the lower back.

Lungs are the ability to take and give life. Lung problems usually arise because of our unwillingness or fear to live life to the fullest or because we believe that we have no right to live life to the full. Those who smoke a lot usually deny life. They hide behind the mask a feeling of inferiority.

The breast is the personification of motherhood. When problems arise with the mammary glands, this means that we literally strangle our attention to another person, thing or situation. If breast cancer occurs, it is also an accumulated resentment or malice. Free yourself from fear and know that the mind of the universe is active and active in each of us.

The heart, of course, symbolizes love, and blood - joy. When in our life there is no love and joy, the heart literally contracts and becomes cold. As a result, blood begins to flow more slowly, and we gradually go to anemia, vascular sclerosis, heart attacks (heart attack). We are so sometimes entangled in the dramas of life that we create for ourselves that we do not notice the joy that surrounds us at all. Golden heart, cold heart, black heart, loving heart - and what is your heart?

The stomach processes, digests all new ideas and situations. And what and whom can you “digest”? When we have stomach problems, this usually means we don’t know how to assimilate a new life situation. We are scared. Many of us remember the time when passenger aircraft just started flying. This was news to us - the idea of ​​flying into the sky, and it was extremely difficult for us to assimilate it in our brains. On each seat there were packages that helped us out if we felt bad. And we almost always used them. Now, many years later, although packages are still provided, nobody uses them. We finally assimilated the idea of ​​flight.

A stomach ulcer is more than just fear, a feeling that we are not good enough or full. We are afraid that we are not good enough for our parents, bosses, teachers, etc. We literally cannot digest what we are. We are constantly trying to please others. No matter what post you occupy at work, you may be completely lacking self-esteem. The answer to solving such a problem is love. People who love and respect themselves do not have ulcers. Be gentle and attentive to the child within you and always support and respect him.

Stones in the gallbladder symbolize the accumulated bitter thoughts, as well as pride, which prevents you from getting rid of them. Try the following exercise: say to yourself constantly: “I joyfully let go of my past. Life is beautiful, and so am I. ”

Problems with the bladder, anus, and genitals are due to perverted ideas about our bodies and the functions that they perform. Every organ of our body is a magnificent reflection of life itself! We do not think that life is dirty and sinful. Why do we think so about genitals? The anus is as beautiful as the ears. Without the anus, we were not able to get rid of the toxins and would die very quickly. Every part of our body and every function that it performs is perfectly normal, natural and beautiful. Our genitals were created for pleasure. To deny this fact is to create pain and punishment.

Sex is beautiful, and it is perfectly normal for us to have sex, just like eating and drinking. Imagine the infinity of the universe for a moment. It’s hard for us to even imagine. And inside the universe there are many galaxies. Many planets revolve around the Sun, among which is the Earth. And you know, it is incredibly difficult for me to imagine that the Power that created the entire Universe is just an old man who sits on his own clouds and ... watches our genitals! And yet this is exactly what many of us taught when we were children. It is very important for us to get rid of these nonsense.

However, do not get me wrong. By no means do I preach free sex with anyone. It’s just that many of our rules are long outdated, so many violate them and become hypocrites. When we remove the guilt of sexuality from our consciousness and teach people to love and respect themselves and, therefore, others, only then they will automatically begin to live in the name of the highest - Good and Joy. We all have so many problems with sexuality due to our self-hatred and self-loathing. Therefore, we feel bad about ourselves and others. It is not enough to give sex education in schools. We need, at a deeper level, to allow children to understand that their bodies, genitals and sexuality are made for joy.

The ovaries are creative energy. Problems with them are unexpressed creative possibilities.

Feet carry us through life. Leg problems indicate fear of moving forward or unwillingness to move in a certain direction. Our legs are taking us, dragging us, dragging us, and on them are sitting big, fat, full of children's hurt thighs. Reluctance to act often manifests itself in serious leg problems. Varicose veins are either home or work that you hate.

Accidents are not “cases” at all.

Like everything else in our lives, we create them. You don’t have to say to yourself at all: “I want an accident to happen to me.” We just create a mental belief system that can attract an accident. Something constantly happens to some of us, while others live our lives without a scratch.

Accidents are an expression of annoyance and resentment. They are an expression of hopelessness and complete lack of freedom of a person to declare their feelings.

Accidents are also an uprising against a government official. We are so angry that we want to hit someone, but instead we hit ourselves. When we are angry with ourselves, we feel guilty, when we literally look for a punishment, it comes in the form of an accident. At first glance, we are only the innocent victims of an accident. An accident allows us to seek help and empathy with others. They wash our wounds and look after us. Often we are forced to lie in bed, sometimes for a long time. And we groan in pain. With the help of pain, our body tells us what in life we ​​still need to work on. The size of the pain indicates how cruelly we wanted to punish ourselves.

Rheumatism is a disease acquired from constant criticism of oneself and others. People with rheumatism usually attract people who constantly criticize them. This is due to their own belief that they should criticize others. A curse lies on them - this is their desire to constantly be “perfect”, with any people, in any situation. Their burden is truly unbearable.

Asthma. It seems to a person with asthma that he has no right to breathe on his own. Asthmatic children are usually children with a highly developed conscience. They accept blame for everything. Sometimes they are helped by a change of residence, especially if the whole family does not go with them. Usually asthmatic children recover. This is facilitated by the school, new life situations, when the attack is repeated, as if someone had pressed a button.

Cancer is a disease caused by a deep accumulated resentment that literally begins to eat the body. In childhood, something happens that undermines our faith in life. This case is never forgotten, and a person lives with a feeling of great self-pity. It is sometimes difficult for him to have a long, serious relationship. Life for such a person consists of endless disappointments. A sense of hopelessness and hopelessness prevails in his mind, it is easy for him to blame others for his problems. People with cancer are very self-critical. As I was convinced from my own experience, the acquired ability to love yourself and accept yourself as you are, cures cancer.

Being overweight is nothing more than a need for protection. We are looking for protection from pain, criticism, sexuality, insults, etc. An extensive choice, is not it? I have never been fat, but from my own experience I was convinced that when I feel insecure and generally unimportant, I automatically get a few pounds fatter. When the threat disappears, the excess weight disappears too. Fighting the world is a waste of energy and time. As soon as you stop resisting, your weight immediately normalizes. Confidence in yourself, in the very process of life, refraining from negative thoughts - these are ways to lose weight.

Pain of any origin, in my opinion, is evidence of guilt. And guilt is always looking for punishment, but punishment, in turn, creates pain. Chronic pain comes from a chronic guilt that is so deeply buried in us that we often don’t even know about it. Guilt is a useless feeling. This feeling never helps anyone, it is not able to change the situation. So release yourself from prison.

Operation (any). The intervention of a surgeon is necessary, for example, in case of injuries to hands and feet, so that a person can concentrate on recovery and that this does not happen again. In medicine, today there are many excellent doctors who are fully dedicated to helping people. More and more doctors are beginning to treat using holistic methods. And yet, most of our doctors do not want to deal with the causes of diseases, but treat only the symptoms and consequences.

They do this in two ways: either poison with drugs, or cut. Surgeons cut, and if you go to the surgeon, he will of course recommend surgery. If you have no choice, please get ready for it so that you recover quickly and without complications. One of my friends had to do an emergency operation. Before the operation, she spoke with a surgeon and anesthetist. She asked them to turn on pleasant light music during the operation and to speak to each other and to her only in soft colors. The nurse did the same after surgery. The operation went perfectly, and my friend recovered in record time. After the operation, listen to the music you love all the time and say to yourself constantly: “I am recovering quickly. Every day I feel better and better. "

Tumors are false growths. The oyster takes a tiny grain of sand and builds a hard and shiny shell around it in order to protect itself. We call a grain of sand a pearl and admire its beauty. We, like an oyster, take a stream of resentment and rush with it until it goes into a tumor. I call it "scrolling the old film." I am convinced that tumors in women in the uterus, ovaries, etc. are caused by the fact that they take the emotional pain that occurred as a result of a blow to their femininity, and they are worn with it all their lives until the tumor develops. I call it simply: "He really hurt me." If your relationship with someone ends, it doesn’t mean at all that everything is not all right with you, and it doesn’t prove at all what we are really worth. It is not at all what is happening to us in this life, but how we react to it. We, without exception, are 100% responsible for everything that happens to us.

Posted by Louise Hay