Tips on how to stop absorbing someone else's negative

Мотивационные привычки, которые изменят твой мир

There are so many different emotions. Some affect us positively, while others are on the contrary negative.

All people are able to "absorb" emotions, but some can be among the negative, without feeling uncomfortable.

And in others, it can result in depression or a mental disorder.

If the emotions and emotions of others are very much influenced by you, then, most likely, you are an empath.

You feel someone else's pain as your own, and other people's problems become yours.

Stop absorbing other people's emotions!

These 8 rules will help you get rid of the negative.

1. Determine the impact

You are an empath if you are very receptive. You physically feel the fear and emotions of other people. And also quickly get tired of a lot of people. You constantly think about your experiences. It's not bad, but try to minimize the impact on yourself of people with whom you are not close.

2. Seek a source of anxiety

Try to determine where or in whom there is a source of anxiety.

3. Try to avoid sources of anxiety

Think a little about yourself. Egoism in some cases - it is useful when viewed from the point of view of psychology. If there are sad people in the transport nearby, cross. Communicate with unpleasant people only on business. Do not be afraid to hurt someone.

4. Concentrate on breathing

If negative emotions came on you, then try to concentrate on breathing. Breathe calm and exhale negative. Clear your head of fear and other negative emotions.

5. Protective shield

Every time you are in company with people who are uncomfortable with you, imagine in front of you a sheet of paper. Think of it as a shield that reflects the whole negative.

6. Do not be Dependent

In any situation, you should not depend on other people and be their due. Leave the money for a taxi and pay bills. If you want to leave early, go. Do not wait for anyone.

7. Look for a positive source

Call and meet a person whose communication with you causes positive emotions. Soak up their positive and self-confidence. Also watch fascinating and positive films. Do not listen to depressing music.

8. Visit nature more often

If you want to be alone, you can not find a better place than in nature. It can be a forest, a city park or a beach. It will help you to relax.

Compassion and experience are good, but only in moderation. If you follow these rules, your life will be much easier.

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