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10 mistakes in a power conflict

Ошибки при силовом конфликте

Fight, brawl - a collision of two or more people without weapons, or using cold steel (knives, axes), or objects used as weapons (stones, pieces of reinforcement, sharpening, trimming pipes, brass knuckles, etc.), with causing beatings and (or) harm to health of varying severity.

Most often, a fight is a negative social phenomenon. The appearance of fights is due to difficult to resolve conflicts, hooligan motives and poorly understood aggression, which must be thrown out somewhere. In educational institutions, the fight is regarded as a violation of discipline, in the troops - as a manifestation of hazing.

From the point of view of law, a fight is an unlawful behavior, assessed as an administrative offense (hooliganism) or as a crime of varying severity depending on the consequences (beatings, minor, moderate, serious injuries, reckless death, murder). Investigation of crimes committed in a fight is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to establish who specifically inflicted those or other blows, caused one or another damage.

1. You expect the aggressor to hit you first to fight back. “Normal guys do not start the fight first” - the installation sits in your head. But it’s very, very difficult to defend against the first strike, even for a professional martial artist. Therefore, it turns out like in a western, "I wanted to shoot second, I just died first."

2. When you hit the gopnik, you look at what effect your blow will produce (passed out, fell off your feet, swayed, shook your head, as if nothing had happened). Instead of immediately consolidating and developing the success of the first successful attack, you give your opponent time to recover, give him free dope in the form of a dose of adrenaline, anger and hatred for you.

3. You are led in response to the wiring, "let's go, let's talk." You may find it strange to read about it, but 90% of men really think that they go out to talk. In fact, behind the door you will either be waiting for an unexpected kick from a turn, or a pre-stocked rebar, or an "active support team", of course, not yours.

4. As a continuation of the "children's" "patsian" show-offs, self-esteem does not allow you to get around a group of men from a long distance, choose a safe route, and each time prepare a means of self-defense at the entrance to the entrance. The result is an unexpected plop, then it doesn’t hurt and I don’t remember, it’s good if you find yourself at home with a black eye, and not in intensive care or in the morgue.

5. Do you really think that a traumatic gun / gas spray / stun gun at the bottom of your man purse will help you out in a difficult situation. The harsh reality is such that after the first flop, a person forgets everything in the world and, at best, awkwardly brushes it off. After the conflict comes a belated understanding: "I also had a gun with me!" (in the purse that was selected). Morality: Remove a means of self-defense in advance.

6. You understand that a fight is inevitable, but continue to doubt and weigh your chances of winning / for a peaceful outcome. The longer you think, the more “bad” adrenaline builds up in your blood, causing your knees to bend and your hands to weaken. Attention is being scattered, there is less chance of successfully repelling an opponent’s attack that is about to begin. The correct option - I realized that a fight is inevitable, turned off the internal dialogue, immediately attacked first.

7. I am an adequate person and I can resolve any conflict peacefully. That is exactly what some of the intensive care clients thought. But the gopnik did not think so, he has no brains and there is no desire either to listen to your adequate reasoning. He grabs his breasts and hits his forehead in the nose. The correct option if a fight is inevitable - see paragraph 6.

8. If you defend yourself too actively and successfully, they will put you in prison. It’s better to let the gopniks beat them a little. Sometimes there are guys who cannot stop in time. And only brains splashed from a broken skull make them realize that they "overdid" a little. The correct option is life-saving, but extremely painful blows to the genitals, knees, legs.

9. Shouting girls and underpants. A real man must endure. That is exactly what the client of morgue number 6 considered at the moment when the football support team played football. The team realized that it was carried away only when the “ball” began to fall apart. A scream makes people stop, attracts the attention of others and greatly increases your chances of escape.

10. Self-defense is equal to hand-to-hand combat: two guys went to the center of the courtyard, shook hands, at the command “battle” they began to exchange blows “to the first blood”. In fact, the “bad” guy may not stop at the “first blood” and even the first broken ribs. And if he feels that you are winning, he can grab a knife or raise a brick. The “fight” command might not have been heard, and the face of the opponent who unexpectedly hit you in the back of the head with a brick is quite difficult to see.

Conclusion - do not see the “patsansky” show-offs, do not hesitate, hit first, there are no honest fights on the street, so you need to win at any cost, because the reward for this victory is your health or life.