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10 errors in force conflict

Ошибки при силовом конфликте

Fighting, scuffle - clash of two or more people without weapons, or with the use of cold weapons (knives, axes), or items used as weapons (stones, pieces of fixtures, sharpeners, trimmings, knuckles, etc.), with causing beatings and / or harm to health of varying severity.

More often than not, a fight is a negative social phenomenon. The emergence of fights is due to hard-to-solve conflicts, hooligan motivations and poorly perceived aggression, which must be thrown out somewhere. In educational institutions, the fight is regarded as a violation of discipline, in the troops - as a manifestation of hazing.

From the legal point of view, the fight is unlawful behavior, is assessed as an administrative offense (hooliganism) or as a crime of varying severity depending on the consequences (beatings, causing harm to the health of small, medium gravity, serious harm, imprudent death, murder). Investigation of crimes committed in the fight is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to determine who specifically inflicted those or other blows, caused some damage.

1. You expect an aggressor to hit you first to give change. "Normal guys fight first not start" - sits in your mind setting. But from the first blow to defend very, very difficult, even a professional sportsman-martial artist. Therefore it turns out as in the western, "I wanted to shoot second, only died first".

2. When you hit gopnik, you look at what effect your blow will produce (it is cut down, fell off your feet, staggered, shook your head as if nothing had happened). Instead of immediately consolidating and developing the success of the first successful attack, you give your opponent time to recover, give him free doping in the form of a dose of adrenaline, anger and hatred for you.

3. You are in response to the wiring "let's go out let's talk". Perhaps it's strange for you to read about it, but 90% of men really believe that they go out to talk. In fact, behind the door you will be waiting for either an unexpected punch from a reversal, or a pre-stored armaturen, or an "active support team", of course, not yours.

4. As a continuation of the "children's" "patsan" pontoons, self-esteem does not allow you to get around a long distance from a group of men, choose a safe route, each time to prepare a self-defense device at the entrance to the entrance. The result is an unexpected plume, it's no longer painful and I do not remember, it's good if you find yourself at home with a black eye, and not in intensive care and not in the morgue.

5. Do you really think that a traumatic gun / gas cartridge / electric shock at the bottom of your handy will help you in a difficult situation. The harsh reality is that after the first plume, a person forgets everything in the world and, at best, waggles awkwardly. After the conflict comes a belated understanding: "I also had a gun with me!" (in the purse you took away). Moral: Take the self-defense tool in advance.

6. You understand that the fight is inevitable, but you continue to doubt and weigh your chances of winning / on a peaceful outcome. The longer you think, the more you accumulate in your blood "bad" adrenaline, forcing your knees to bend, and your arms to weaken. The attention is dissipated, there are less and less chances to successfully reflect the impending attack that is about to begin. The correct option - I realized that the fight is inevitable, disconnected the internal dialogue, immediately attacked first.

7. I am an adequate person and I can settle any conflict peacefully. This is what some of the clients of intensive care thought. A Gopnik did not think so, he has no brains and listen to your adequate reasoning, too, no desire. She grabs the breasts and beats her forehead. The correct option in case the fight is inevitable - see point 6.

8. If too actively and successfully defended, they will be imprisoned. Better let them beat a bit of gopnik. Sometimes there are guys who can not stop in time. And only brains from the pierced skull of the brain make them understand that they "overreacted" a little. The correct option - safe for life, but extremely painful blows to the genitals, knees, legs.

9. Screaming girls and cowards. A real man must endure. This is exactly what the client of the morgue number 6 considered, at the moment when the football support team played them football. The team realized that they were carried away only when the "ball" began to fall apart. Screaming makes people stop, attracts the attention of others and greatly increases your chances of escape.

10. Self-defense is equal to hand-to-hand fight: two guys went out into the center of the yard, shook hands, at the command of "battle" they started exchanging blows "to the first blood". In fact, a "bad" guy may not stop at the "first blood" and even the first broken ribs. And if he feels that you win, he can snatch a knife or raise a brick. Team "battle" might not have sounded, and the face of an opponent who unexpectedly struck you with a brick in the back of his head, is quite difficult to discern.

Conclusion - do not see the "patsan" show-offs, do not delay, beat first, on the street there are no honest battles therefore you need to achieve victory at any cost, because the reward for this victory is your health or life.