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Facts about the female orgasm that you must know

Факты о женском оргазме, которые ты обязан знать

Orgasm (dr. Greek - pour (juice), swell; glow with passion) - the culmination of sexual arousal, characterized by a strong sense of pleasure, satisfaction. It usually occurs as a result of mechanical stimulation of erogenous zones, usually genitals, during vaginal intercourse, oral or anal sex, masturbation, stimulation of erogenous zones by the partner's hand, tongue, and other forms of sexual activity. Clitoral orgasm in women is caused by stimulation of the clitoris (the clitoris is usually protected from external stimuli by the labia). Perhaps the onset of orgasm in a dream; in men, this phenomenon is accompanied by ejaculation and is called pollutions (usually during puberty). Also, an orgasm can occur from severe overexcitation, even without touching the genitals. Orgasm is the third, highest phase of changes that occur in a person in his cycle of sexual response.

Female orgasm - (from the Greek. Orgao - glow with passion) - the highest point of sexual arousal, after which a woman begins to discharge the accumulated sexual tension. According to scientists, a woman’s orgasm does not play a role in procreation, because the main task of a woman is to bear and give birth to a child. For this reason, the ability of women to experience orgasmic discharge is not programmed by nature. Most women experience pleasant feelings during sex, but not an orgasm. An orgasm may occur some time after the onset of sexual relations, may appear with a new sexual partner. The thing is that the guarantee of the female “highest pleasure” is by no means in physiology, but in the “head” - in the woman’s knowledge of her body and openness to her partner.

Find out what your girlfriend needs for maximum comfort, refresh your memory on how to properly handle her breasts, learn to predict the onset of orgasm - keep a short guide to female pleasure! May the force be with you!


Sexopathologists distinguish three main types of orgasm: vaginal, clitoral and extragenital .

  • Clitoral orgasm can be achieved by stimulating the clitoris.
  • To achieve vaginal orgasm , vaginal stimulation of the phallus, fingers or vibrator is necessary.
  • Extragenital orgasm can occur with passionate hugs, kisses, affection, in the absence of sexual intercourse.

Erogenous zones

To achieve orgasm, the accumulation of pleasant sexual sensations is important. The most important role in this is played by the physiological processes that accompany sexual arousal. Leaking for a certain period of time, they can lead to orgasm. Thus, orgasm is impossible without sexual arousal, which can be caused by irritation of the erogenous zones. The erogenous zones of a woman include the neck, ears, the area between the shoulder blades, the lower abdomen, the inner thighs, the labia majora, the pubis and, of course, the clitoris.

They can enhance sensuality and talk about sex, discussing each other's sexual fantasies, sex games, watching erotic films and pornography.

Let her forget the time

Just as you are anxious not to finish too fast, women worry that they need too much time to achieve orgasm, so many decide to imitate it or just do without it. Decision? Stop both worrying about your orgasms. A recent Swedish study proved that relaxation is the most important factor in achieving a female orgasm. Tell her you have the whole night ahead. The sincere you express your tolerance for long caresses and your willingness to give her pleasure, with or without an orgasm, the easier it will be for her to open up and experience pleasure. By the way, scientific evidence says that on average, a woman takes 15 to 40 minutes to reach orgasm. Are you in a hurry?

Get her with your talent

Best sex begins long before undressing. Talent is a powerful aphrodisiac, say scientists at the Kinsey Institute. Hit her with guitar skills or dart accuracy. Or make you laugh until you drop with your parody of Elvis Presley. Yes, a sense of humor is also a talent.

Open your mouth when she undresses

Tell her that she looks great (you yourself like to see her without clothes, right?). Obviously, flattery here, in which case, will be completely appropriate. A number of studies report that women who worry about their appearance (and the appearance of their bikini area) are less likely to reach orgasm. Convince her that she is beautiful!

Be always gentle with breasts

During the foreplay, first gently stroke her breasts from above, below and from the side. These areas are actually more sensitive than unexcited areoles and nipples. Gradually move closer to the latter, paying attention to her reaction. With increasing excitement, blood will flow not only to the nipples, but also below!

Learn to press the necessary keys, Change the angle of attack

Most women love competent handwork - this means that the pace and amplitude of movements must be increased gradually. Do this: lie down next to her and put your palm just above the clitoris. Now guide your middle and ring fingers along her big lips. At first, barely touching the skin, increasing pressure with an increase in its arousal. Place your palm over the clitoris area to add indirect stimulation - most women are too sensitive to harsh touch at an early stage. Next, place your palm on the venus of the tubercle (protruding pubic bone) and tease the clitoris with your fingertips, moving with the whole brush.

Change angle of attack

Explore different types of penetration to understand what turns it on most. Your first stop is point G, which is 2.5–5 cm inside on the front wall of the vagina. This area swells when excited. Try to slowly massage it with your fingers. For many women, it tears off the roof. Is your girlfriend not one of them? Just keep exploring!

Use multifunctional movements

Here is a pose that will surely lead her to orgasm (at least if you put in enough effort): ask her to lie on her back, legs extended. Lie on top of her, hug her by the shoulders, holding your body on the elbows, enter into it and rise so that your chest is at the level of her chin. The goal is to make your penis base touch her clitoris. Move slowly, focusing more on the movement of the body up and down than on the movement of the penis back and forth.

Another cool move: rub your pubis in a circle or up and down relative to her clitoris. This will be a break between intense frictions, and she will receive a focused dose of attention to her most important area.

Learn to predict the onset of her orgasm

Take it easy with oral sex - don't pounce on her like a piece of fried meat. First, kiss the inside of her thighs, large and small lips, and only then use your tongue to penetrate inside. Listen to her moans while experimenting with different language techniques. And keep track of signs of an orgasm approaching, such as a slight darkening of the small lips from a rush of blood. Or put a hand on her stomach to feel muscle contraction just before orgasm.

Do not change horses at the crossing

When you reach the point of no return, you have an orgasm, even if you are interrupted by Rina Zelena in thong. But your girlfriend can lose her mood at any time if you change the pace or stop when her orgasm approaches. Women like to try new things and experiment, but when you have already found what she likes the most, do not change the technique until the very end.

Let her cum first

Chasing an illusory joint orgasm is a worthy goal, but many women, especially those with a sensitive clitoris, respond better to the “ladies first” strategy. If you rub yourself against the clitoris for too long, it can lose sensitivity, so satisfy it with your mouth or fingers until the act. Bonus: as you know, the second orgasm occurs in women faster than the first. Feel free to go "encore"! That is, come in.