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Aromatic apartment

Ароматная квартира

What is the smell of your home? The smell in each of the apartments is different from the smell of the other. The best odor in the house is probably the aroma of cooked food, and the worst is the stale air and unpleasant odors.

Air fresheners correct the situation for a while. The action of the aerosol does not last for a long time, and this is certainly chemistry. But it's nice when the house feels fresh and pleasant aroma of air. Airing an apartment in this case is not enough. It is necessary to resort also to other methods.

Ароматная квартира

The easiest way to refresh the air in the apartment is to add essential oils to the spray bottle and spray it in the apartment. You can also freshen the air in the toilet by spraying or refreshing the air by spraying into the cardboard core of a roll of toilet paper.

Aromatic stones for the restroom: use a small shelf where you can put 2-3 “aroma stones” the size of a button. Drip on stones oil of lavender, ylang-ylang or pine and update them every week. This will fill the room with a delicate smell and heal the atmosphere.

Radical aroma mixture: add 30 drops of lavender oil, tea tree and lemon (30 drops all together) in 1 liter of vinegar. How should shake the mixture, ready. This simple and economical composition perfectly cleans and disinfects any surface.

Deodorant for the room: pour a few drops of oil (mint, orange, cedar, sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla) in a spray bottle with water. Shake well. You can immediately use as a freshener in the apartment and in any room.

Aromopalochki: pour essential oil into a small glass jar to your taste and pour any baby oil into a container. Put bamboo sticks in it. An hour later they are fed with oil, and aromatic sticks are ready!

Fragrant wooden cubes: you will need your favorite essential oil, wooden cubes (2 cm) and capacity. Apply the oil to the cubes with a brush. Place them in a closed container and leave overnight, and in the morning open and breathe in the romat.

Ароматная квартира

Fresh fragrance

Before you start vacuuming, moisten a piece of cotton wool with a few drops of lavender and suck it in with a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner on its way will always leave a delicate “Provencal” flavor. The aroma can be replaced with your favorite - for example, orange oil will add the fresh scent of citruses, pine oil will create an atmosphere of coolness of the shady pine forest.

Clean fridge

Moisten 1 drop of lavender essential oil and 1 drop of lemon oil with a porous stone made of baked clay or plain gauze (in this case, the essential oils will evaporate faster) and place them on the refrigerator door. Update essential oils periodically.

Fresh trashcan

Wash and dry the waste basket, put 1 drop of lavender oil and 1 drop of tea tree on the aroma stone, a piece of gauze or a cotton ball and place it on the bottom.

How to "refresh" the microwave

Put 3 drops of lemon or peppermint essential oil in a container with water. Set for 3 minutes.

Fragrant toilet

Use a small shelf where you can put 2-3 aroma stones the size of small cookies. Put lavender, ylang-ylang or pine oil on the stones. Update them every week. This will fill the toilet with a delicate smell and heal the atmosphere.

Nice underwear

There are 2 ways: either you add a terry mitten to the clothes dryer, which drip 7 drops of lavender, mint, roses or eucalyptus (or any other oil, your favorite), or add 3 drops of the same oils to water to add to the iron.

! Essential oils are non-greasy and will not stain your laundry!

Any surface

Add 30 drops of lavender oil, tea tree and / or lemon (30 drops - all, not everyone!) In 1 liter of vinegar. Shake well. This simple and economical composition perfectly cleans and disinfects any surface. The same composition wipe ashtrays.

Descaling and odor in the sink, sink, bath, saucepans, electric kettle

Use the above composition (for cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces): synthetic vinegar is the best descaler. It is more effective when heated, so you can quite easily pour the liquid into the kettle with boiling water and leave it to “infuse” from several minutes to an hour. Your kettle will be in perfect condition and without a single microbe - thanks to the essential oils. Pouring a few drops of the composition into the kitchen sink and bathtub drain, and then letting out a stream of boiling water from a tap for a few minutes, you will get rid of the unpleasant smell from there.

Room deodorant

Pour a few drops of your favorite oil (mint, orange, cedar, sandalwood) into a spray bottle of water. Shake well and spray the room. The same effect gives the addition of inexpensive perfumes with aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and other goodies. Repeat 2-3 times a week. It will also help get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke or burnt food (combined with pre-ventilation).

And get rid of insects too

How to use toxic insecticides that are harmful to both humans and domestic animals, which also smell bad, it is better to spray essential oils in the air - lavender, cedar or eucalyptus. No sprayer? Then add a few drops in a container of hot water or even into pieces of cotton and spread them around the room.