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What if the pressure jumps

Что делать, если скачет давление

Arterial hypertension (hypertension, high blood pressure, hypertension, ancient Greek, "over, above" + ancient Greek "tension, tone.".) - A persistent increase in blood pressure of 140/90 mm Hg. Art. and higher. Essential hypertension (hypertension) is 90-95% of cases of hypertension. In other cases diagnosed secondary, symptomatic arterial hypertension: kidney (nephrogenic) - 3-4%, endocrine - 0.1-0.3%, hemodynamic, neurologic, stress due to intake of certain substances (iatrogenic) and hypertension during pregnancy, at which increase in blood pressure is one of the symptoms of the underlying disease. Among iatrogenic hypertension highlights caused by intake of dietary supplements and medicines. In women taking hormonal contraceptives, more likely to develop hypertension (especially noticeable in obese women, women who smoke and elderly women). With the development of hypertension in the patients receiving these drugs and dietary supplements, they should be abolished. The decision to cancel other medications taken by your doctor. Hypertension is not caused by oral contraceptives, is not a contraindication to hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women. However, at the beginning of hormone replacement therapy, blood pressure (blood pressure) should be monitored more frequently as possible to increase it.

Doctors recommend at pressure jumps

Что делать, если скачет давление

Hypertension - one of the most common diseases of the cardiovascular system. It was found that hypertension affects 20-30% of the adult population. With age, the prevalence of the disease increases and reaches 50-65% in persons over 65 years. The emergence of essential hypertension contribute more than 20 combinations in the human genetic code.

Problems with the pressure of typical off-season - unstable weather could adversely affect the vascular condition. To maintain a healthy vascular tone, listen to the advice of doctors.

It helps askorbinka

Vitamin C - one of the main elements of the maintenance of vessels. Researchers at Tufts University have found out: people who use the day askorbinki less than one orange (70 mg), the pressure in the next six months was higher by about 20 units compared with those who received more vitamin C.

The only problem is that the vitamin C is rapidly degraded in the body by smoking, some drugs (e.g., aspirin, antidepressants and certain antibiotics), as well as cold stress and infections. Doctors recommend eating a day at least 250 mg of vitamin C. This dose is contained in the three oranges or two bell peppers, or in a glass of black currant juice or cranberry.

Products with iron

Iron is essential for the normal cerebral circulation.

Add its reserves in the body can help: beef liver, buckwheat, ripe pomegranate, green apples or a couple slices of black bread. Especially a lot of iron in Borodino bread.


If every day to eat a small portion of yogurt, then the probability of developing hypertension decreased by one-third, experts say.

Contained therein calcium increases the flexibility of blood vessels and, therefore, it is easier to adapt to changes in pressure and expanded.

Deep breathing

Normally we breathe superficially - with such a breath level of carbon dioxide (C02) in the blood is high enough. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide constricts blood vessels and stimulates pain.

To saturate the cells with oxygen, to breathe deeply. Do breath nose on account of up to five, then exhale mouth (up to five). Repeat 10 times. Breathing exercises to be performed in the open air.

knead muscles

The tension in the shoulders, neck and back muscles can cause pain that is given in the head. This often happens from sedentary work, sitting so long in one position.

Your task - to stretch your muscles. Have someone make a massage or knead the problem areas on their own. Then take a deep breath, hold your breath for the lead to 8 and exhale.

Glass of water

Well to start the day with a glass of mineral water (or warm water), and pre-dinner drink a glass of fresh juice - it tones the blood vessels and metabolism.


To quickly remove the vascular spasm, can take antispasmodic (Nospanum, spazgan, baralgin - your choice) and aspirin.

If the hand is no means leaning his forehead against the window for a few minutes. Glass lift from the scalp, static electricity, and the tension is gone.

The reaction to the weather ...

Что делать, если скачет давление

In hypotensive blood pressure may drop. In this case, we need money activating effect, increasing pressure: ginseng, green tea tablets, Chinese Schizandra, Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus, papaya extract. In the morning, have a cup of good strong and sweet (glucose raises pressure) coffee. But in general it is not necessary to get involved in coffee: this drink can trigger vasospasm.

In hypertensive pressure may drop, or vice versa jump. They should always be kept on hand and act tonometer depending on its performance. You can take drugs, corrective cerebral circulation, but only after consultation with a cardiologist. When the heart pressure (tonometer lower rate) can take a soothing cordial.

> Warning! High numbers of blood pressure at a young age (under 30 years) may be a sign of symptomatic hypertension, which are not caused by vascular disorders, and kidney disease or endocrine system. It should be examined for the cause of the search - to pass urine and blood samples, check the adrenal hormones, etc...

If high pressure numbers are stored, it is necessary to take drugs, it is reduced. And all the time, every day - for the prevention of pressure build-up, not when the pressure has jumped.

How to cure hypertension forever

Что делать, если скачет давление

Hypertension, high blood pressure is very common. Therefore, there are many recipes, how to treat hypertension folk remedies. Many tools can help reduce the pressure only for a while. Here you can read how to cure hypertension forever.

The personal experience of the readers of the newspaper "Herald HLS" proves it.

Syrup of hawthorn and viburnum

Collect 1 bucket viburnum, hawthorn bucket 1, 2-3 kg of rose hips, it all wash, fill in the flank and soar about an hour, not allowing to boil. Then add 5 kg of sugar, boil for 15 minutes and tighten at the banks. Throughout the winter to drink 50 grams of syrup, pouring water to the state of Morse. A woman of 74 years used this recipe. Prior to that she was greatly increased pressure, there was a terrible arrhythmia, pressure surges, hypertensive crisis, ambulance came almost every day. After this treatment of hypertension folk remedy tachycardia attacks completely gone, the pressure was 130/80 - 110/70. (HLS 2000, №20, p. 4)

Ingredients to improve the cardiovascular system

Composition №1 Take honey - 500 g, vodka - 500 g Mix. Heat, stirring constantly, until the surface of the solid milk foam. Remove from heat, let stand. (HLS 2000, №20, p. 4)

Composition №2 Boil 1 liter of water, take a pinch of the following herbs: motherwort, uliginose, valerian root, chamomile, and knotweed. Quit herbs in boiling water. Insist half an hour. Strain.

Mixed composition №1 and №2. Insist in a dark place for 3 days. Take 1 tbsp. l. 2 times a day, morning and evening.

At first it seems that nothing is happening. But over time, the effect is manifested: are heart pain, angina, pressure surges. The main thing to take the medicine until the last spoon regularly and on time. When the mixture is complete, make a new batch, and after 7-10 days of rest to hold another course. A full course of treatment with this folk remedy - 1 year. (HLS 2000, №20, p. 12)

A woman who is hypertensive crises occur several times a week, I have prepared this tool. I saw it 1 year, a year preparing the composition of 5 times. As a result of treatment is gradually reduced pressure, hypertensive crises not occurred, the ECG has stabilized, the number of medications are much reduced. (HLS 2012, №3, p. 8).

Another woman has used this folk remedy for hypertension. Propyl composition of the whole year, although it helped immediately. As a result of pressure from 180 dropped to normal. Only occasionally reaches 140. (HLS 2004, №14, p. 8)

Beets in folk remedies treatment of hypertension.

The woman suffered from hypertension 33 years. In 50 years, she was offered a folk remedy, simple and cheap, which helped to get rid of pressure surges and completely cure hypertension.

Peel raw beets, cut into pieces, put in the three-liter jar 2/3 volume, add cold boiled water, cover with gauze and leave at room temperature for 7 days. Drain infusion, store in the refrigerator. Drink 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. While receiving the infusion, to prepare the next bank. If the disease is not running, you can cure hypertension for 3 months. In advanced cases, treatment will have a little longer. (HLS 2002, №12, p. 6)

Hypertensive cocktail if the pressure jumps

At 0.5 liters of water pour 1 tbsp. l. with the top of dry hawthorn flowers, boil for 5-7 minutes on low heat. Broth strain. One glass in the form of heat to drink on an empty stomach, the second, cooled in the evening before dinner. However, hawthorn decoction of valerian take 1 tablet before breakfast, before lunch 1 tablet, 2 tablets before going to bed. Such treatment of hypertension lasts at least two years during the regular daily intake of healing "cocktail", pressure surges are terminated, it is always normal. The flowers of hawthorn can be purchased at the pharmacy (HLS 2002, №13, p. 2).

Golden mustache hypertension

Make a tincture from the plant "golden mustache" - 15-17 knees mustache 0.5 liters of vodka, insist 12 days. Drink in the morning on the dessert spoon for 30-40 minutes before meals.

Woman takes for the second batch of liqueur and a third insists. Starting to drink tincture, gradually abandoned the tablet feel much improved, hypertensive crises no longer occur (HLS 2003, №17, p. 25).

Oxygen cocktail from hypertension

A man came out of 50 years of retirement, at this age he had a great many diseases - hypertension, II degree, suffered a stroke. From smoke and fire works were sick lungs - shortness of breath, cough at night.

Comrade sent him from Moscow oxygen cocktail for free. I tried, and he really liked it - it became easier to breathe. Take these cocktails 3 months. The result is magnificent - pressure returned to normal, the heart does not ache, shortness of breath was held, easy to clean. Who started playing volleyball in UNICS (HLS 2004, №1, p. 9).

How to cure hypertension water

A woman 20 years ago read an article by a professor of medicine that could cure hypertension by a simple method, but could not explain the secret of his effectiveness. The procedure is as follows: it is necessary to put on the table in the evening a glass of drinking water. In the morning to massage your head with your fingers, to catch up, get up, take a glass, high-rise. In his other hand to hold the empty glass, and pour much water. Doing so 30 times. All that was left in the glass to drink in small sips. The woman was treated in this way for about a month, with 210/90 pressure dropped to 130/70. Now all suggests a simple remedy for high blood pressure, it helps. First, almost all the water she poured, and now does not lose a single drop (2004 №21, p. 27)

Male, 83 years old, and drink water in the morning, transfused from a mug in a mug 28 times. Figures on the tonometer decreased for the third day. Water should be not less than 250 g, the height between the circles - 60 cm. The water should not be boiled. Water to drink small sips all at once after the transfusion for 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after. Especially effective is the water helps to reduce the pressure in the morning on an empty stomach. At the first stage of hypertension water acts 12 hours or more. If the upper indicator is higher than 150, the water to help drugs. But a dose of medication due to water can be reduced by 2-4 raza.Tak the man noticed that water works better if, after its admission does not remain at rest, and enhance the blood circulation via the respiratory or physical exercise, massage. He often uses a three-minute neck massage. For 4 months of experiments with water he was tinnitus, sleep improved, medication dose decreased by 4 times, which is reflected on the family budget effectively and reducing side effects (HLS 2007, number 13, pp. 8-9).

Hypertension Treatment with hydrogen peroxide

The man suffered from hypertension for more than 30 years. Many years taking medications exactly at the appointed time. The daily dose is regulated depending on the performance of the tonometer. The pressure of trying to keep within the limits of 120-140 / 70-80. Funds from hypertension are constantly changing, so it was not addictive and there was no need to increase in connection with this dose. But, in spite of strict control, pressure surges have occurred when the pressure is over a 200.

I decided to treat hypertension with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Began with 2 drops, was added 1 drop a day, he reached 10 drops. I took them 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Blood pressure was controlled in the morning and evening, he recorded the testimony of the tonometer in a notebook. In the first month of treatment with peroxide no changes are noticed. In the next 3 months performance even worse. There was thought to give up treatment, but the man managed to fight off her. Only 7 months he was able to give up the drugs, because without them the pressure was kept in normal 120 / 60-75. Moreover, more and more often began to appear in notebooks mark "coffee" - it means the pressure dropped to 100/50 and had a cup of coffee, to bring it back to normal. Now the patient for months do without drugs, though always keeps them ready - there are pressure surges during magnetic storms. (HLS 2007, number 21, page 11).

Women suffer high blood pressure, after receiving the peroxide, the pressure returned to normal, at the same time was chronic bronchitis. (2004, №2 p.9)

Syrup of chernoplodki help cure hypertension

If pressure skips help chokeberry - with regular use it can cure hypertension forever. Take 5 kg of chokeberry, pour 4 liters of boiling water, bring to a boil, wrap up and leave for a day. Strain, but do not throw the berries. Ottsezhenny infusion of berries to put on the fire, add 4 kg of sugar, 4 tbsp. l. citric acid. Bring to the boil pour into banks tighten. It can be cold syrup and pour into jars and bottles, and tightly twist, but then have to be stored in the refrigerator. The remaining berries pour 3 liters of boiling water, bring to a boil again to wrap up a day, drain. Then add 3 kg of sugar and 3 tbsp. l. citric acid. Bring to a boil, pour into banks.

Take this syrup for the treatment of pressure at any time, diluting it with water. It turns out tasty drink. This tool is able to quickly reduce the pressure, so we need to find the measure. Do not forget that chernoplodki capable of thickening the blood, if you have increased blood clotting, it is better to look for another folk remedy for hypertension. (HLS 2007, number 23, p. 30).

If too lazy to do the syrup, then aronia can nasushit and drink tea, reducing the pressure in a coffee grinder to grind 100 grams of dried berries of mountain ash and 100 grams of peppermint mix. Brew as a tea for 1-2 items. l. to 1 cup of water. (2008, №5, p. 12).

How to treat hypertension oats

The woman after 60 years has been the rise pressure. At the same time that there is a pain in the neck, unpleasant feelings in the heart. She tried to lower the pressure in the home by various folk remedies: went to bed, put mustard on eggs, on the soles of compresses with vinegar on the pill. But to no avail, I had to call "ambulance." One day she complained about her illness her friend, she advised her to drink a decoction of oats. The patient grabbed the recipe, like a straw, cutting two courses, but not to the end - too lazy. But, despite this, the pressure was held for 3 years is normal.

Wash with 2 tbsp. l. oats, pour two cups of hot water, boil for 15 minutes, to insist 12 hours. Strain. We obtain about 300 g of broth. Take 100 g 3 times a day before meals. Drink 1 month, 15 days break and another course. After two courses of treatment to monitor the pressure, if it is a little lifted, repeat the treatment of hypertension. (HLS 2007, number 24, p. 34).

The mixture Shevchenko from hypertension

A woman in 1973 was diagnosed with 'high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. " Since then, more than 30 years she has lived on injections and tablets. When taking the medication - the pressure is reduced to 1-2 hours, and then rises again. If you lie down - begin disruptions in the heart. Sleep could only on the right side. When she read about the method of Shevchenko (vodka and butter 30:30), I decided to use it for the treatment of high blood pressure. Start with a dose of 20 + 20, once daily in the morning. It immediately became ill, fell sharply pressure, heart beat erratically. Continued this state (pressure surges, arrhythmia) 4 days, the woman decided to throw such treatment, but on the fifth day she was better, then even better. On the 7th day, she began to drink 30 + 30 and drinks so still. High blood pressure returned to normal, the heart does not ache, depression has passed.

A mixture of 1 drink per day in the morning on an empty stomach. 10 days of drinking, 5 days rest. So 4 years. For 4 years I did not drink a single pill. In the first month in a five-day break was sometimes pressure peaks, and then everything was stable. (HLS 2007, № 1, p. 23).

Another woman was treating endometriosis using hormones. As a result, she developed hypertension, aggravated varicose veins, sick stomach. I decided to use a mixture of Shevchenko. First saw it 3 times a day, and after the improvement - 1 time per day. As a result, all these diseases it has passed (HLS 2003, number 13, p. 24).

Hypertension Treatment folk remedies

The woman is constantly rolls over the pressure - on the scale of the blood pressure monitor is not enough, "soon" came constantly. After one particularly severe hypertensive crisis it provoked a daughter by telegram, she appeared in her in the evening. An elderly woman was tortured pain and disruption of the heart, headaches, lack of sleep. The daughter went through prescription drugs and has noticed that the therapist and the neurologist gave her the same drug with different names. The patient saw a double dose tablets, hoping to improve. Daughter brewed dill seeds, given to drink a decoction of the patient, and put it near the face cloth soaked in peppermint drops. The woman slept well for the first time. After that, every day she drank the broth and ate Cudweed grated raw beets on an empty stomach, drink beet kvass, from tablets refused. Gradually, everything will work out, she lived another 15 years, the pressure was kept normal, "fast" does not cause (HLS 2007, № 3, p. 8).

How did you manage to cure hypertension oak ash

Pour 4 tbsp. l. oak ash 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 1 day. Infusion take 3 tbsp. l. 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 2 weeks. Then take a break and spend 5 days even 1 course. The woman held the treatment of hypertension with this folk remedy, is now pressure she 135/85 (HLS 2007, № 5, p. 30).

Treatment of hypertension fraction of ASD-2

To lower the pressure, a fraction of SDA-2 have the general scheme, but begin with 5 drops daily by adding one droplet was adjusted to 20 drops. Drink up to normalization of pressure.

The general scheme of receiving ASD F-2: 15-30 drops diluted in 50-100 ml of water or strong tea. Drink fasted for 20-40 minutes before meals 2 times a day. 5 days of drinking, 3 day break, drink 5 days, 3 days a break, drink 5 days, month break. Then repeat the circuit until complete recovery (HLS 2007, №9, p. 7).

The woman began to take a fraction of ASD-2 for the treatment of hypertension. After a couple of weeks felt much better, the pressure has stabilized, passed shortness of breath and weakness. Now drink the SDA for the prevention of 1 times a day, 10 drops. In addition, she had a polyp in the stomach, which is intended to operate - he disappeared after taking the SDA. (HLS 2010, number 10, p. 10).

As a mother-in-law-in-law cured of hypertension

The man was the last of hypertension, the blood pressure monitor is constantly on the indicators were 220/180. Peel medication injections - helped for a time, and money for treatment, care a lot. Mother-in-law, after seeing this, decided to treat the son-in-itself. She was a healer and has lived up to 90 years. As a result of her treatment pressure in-law was 130/90.

In the three-liter jar with a strong brew (55 degrees) add 0.5 cups of dry rose hips and hawthorn, chokeberry, pine nuts with shells, flowers irgi, 4 mint leaves, a sprig of St. John's wort, oregano, 3 stalks of thyme. Bank to close the lid and insist in a dark place for 2 weeks. Strain, pour into bottles. Take 1 tbsp. l. morning and evening before meals. A week after the start of treatment with this folk remedy, a man forgot about hypertension. (HLS 2007, number 9, p. 30).

Onions with honey, if the pressure jumps

1 cup onion scrolled in a meat grinder to mix with 1 cup of honey. Take 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day before meals. The man ate 2 servings of such, and the pressure it has been over a year is normal. However, tinnitus is not passed. (HLS 2008, number 24, p. 31).

Treatment of hypertension nuts

One man was returning home from Georgia and a fellow traveler on the train gave him a simple advice on how to reduce high blood pressure. It is necessary to buy 4-5 kg ​​of walnuts - enough for a full course. In the morning on an empty stomach eat 4-5 walnuts kernel. The man followed this advice, it is a good help. The effect held for a long time. (HLS 2008, number 12, pp. 30-31).

Gymnastics and hypertension

Woman '64 decided to do gymnastics Bubnovskogo. She went to this issue seriously, every day without gaps began to do three basic exercises: push-ups, sit-ups and lifting straight legs, lying on his back. Doing these exercises 173 times intermittently. The benefits gained great. Weight dropped from 63 kg to 58 kg, the arrhythmia passed almost immediately, but the high pressure was kept for a long time, and only a year later began to decline. Now it .. 130/70 (HLS 2008, № 4, p. 32).

What speaks Bubnovsky doctor about the treatment of hypertension in gymnastics. It is known that 70% of the blood collected in the veins of the lower extremities. To help the heart pump blood to help peripheral heart - so physiologists call leg muscles. When the work in its stress removed heart. Squats - the safest way to pump blood upwards. There is only one contraindication - coxarthrosis. The ideal rate - 100 squats - 10 times to 10 times.

Another woman wrote a letter that it was possible to get rid of pressure surges and bring it back to normal with the help of sit-ups. It makes it are only 3 times a day for 10 sit-ups. Also passed tachycardia, to the fifth floor without elevator began to rise, and without interruption. (HLS 2012, number 15, p. 32)

Kalmyk yoga

It squats apnea and inclined torso parallel to the floor. This kind of squat is more effective in the treatment of many diseases: reduced pressure, blood sugar, asthma takes place, increases immunity.

Exercises also make lots by 10-50 times. The man with the help of this tool could reduce the pressure to 190/100 to 140/90 for training six months. (HLS 2003, №3, p. 23).

The leaves of apple trees, if the pressure jumps and hurts the heart

Leaves should be nasushit much for the whole year, the apple does not matter the variety, the leaves can be harvested from May to September, as long as they have not been treated with pesticides. Brew 3-4 leaf in 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 30-40 minutes, drink the infusion during the day.

The man was ischemic heart disease. In July, he was discharged from the hospital barely alive, appointed treatment, but it did not help. The man could not walk, has turned into a skeleton. In August, his wife began to drink the infusion of apple leaves. Drugs continued to take, but gradually reduce the dose. Appetite, no longer feel cold feet, in December completely abandoned the tablets t. To. The pressure was normal and the heart does not hurt. Recipe he was little changed, added to the broth hips and hawthorn in a glass of broth add 1 ch. L. honey (HLS 2009, number 12, p. 11).

Woman ill with hypertension 25 years, no pills have not helped her. The pressure was 240/140, my heart ached, "soon" came constantly. The HLS read about folk remedy for hypertension - apple leaves. It began in June, drink the infusion of the leaves. In late December, the lower the pressure returned to normal, Upper dropped to 150-170. In March, the pressure was 130/70. (HLS 2010, number 8, p. 25).

Kvass from pine paws

The woman often pressure rose to 220. On the advice of healthy lifestyle began to prepare balm sprigs of pine: a handful of chopped into pieces of pine legs put in a three-liter jar, add 0.5 cups of sugar, pour boiling water. As a little cool, add 20 g of yeast. On the second day of the brew is ready. Drink 100 at bedtime, store in the refrigerator. This folk remedy is well helped to cure high blood pressure, the pressure was reduced to 140/90 .. (HLS 2010, №1, p. 8).

Treatment of hypertension Indian folk remedy

Wrap match cotton swab dipped in iodine and before going to bed to hold the strip around the base of the left hand. Doing so 10 consecutive days. Then a break for 10 days and to hold another course of treatment for hypertension. Author of the letter is a means to help reduce the pressure to 30 units. (HLS 2011, №3, p. 30, 2004, №4, p. 27).

The effectiveness of this method is confirmed by another reader, which it has applied. Indicators were 145/90, 120/80 steel. (HLS 2011, №15, p. 36).

Spicy clove in the treatment of hypertension folk remedies

20 pcs. cloves pour 1 cup boiling water in the evening. Insist night. Drink infusion of the next day in three divided doses for 30 minutes before eating. To treat hypertension, this means it is necessary for a long time, several months, but the pressure will definitely come back to normal. (HLS 2012, №20, p. 40)

Here's a similar recipe, but other dosage and dosage regimen. 20 cloves filled with 0.5 liters of water, boil for 5 minutes, to insist. Drink 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day. until the broth is finished - it is a course of treatment (HLS №11, 23, 2004).

Roses from hypertension

Lower pressure helps the following means: a woman all summer collecting rose petals, dries them, then make one small pad or cloth bags and just lay on the night under the pillow. At night inhale the wonderful aroma, feel better quickly. (HLS 2000, №19, p. 19)

Apple cider vinegar from hypertension

1 h. L. apple cider vinegar dissolved in 1 cup water, drink 2-3 times a day, whenever you want to drink. Apple cider vinegar lowers blood pressure well. (HLS 2000, №21, p. 21).

Exercise "Golden Ring" and a simulator Frolova against hypertension

It is necessary to close the same name fingers and toes, to sit in this position for 5 minutes, listening to the flow of energy inside. This position closes all the channels through which energy flows to all organs of the body. If the body has a diseased organ or blockage of blood vessels, then you can feel the cold in this place, bursting or tingling. Even if no sensation is not, the brain has already received a signal of self-healing. Now you can start breathing simulator Frolov. Breathing should be concentrating on healing, if, for example, to breathe and to watch TV, the good of it will be much less, especially in the early stages of development of the simulator. (HLS 2000, №24, p. 2)

What if the pressure jumps - folk remedies

Lower pressure at home and keep it within the normal 70-year-old newspaper readers help simple folk remedies:

  • 1. Before a meal to eat 1 hour. L. fennel seeds and then drink water.
  • 2. 1st. l. dry geranium leaves pour a glass of boiling water. Drink the infusion for 1 st. l. 4-5 times per day.
  • 3. 3st. l. Cudweed pour a glass of boiling water. Drink the infusion for 1 st. l. 4-5 times per day. Rotate infusion cudweed and geranium that was not addictive. cudweed herb dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.
  • 4. In the afternoon, drink motherwort tincture - 20-30 drops. (Newspaper HLS 2002, №2, p. 19).

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