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Why you should never go back to the one who hurt you

Почему никогда не стоит возвращаться к тому, кто причинил вам боль

Why you should never go back to the one who hurt you.

It is time for common sense to take up and realize why you should never go back to the one who hurt you ...

There are people who like you, but who are “harmful” to you, regardless of whether you have a serious relationship with them or is it just another affair.

There is some kind of insatiable irresistible in these people, namely that they are supposedly next to you, but at the same time not close enough.

You fell face down in the dirt, but not for the first time, and besides, not for the last time.

You adore the moment when the name of this person is highlighted on your phone. You are ready to do anything just to see her or his sincere smile. When you are not together, you are eager to see the look with which he or she looks at you.

But you look into her or his eyes and see not the reflection you would like at all.

You see in this reflection a feeling of remoteness, which suggests that he or she is not completely with you, and never will be, no matter how much you would like.

He or she may say that you are beautiful and you want to believe it, because the words make a certain impression on us, they either hurt or give happiness.

Part of you is looking for the pain that this person gives you. This is the intricate “back and forth” cycle associated with this person; you cannot stop returning to him or her. You are still waiting for a change in this person.

“Perhaps this time everything will be really different,” you say to yourself with stubborn naivety. You close your eyes again.

You perfectly understand what is happening, what are the consequences of what is happening and why it is bad for you.

You also know very well the difference between those for whom you are in the first place and for whom you are just some kind of addition.

Normally, common sense ultimately wins, but often it takes a lot of time. Your emotions trumpet the naked truth right in your face because you surrendered too quickly to your desire to embrace her or him.

I suppose that this can be perceived as weakness and emotional immaturity, which to some extent is true.

We are told to never settle for anything less than we deserve.

So why don't we follow this advice? Does the fact that we give in to temptation and give ourselves entirely to a person who does not appreciate us the way we deserve him, makes us less valuable?

Perhaps it just makes us more humane, stupid on the one hand, hopeful on the other, vulnerable and stubborn at the same time.

We deliberately do not listen to the advice of our friends, although we are fully aware of the harm from this long-awaited, and most likely drunken, kiss. All we need is that they want us as much as we want them.

Inflicting pain is one of the most intimate experiences you can experience with someone. This happens in order to identify the strongest among us, because everyone has feelings and memories that we release without much desire.

But I believe that while you cannot control your feelings, you can still control how other people treat you.

We would very much like to believe that people can change for our sake, but we need to face the truth; this will never happen. It is important to understand and accept.

The question is how long you can endure all this, and part of the solution is to realize your limits and what you really need. All this is not easy, but in the end, your happiness is only in your own hands.

Some people, no matter how much we reach out to them, are not worth it.

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