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What to do before bedtime to easily wake up

What to do before bedtime to easily wake up

As long as we sleep, the cells of our skin are actively working, trying for the night to restore all the damage caused to it by day. And if you connect night cream, this process will accelerate. We found out how it is possible to help the night assistants to work out the shock efficiently.


The main rule of all beauties is a dream. Go to bed and really well as soon as possible. From the evening until four in the morning, the maximum hormone melatonin is produced in the skin - an active fighter with stress and free radicals. The earlier he takes the place, the better for the skin. This is known for a long time by Sophia Loren and even in 71 years retains female attractiveness and magnetism. The actress goes to bed every day no later than 21 hours.


If there are problems with the skin, you can spend a night at such a ritual: apply a spot on the cleansed skin anti-acne, and then on the whole face - a moisturizer. Well-established pharmacy gels "Curious" and "Solcoseryl", together they remove inflammations and heal wounds.

Zinc paste will help to dry pimples. But be prepared for the fact that your face will become spotty, because the paste has an absolutely dense structure of white color. In any case, self-treatment is not recommended, because the funds must be prescribed by a doctor after an appropriate examination.


To make the face look good in the morning, you can make a mask before going to bed. Especially good are cleansing masks, lifting and mask of edema - they stimulate blood circulation and remove excess fluid from the body.


Take a warm bath with sea salt or seaweed extracts before going to bed - it will help to remove the accumulated slag from the day and start the process of fat splitting. By the way, after the bath it's time to apply anti-cellulite funds. In fact, at night, the active ingredients of weight loss creams activate the production of lipase, the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of fats.


In the matter of skin care, the most safe option is a moisturizing cream. Moisture fills the cells, strengthens them, smooths out wrinkles and improves skin tone. But nevertheless day time, let even very good, humidifying or wetting agent it is not necessary to use for the night. Day cream protects - restores the night. It is no accident that it has a denser texture due to the composition saturated with vitamins and trace elements.


Apply a night cream with a thick layer. The rule "the more, the better" in relation to a night cream does not approach. The dense texture will turn into a mask, the skin will not be able to breathe, thermoregulation will break. For comparison, you can imagine a greenhouse where moisture and heat do not have the ability to break out.


a) Massage the abdomen in a circular motion clockwise - this helps digestion, and therefore, skin cleansing.

b) For a night cream to qualitatively work out its night shift, apply it for half an hour before sleeping a thin layer on the cleansed skin and after five minutes, be sure to pat yourself with a napkin;

c) Drink a lot. Late intake of any liquids, even water and useful kefir, provokes swelling.

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