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How to determine the nature of the signature

Как определить характер по подписи

Signature size

  • a) sweeping - global systems thinking;
  • b) compact - concrete thinking.

Signature length

  • a) long - the ability to deeply delve into the essence of the problems; assiduity, excessive captiousness and tediousness;
  • b) short - the ability to quickly grasp the essence of events. Inability to monotonous work.

Signature type

  • a) round - softness, kindness, poise;
  • b) angular - intolerance, irritability, harshness, independence, ambition, stubbornness.

4. Letter spacing

  • a) significant - generosity, tranquility;
  • b) "dense" signature - thrift, greed (especially if the letters are small).

The presence in the signature of various elements

  • a) circle - obsession with problems and ideas;
  • b) eyelets - caution, stubbornness;
  • c) drawings - creative thinking;
  • d) combination of elements - the desire to optimize their activities.

Signature slope

  • a) to the left - willfulness, pronounced individualism;
  • b) to the right - balance of character, ability to understand;
  • c) direct slope - restraint, straightness, mind;
  • d) different types of inclination - secrecy, insincerity;
  • e) “lying” letters - the presence of serious psychological problems.

Direction of the final stroke

  • a) upward - optimism;
  • b) down - the tendency to pessimism;
  • c) straight - balanced.

The length of the "tail" of the signature

  • The longer the "tail", the more people intolerant of other people's opinions. It is also a sign of circumspection and caution. The shorter the “tail” is, the more carefree the person is.

Underline signature

  • a) from below - self-love, sensitivity, dependence on the opinions of others;
  • b) above - pride, vanity;
  • c) crossed-out signature - self-criticism, dissatisfaction with himself, doubt.

Symmetry Signs

  • a) symmetrical - reliability;
  • b) asymmetric - unstable, mood swings.
  • c) spasmodic - emotionality, imbalance.

Complexity and simplicity

  • a) simple - a person lives on the principle of "no problem";
  • b) “loaded” - often inclined to “make an elephant out of a fly”;
  • c) original - great creative potential.


  • The more understandable the signature, the more open the person.


  • a) excessive - aggressiveness;
  • b) weak - stealth;
  • c) strong - confidence.