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HIV from a tube of toothpaste or a 21st century scam

ВИЧ из тюбика с зубной пастой или афера XXI века

Toothpaste - a jelly-like mass (paste or gel) for brushing your teeth. Previously prepared on the basis of chalk, modern toothpastes are mainly based on silicates.

Fluorides are chemical compounds of fluorine with other elements. Fluorides are known for all elements except helium and neon. Fluorides include both binary compounds - ionic fluorides (salts of hydrofluoric acid and metals, covalent transition metal fluorides in higher oxidation states and non-metal fluorides), and complex inorganic compounds (acid fluorides, complex fluorides, metal hydrofluorides, fluorinated graphite).

Fluorides enhance tooth resistance to acidic conditions and significantly reduce the metabolism of bacteria. Fluoridation allows you to saturate the tooth enamel with fluoride ions, which significantly slows down the process of caries formation and tooth decay. More and more scientists are inclined to believe that fluoridation is one of the most ambitious deceptions in human history. Share the article with your loved ones!

ВИЧ из тюбика с зубной пастой или афера XXI века

Toothpastes, water saturated with fluoride, lozenges and marmalades with sodium fluoride ... We are sure that this is beneficial, enriches tooth enamel with fluorine, keeping our teeth healthy and beautiful. For decades, leading scientists have talked about the benefits of fluoride, toothpastes with fluoride have been promoted, water fluoridation has been recommended and used everywhere. The truth is, the fluoride and fluoridation business is billions of dollars annually.

Concerns have long realized that the best way to get rid of industrial waste is to sell it to people so that they consume this muck inside, that is, eat it. One of the most egregious global crimes of this kind is the water fluoridation program and the production of toothpastes in the West.

Toxic fluorides began to accumulate in huge quantities during the development of the production of atomic bombs as part of the Manhattan Project. In the state of New Jersey, dumps of toxic fluorides have accumulated in the dumps of the Dupont de Nemours chemical concern, they began to wash off by rain and fall into the soil. All vegetation and domestic animals immediately died around and perished. Residents filed a lawsuit against DuPont. The concern somehow dismissed the plaintiffs and immediately hired technologists and doctors with the task of finding fluoride some kind of “therapeutic application”. So in a fire order, a fake that fluoride strengthens the teeth was sucked out of the finger.

As a result, the DuPont concern got an ideal opportunity to dispose of toxic waste by selling it for domestic consumption.

Billions of people drink with water and eat sodium fluoride with toothpaste. Although sodium fluoride has not yet strengthened the teeth of any person. The only beneficiary was Dupont, which has since and today sold its toxic waste at the price of pure gold and cleans its toxic landfills by passing chemical waste through the organisms of billions of people.

Most water fluoridation stations operate according to this scheme. Aluminum sulfate and fluorides are mixed, toxic aluminum fluoride is formed. Which "strengthens" our teeth. At the same time, aluminum is an absolutely foreign element for a living organism. The lethal dose of aluminum for humans is 1 gram!

ВИЧ из тюбика с зубной пастой или афера XXI века

Aluminum fluoride is toxic to the kidneys and is practically not excreted from the body. Accumulating in the brain, aluminum salts cause Alzheimer's disease - a terrible ailment, premature senility.

The fluoride of drunk water or from toothpaste is rapidly absorbed into the human body and for the most part is concentrated in places of accumulation of calcium, in bones and teeth. Even only 20-40 mg of fluoride per day inhibits the work of a very important phosphatase enzyme, which is necessary for calcium metabolism. As a result, fluoride visually thickens the bones, but at the same time makes them brittle and brittle, since aluminum as a chemically more active metal displaces less active metals - calcium and magnesium - from the compounds.

In the early 1980s, it was discovered that fluoride causes multiple bone deformities, including calcaneal spurs. Several studies have linked the growth of femoral neck fractures to fluoride intake. In 1988, the National Laboratory of Agonne (USA) published a study on the fact that fluorides turn normal cells into cancer cells. Japanese research centers have shown that fluorides not only cause normal cells to turn into cancerous cells, but also genetic ones that damage the fetal cells, so they are very harmful to pregnant women, especially in the first trimester.

A study by Procter & Gamble showed that even a 50% concentration of fluoride in drinking water causes obvious genetic damage. In cultures of human tissues and experimental mice, sodium fluoride, by which we reinforce tooth enamel with the help of Dupont, causes chromosomal aberrations.

And of the horrors proven by laboratory tests, it is worth mentioning that sodium fluoride inhibits the human immune system. That is, in his own words, it causes immunodeficiency syndrome, comparable in its results to HIV / AIDS. Few? Not impressive? Inhibition of the human enzyme system by fluorides causes premature aging from the total destruction of collagen - the connective tissue that the human body consists of. Excluding teeth, of course. Even official American medical organizations believe that 30-50 thousand people die from fluoride poisoning in the United States every year.