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12 ways to calm down quickly and not get nervous

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

It happens that we are looking for complex ways to improve the quality of our lives. And in moments when we are under stress or someone has freaked us out, we begin to actively think about how to calm down .

Psychotherapists offer their help, yoga schools - theirs. But there are ancient ways that can help to put yourself in order much faster than other means that require a lot of time or money.

We have prepared for you 12 ways to help yourself calm down and stop being nervous.

Emotionality is a person’s property that characterizes the content, quality and dynamics of his emotions and feelings. One of the main components of temperament. The properties of emotionality as one of the areas of manifestation of temperament are sensitivity, sensitivity, impulsivity, etc. The substantial aspects of emotionality reflect phenomena and situations that are of particular importance to the subject. They are inextricably linked with the core features of the personality, its moral potential: the orientation of the sphere of motivational, worldview, value orientations, etc. Qualitative properties of emotionality characterize the individual’s attitude to the phenomena of the external world and are expressed in the sign and modality of dominant emotions. The dynamic properties of emotionality include features of the appearance, course and termination of emotional processes and their external expression.

  • Emotionality is the immediacy and liveliness of perception.
  • Emotionality is the wealth and speed of associations.
  • Emotionality is a vivid expression of feelings and a variety of images.
  • Emotions are a source of inspiration for a creative person.
  • Emotionality is a reflection of the inner world.

Method 1: Get distracted by something

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

This way to relieve emotional stress is suitable in those cases when you are trapped, driven into a corner and cannot escape anywhere. For example, sit on a glider and listen to your boss, internally boiling. You can’t escape, but ... At the same time, distracting yourself from contemplating something extraneous, neutral and enthralling this outsider is the best way not to wind yourself up for nothing.

For example: “What, however, is Masha’s manicure ... I wonder how she made it?”

It only works if you yourself understand the benefits of such a strategy - do not look at disgust, do not listen to disgust. If you like to boil and get into disputes - this is your right.

Method 2: Get out of the annoying situation (it is also an emotiogenic zone)

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Did something sadden you at someone else's birthday? On picnic? You can’t stand any group, public, page on a social network? Do you dream to remove an unpleasant person from your friends list?

So, quickly left the group forever. They banned the provocateur-arguer, the troll, the boor, the fool. Removed your profile, if that.

They quickly called a taxi (do not squeeze, do not squeeze) kissed the hostess and rush home - away from the party, away from barbecue, away from the annoying, emotiogenic zone.

Method 3: Drink some water

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Now this is a corona recipe for all ingenious physicians who do not trade in dietary supplements from pharmaceutical corporations.

A glass of water, drunk slowly, stops all known science attacks. The first thing they offer to a person who is twisted by something terrible is a glass of water. Drunk water starts the mechanism of self-rehabilitation of the body. Most often, people get sick for two reasons:

  • hysteria (sympatho-adrenal crisis in a different way),
  • dehydration of the body not noticed in time.

Since we don’t listen to our body and do not teach life safety, we drink tea, coffee and soda all day — we all have dehydration, and you also have it.

Go drink a glass of water right now, and then read on.

Method 4: Engage in an Exciting, Interesting Affair

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

This method is suitable in a situation where you can not "let go". It is necessary to interrupt the stuck on chewing "And they, And I, And yes, all of them" with something awesome, even if stupid and tasteless.

Reading a detective. Computer game. By hunting and gathering. Tracking and tracking. Trying to uncover someone's secret. Even peeping and eavesdropping, damn it.

You must be involved in intrigue, in a detective story, in the rapid development of events, in hunting, in a game, in courage, in flight.

Your ears should rise and the tail should twitch.

You yourself know what can amuse and amuse you. Each has its own, individual. Just don't play this snooping. Do no harm to anyone.

Method 5: Physical Discharge

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Everyone is familiar with this method firsthand, but, as usual, everyone doesn't care.

And I remind you once again that rapid physical discharge, which includes:

  • walking
  • swim
  • general cleaning of the apartment (you can - someone else's),
  • sex,
  • trash destruction
  • work in the garden
  • dance,
  • mopping and hand washing

relaxes muscles twisted into a knot and relieves stress, frustration is fantastically effective. General hand washing even helps to cope with grief - again, the advice of an old doctor, which I share with you.

Method 6: Make contact with water

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Washing dishes is a free session of hypno-psycho-therapy.

The noise of pure running running water relieves our fatigue and carries with it all the “dirt”, not just household.

In addition to washing dishes, there is a well-known classic: take a bath, take a shower, go to the bathhouse, go early in the morning or in the evening - swim in the sea, on the river, on the lake, in the spring.

Refresh yourself, in short.

Method 7: Positive Reframing a Stressful Event

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

So much has been written about positive reframing (including by me) that I don’t feel like repeating myself.

Just give an example:

“It’s so good that it turned out that this summer I will not go anywhere! Finally, I look like English courses, fitness, and even self-development courses! When else would I allow myself such “useless” luxury? Yes, and in summer the dead season is everywhere and around there are only discounts. So I’ll also save! ”

Method 8: It could be worse, others are even harder

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Are you not happy with the outcome of the event? Imagine that there could be a worse outcome.

Imagine how bad some people around you are.

If you master this art and stop turning your nose to this strategy, then you will not need any psychotherapy at all.

Method 9: Laughter kills everything terrible and terribly important

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Making fun of, reducing, vulgarizing something inflated and important is an old recipe for human culture, starting from the Neolithic. Thanks to grandfather Bakhtin for his term “carnival-laughter culture”. Read, take an interest.

Or watch one episode of SpongeBob SquarePants adventures. When he was panicky afraid to speak at a school seminar, a smart squirrel gave him super-glasses. Wearing these glasses, Sponge Bob saw all the students and the teacher ... in their underpants. That was funny! True, out of laughter, he never read out his report.

And what were the teacher’s underpants ... Mmm ...

Method 10: Count to 10

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Just read up to ten. Slow.

Controlling your breathing in and out. To myself, not aloud.

This is a recommendation from doctors and sports trainers.

Method 11: Cry

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Crying relieves stress. With tear fluid, the body leaves those toxic substances that are formed under the influence of stress hormones.

You can’t cry about yours - come up with a compassionate topic and specially cry over it.

Method 12: Verbalization of all that is in the soul

Method 10: Count to 10

Как успокоиться и не нервничать

Speaking or verbalization - putting vague "something" in clear words. However, a great thing. Better yet, write it all down on paper, write a long letter.

Just do not send it anywhere!

Save these methods for yourself and use them to calm you down.