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Products that we have cut your life incorrectly

Perhaps chopping food fast is not the most necessary skill. But this skill will help a little easier life and just surprise friends. Forget everything that you were taught before. We have assembled for you lifhhaki for fast cutting of your favorite products. Surprise everyone!

Cherry tomatoes

Помидоры черри - Как правильно резать?

Put tomatoes between two flat dishes and draw a sharp knife. This method can also be used for grapes.


Киви - Как правильно резать?

Kiwi can not be cleaned, and there is a spoon, like a vase.


Мандарин - Как правильно резать?

The person who invented this is a bloody genius!


Гранат - Как правильно резать?

Cut off the top and bottom. Then make incisions on the sides and break the grenade into pieces.


Авокадо - Как правильно резать?

Avocados, like kiwi, can be eaten with a spoon.


Арбуз - Как правильно резать?

To make it more convenient to eat a watermelon, cut off the corners from the lobule.


Торт - Как правильно резать?

Instead of cutting a piece from the cake, cut out the center piece. Then the rest will not dry.


Лайм - Как правильно резать?

This way you will squeeze the maximum amount of lime juice.


Банан - Как правильно резать?

You no longer have to bite a banana to clean it.


Лук - Как правильно резать?

Do not Cry. You will succeed.


Манго - Как правильно резать?

Cleaning mangoes. Level: the god.

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