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I suffered from gastritis for 7 years. Get Rid In 2 Weeks!

Как избавится от гастрита

Gastritis ( lat. Gastritis, from other Greek gaster “stomach” + -itis inflammatory or inflammatory-dystrophic changes in the mucous membrane ) is a long-term disease, characterized by dystrophic-inflammatory changes in the gastric mucosa, proceeds with a violation of regeneration, also with atrophy of epithelial cells and the replacement of normal glands with fibrous tissue. The progression of the disease leads to a violation of the basic functions of the stomach, especially the secretory.

Gastritis is a morphological diagnosis that may not have a clinical equivalent and may be asymptomatic. A clinical diagnosis, complaints made by the patient fit into the diagnosis of functional dyspepsia, with the leading option for it (ulcer-like or post-prandial distress syndrome). So, unjustifiably making a diagnosis (chronic morphological examination of a biopsy) of chronic gastritis, the doctor assumes responsibility, since this is a potentially precancerous disease and such a group of patients should undergo medical examination. With a degree of 1-2, - 1 time per year, with a degree of atrophy of 3-4, - 1 time in 6 months.

It is a must to treat gastritis! And more importantly, it is correctly diagnosed. Because when the hair starts to fall out, there will be problems with the skin, bones and nails, or you will lose weight dramatically - this means that gastritis has already become chronic. Acute gastritis in general can appear unexpectedly after a single use in a large amount of food harmful to the stomach! Adhere to proper nutrition and be healthy all your life!

How to cure gastritis - the best folk remedies

1st recipe: lettuce

The recipe is extremely simple: you need to grind a tablespoon of sowing salad, then pour it with a glass of boiling water (200-250 ml). The resulting composition must be heated for at least 2 hours and filtered through cheesecloth. Drink 100 ml of the resulting liquid 2 times a day: after waking up and before bedtime.

2nd recipe: buckthorn bark

When mixing the components, it is necessary to observe the following proportions: buckthorn bark - 3, yarrow grass - 1, shift leaves (tripoli) - 1, we obtain a ratio of 3: 1: 1. One tablespoon of the resulting mixture is added to 200 ml of boiling water. It is necessary to insist liquid for at least 1 hour and drink 100-200 ml before bedtime.

3rd recipe: based on thyme

It is necessary to add 100 grams of dried thyme to 1 liter of white wine, and then insist the resulting composition for 1 week in the dark. Twice a day, the composition should be shaken for a better effect. After insisting, the liquid must be boiled and heated for at least 4 hours. Strain the tincture through cheesecloth, consume 3 times a day before meals, 30 ml each.

4th recipe: propolis

This recipe is especially relevant for chronic diseases of the stomach, including an ulcer. It is necessary to eat 6-8 grams of propolis every day on an empty stomach. It is necessary to rub it thoroughly with your teeth or use it already in this form. If the body responds allergically, you must stop taking it right away!

5th recipe: sea buckthorn

For 0.5 liters of water, add 4 tablespoons of fresh sea buckthorn berries. Boil water for 5 minutes under a lid, add 4-10 tablespoons of honey to the resulting broth. This broth must be consumed 20-30 minutes before eating 1-2 cups.

6th recipe: peppermint

To prepare this recipe you will need:

  • 15 grams of peppermint
  • 15 grams of yarrow
  • 15 grams of dill
  • 30 grams of hypericum

The above ingredients must be mixed and two tablespoons of the resulting mixture pour 400-500 ml of boiling water. The liquid must be heated for at least 2 hours, after which it is carefully filtered through gauze. A decoction is used 2 times a day for two weeks - after waking up and before bedtime.

7th recipe: flax seeds

Treatment of gastritis with flax seeds is based on the anti-inflammatory properties of the seeds. An infusion is made from the seeds, for this it is necessary to pour 1 tablespoon of the seeds with two glasses of boiling water and insist for an hour. Take 1 cup daily before meals.

8th recipe: aloe with honey

Aloe gastritis treatment is based on the wound healing and soothing effect of the plant. Aloe has long been included in the prescription catalog of traditional medicine as a good antiseptic. Prepare aloe juice from aloe leaves, and take 2 tablespoons 2 times a day before meals.

You can mix aloe vera with honey and red wine to treat gastritis. Aloe juice and honey in an amount of 200 g mix with 500 g of wine, put in a dark place for 2 weeks. Received juice, take 1 spoon 3 times a day.

9th recipe: plantain

Plantain is an unpretentious plant that grows everywhere. It is often applied to open wounds to stop the bleeding. Today, plantain is used both in its pure form and as components for many drugs. To get rid of pain with gastritis, it should be used carefully. Plantain will not be useful if the disease is accompanied by increased acidity and secretion of gastric juice in large quantities.

In all other cases, the infusion from this plant helps well from gastritis. Dry chopped leaves are brewed with boiling water. After a couple of hours, the water should be drained and drunk for an hour. Repeat this treatment should be daily for 1-2 weeks.

Gastritis is a fairly common disease, which is accompanied by inflammatory processes in the gastric mucosa. The main cause of inflammation is alcohol consumption, poisoning, and unhealthy diet. Nicotine also makes its contribution - gastritis is much less common in non-smokers.

Be sure to consult your doctor!