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How to lower blood pressure at home

Как понизить артериальное давление

Arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) can rightly be called a scourge of modern society, as according to statistics, one in four of the inhabitants of our planet is observed, and among the elderly - almost every second.

How can I lower my blood pressure at home? What means can most effectively help reduce pressure? These and similar questions worry almost every one of us.

Mechanisms of pressure regulation

A heart. The more strongly the heart ejects blood into the aorta with each reduction, the higher the systolic blood pressure, which is sometimes called "cardiac". Therefore, all those factors that cause the heart to contract more strongly and more often lead to an increase in blood pressure: drinking coffee or strong tea, smoking, emotional overload.

Arteries. Almost every artery of our body is supplied with special muscle fibers, which, when contracted, narrows its lumen, which also increases blood pressure. These muscles react quite strongly to a variety of hormonal substances (including those that are produced in the kidneys) and signals of the nervous system (stress, etc.). In this regard, all kinds of stimulants of the nervous system, various diseases of the kidneys, the endocrine system can also lead to increased blood pressure.

With age, the wall of the arteries loses its elasticity, the ability to expand the lumen. Vessels are less adaptable to changing blood pressure, as they can not expand sufficiently at the right time. All those factors that contribute to premature aging of the body can contribute to a persistent increase in pressure.

Narrowing the arteries and reducing elasticity is also facilitated by atherosclerotic processes, including the formation of plaques. The main factors that accelerate the development of atherosclerosis, is food rich in animal fats or containing a large amount of cholesterol and a sedentary lifestyle.

The state of the liquid part of the blood (plasma). The more fluid enters the vessel, the higher the blood pressure will be. All those substances that enter the vascular bed and literally "pull" water on themselves, also contribute to increasing blood pressure in arteries: for example, table salt.

Excess of fluid from the arteries excretes the kidneys, so all those kidney diseases that contribute to impaired urine formation can also lead to high BP numbers.

How can I lower my blood pressure at home?

1. Calm the heart and expand the lumen of the arteries. If the heart "pounding and knocking", then you can take any soothing herbs: valerian, lemon balm, peony. Completely eliminate coffee, strong tea, alcohol, stop smoking. The doctor can appoint novopassit, barboval, etc.

To normalize the activity of the nervous system (so as not to force the heart to shrink and arteries to contract), one can make a relaxing anti-stress massage.

As a rule, to expand the lumen of the arteries, the doctor can advise antispasmodics: for example, papaverine.

It is also necessary to periodically "clean" the vessels from excessive cholesterol and atherosclerotic structures (atherosclerotic bands, plaques). For an effective "cleaning" of blood vessels after giving a blood test for cholesterol and its fraction, the doctor will most often prescribe the drugs of the statin group, starting from the vasilip and ending with new modern means.

Garlic is used from plants (at least 1 tooth daily for at least 6 months). Restriction of animal fats and a balanced vegetarian diet are the best means for the constant purification of blood vessels.

In addition to dieting, the daily physical exercises of aerobic type (energetic walking, running, aerobic exercise) that "clean" the blood vessels help to remove excess cholesterol.

Excess body weight also leads to increased pressure, as it causes the heart to contract with greater force, so it is worth it to normalize.

2. Remove excess fluid from the body. To this end, apply various diuretic herbs and their collections. If there are no contraindications, then you can put a heating pad on the kidney area, draw a distracting hot foot bath (it is advisable to dip the legs to the level of the knees), for the hands (plunge to the elbow and above). Limit salt intake to 1 / 2-1 teaspoon per day.

3. Take medicines prescribed by a competent specialist. Many modern drugs effectively regulate blood pressure, but their effect can be reduced almost to "no" inaccuracies in the diet or the habit of abusing the intake of coffee, tea and other stimulants BP.

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