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How to recognize a heart attack

Как распознать сердечный приступ

Do you know what is the main cause of premature death in the modern world? Heart attack!

Tense lifestyle, the habit of eating unhealthy food, chronic lack of sleep ... We ourselves make a great contribution to the development of the disease, which every year becomes more common and more and more dangerous.

We will not talk here about the need to maintain a healthy image lived or less nervous.

We only tell you about the symptoms that can warn you about the impending disaster for at least a month. Find out what problems need to be perceived as serious red flags!


When the arteries narrow, your heart begins to receive much less blood than it did before. This complicates the circulatory system. And the first sign of these problems is eternal drowsiness and a feeling of absolute fatigue.

Confused breathing

If your heart is not getting enough blood, it means that your lungs are not able to get as much oxygen from your lungs as they are used to.

These two systems are extremely dependent on each other. One cannot work normally without the other. So if you often have problems with even breathing, it is better to consult your doctor - and as soon as possible.


If you feel weak in your body, it means that there is not enough blood in your arteries. Your muscles do not get the right amount of oxygen and nutrients. So if you often have pre-unconscious states, for no apparent reason, this is in itself a rather alarming sign of problems with the cardiovascular system.

Dizziness and cold sweat

Lack of blood flow to the brain is very life threatening. If it seems to you that your body is often covered with a sticky cold sweat, and you yourself often experience dizziness, then you simply cannot afford to ignore these symptoms.

Chest pressure

If you have symptoms of excessive pressure in the chest, discomfort in this area, then this is very, very bad. These symptoms may eventually begin to occur more often, and it will be increasingly difficult to experience them. You will ignore them - you can easily meet with a heart attack face to face.

"Frosty" syndrome

If you periodically have symptoms of flu from nowhere, this may indicate an approaching mid-term attack. Many people after an attack say that several days before him they experienced unexplained bouts of “cold”, i.e. their “freezing”.

How to handle it all

If you feel that you have already experienced these symptoms personally, or if some of your relatives were experiencing them, immediately contact your doctor for help. The best way to prevent a heart attack is to detect its symptoms at an early stage and begin prophylactic treatment.