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How to cook a delicious soup quickly and tasty?

Как приготовить вкусный суп

Soup (from the French. Soupe) - a liquid dish (usually the first), common in many countries. A distinctive feature of the soup is, first of all, the fact that the soup includes at least 50% of the liquid (it is sometimes said that the rule “in the soup should be half the liquid” should be applied when cooking); secondly (for hot soups) - the soup is cooked by cooking, in the vast majority of cases - in water.

Soup, as a dish in its current sense, developed no more than 400-500 years ago, with the advent of strong, non-oxidizable and chemically neutral dishes, allowing the cooking process. It should be noted that in the East (Ancient China and nearby regions) soups arose earlier, about 100 years before our era, and again, in connection with the earlier emergence of suitable dishes. This does not mean that people did not use cooking before - this method of cooking arose with the advent of clay and stone utensils (V. V. Pokhlebkin calls the latter the most suitable for cooking soups [4]). However, you should distinguish soup as a dish, where its components are inseparable parts that create a common taste, overall composition and simply boiled products or their mixture, where cooking was aimed only at the heat treatment of the product. The resulting broth at the same time, at least in primitive times, was not used.

With the advent of dishes, familiarity with earthenware and porcelain and cutlery, soup began to spread first in southern Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, and became widespread only in the 17th and 18th centuries. Of course, cooking methods, recipes for soups were added earlier.

When housewives cook soup broth, most often they wait for boiling, and then remove the foam. The resulting foam is curled protein. It appears when the meat is put in cold water and heated. In this case, proteins and mineral salts pass into the water. The broth is useful, so do not rush to remove the foam.

Как приготовить вкусный суп

And if you send the meat to boiling water, these substances will remain in the meat. But you need to know that when cooking in the last way, the broth will turn out not so rich.

Как приготовить вкусный суп

If you want the foam not to rise, add a small peeled onion to the pan. Interesting? Then we have some more useful tricks for you. Note!

How to make soup fast and tasty

Как приготовить вкусный суп

Put a lot of salt in the soup? Send a gauze bag filled with rice into it.


If you cook meat on high heat, it will taste better than that of the broth, and if it is slow, the broth will be tastier.


Don't know when to salt the broth ? Meat - 30 minutes before the meat is ready, fish - at the very beginning of cooking, mushroom - 10 minutes before the end of cooking.


If you forgot to remove the foam, pour a glass of cold water into the broth. The foam rises and you can remove it.

Как приготовить вкусный суп

To make the broth beautiful in color, it can be tinted with onion husks. It will also become more nutritious.


Want to improve the taste of meat broth ? Add the garlic passed through a press at the end of cooking.


After making the soup, if you put a bay leaf in it, be sure to remove it.


Let the fish stock stand under the lid for at least 15 minutes and only then filter it.


To make the soup thick, add the sautéed flour to it.


If the broth has become cloudy, but you like transparent, then let the whole peeled carrots into the broth let it cook. The broth will become beautiful and transparent.

We hope that the tips for making soup and broth were useful to you. It was especially interesting to learn about foam, wasn't it?

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