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597 ingredients of cigarettes that tobacco companies do not talk about

Какие ингредиенты в сигарете?

If you think that cigarettes are dried tobacco leaves wrapped in paper, then you are seriously mistaken.

The tobacco industry is the best chemist in the world in terms of additives. Some substances in cigarettes are added to smell, some - to "taste", and some - just to reduce the cost or replacement. Studies also show that cigarettes contain large amounts of addictive substances. So if you can’t stop smoking, it’s possible that it’s not just nicotine or your willpower.

Tobacco is a green, leafy plant that farmers grow in warm climates. Farmers use quite a lot of chemicals. The soil on which tobacco grows is rich in insecticides: they kill insects that eat the leaves of the plant.

Tobacco leaves are harvested, dried, and with the help of special machines, the leaves are crushed into fine dust. After that, artificial flavors and other chemicals are added to the mixture.

Does tobacco taste bitter? In cigarettes, the situation is corrected with chemicals. And how to make sure that you become the consumer of their brand of cigarettes? Add chemical compounds that have nothing to do with tobacco, but at the same time cause no less dependence.

Какие ингредиенты в сигарете?

There are even the same substances in cigarettes as in rocket fuel. They allow the nicotine contained in tobacco to quickly turn into steam: so the lungs absorb it in large quantities. What about ammonia? It is also added to cigarettes: it accelerates the absorption of nicotine. This, in turn, means that with each breath, your brain will receive a higher dose of nicotine. Cigarette manufacturers have long been thinking about efficiency!

The composition of the cigarette includes about 4000 different chemical compounds and substances that have no relation to tobacco. And in cigarette smoke about 5,000 chemical compounds, and 60 of them cause cancer. Nicotine is the main substance in tobacco. They make them tastier, easier to smoke and more effective in terms of addiction.

Here are just some of them:

Какие ингредиенты в сигарете?

  • Nickel : carcinogen, poison, causes problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Ammonia : cleaning agent.
  • Benzene : used to create dyes, synthetic rubber.
  • Arsenic : used in the production of rat poisons.
  • Vinyl chloride : used for vinyl products. Short-term exposure causes dizziness, headaches and fatigue. Prolonged exposure may lead to cancer and liver.
  • Acrolein : an extremely toxic substance used to produce acrylic acid. It is considered a possible human carcinogen, and it irritates the lungs and is the cause of emphysema. Increases the risk of cancer.
  • Hydrogen cyanide : deadly poisonous poison is used to kill rats. In the case of inhalation in small doses, it can cause headaches, dizziness and weakness.
  • Carbon monoxide : a deadly gas when inhaled indoors. It has neither color nor odor. May cause severe poisoning and death.
  • Toluene : used for the manufacture of paints, paint solvents, nail polishes and glue. May cause fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite and memory loss.
  • Ethylene : a simple hydrocarbon, in oil and gases. Causes a sluggish, sleepy state.
  • Hydrocyanic acid : reminiscent of almond bitterness, very toxic. It affects the respiratory system, paralyzing it.
  • Benzoperine : very poisonous. Changes the structure of cells and DNA, which can lead to genetic changes. Especially harmful to pregnant women.
  • Urea : used in the manufacture of cigarettes as an additive to add flavor, stimulates addiction and addiction to smoking.
  • Tar (tar) : damages the lungs, causes cancer. Used for asphalt roads ..
  • Butane : gas, liquid, which is in the lighters.
  • Carbon monoxide : poisonous gas.
  • Cadmium : used in the manufacture of batteries and accumulators.
  • Cyanide : deadly poison.
  • DDT : deadly gas.
  • Ethyl fuorate : causes damage to the liver.
  • Lead : poisonous in high doses.
  • Formaldehyde : Used for embalming and storing corpses.
  • Methoprene : an insecticide.
  • Naphthalene : needs no introduction.
  • Methyl isocyanate : its accidental spraying in the air killed 2,000 people in 1984 in India.
  • Polonium 210 : a radioactive element that caused the death of the KGB agent Litvinenko.
  • Acetone : the substance that gives a specific smell to nail polish.
Какие ингредиенты в сигарете?

Usually, when people talk about cigarettes, they recall three substances of which they are 90%: nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide .

Какие ингредиенты в сигарете?

Nicotine is a powerful poison: one drop of it that hits your tongue will kill you.

Resins are viscous, "fatty" substances that remain on the inner surface of the lungs. It is they who make the lungs blacken and cough you.

Carbon monoxide - this is poisonous carbon monoxide. The smoker inhales it in the same quantities as if he would occasionally breathe a centimeter from the automobile exhaust pipe. This gas interferes with the normal functioning of our lungs, our cardiovascular system, destroys our mucosa.

And now, when we reminded you of all this, tell me - is it worth it?